Monday, August 07, 2006

Day Labor shut down: part cinco

Scroll down for complete coverage of last weekends action!

We want to do it again!

If you don't want to see any more of this:

Then it's time for you to join us for this:

Join us this next Saturday (8-12-06) at:

1110 N. ADAIR

Contact Oregonians for Immigration Reform if you have any questions.

Come early. We are making a difference!


Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell us where else in Oregon this day-labor routine might be disrupted?

Corntown is a fer piece from here.

Mike Mayhem said...

Forgive me, I'll be busy being a productive member of society.

Anonymous said...

Nothing could be more productive than assuring that all workers are paying their share of Taxes.
I know none of these guys are.
We even tried to help the enviroment but the "workers" didn't want do that work.

Mike and anyone else skeptical, come on by Saturday and talk to these Day Labor folks.
The TRUTH will set you free and make more room for that big heart to help those that are really in need.

Anonymous said...

Yes go by and talk to these fellow humans, and see what bastards they are for trying to put food on their tables.

How dare they eat illegaly, they earn their illegal money and use it. I think every store should ask for green cards and refuse service to all illegals.

Anonymous said...

I like how you made sure to take a picture with a Mexican store in the back. Because if you are brown you must be illegal.

Daniel, tell your wife to go back to her country, and stop using you for your green card.

axe01 said...

Hmmmm...mike mayhem is busy doing work (producing) that illegals won't do!

Anonymous 6:43 AM ...I suggest that the $2000.00+ that the 'humans putting food on their tables' paid coyotes to get here would buy a lot of food for their families who remain in mexico.

They send most of it back to mexico.

Anonymous 6:46 AM is a racist as he says 'Because if you are brown you must be illegal.'

Go away and play in the traffic!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46
EVERY store/sign on that block is in Spanish, the photo is not a set up. Look at it again

Anonymous said...

Mike Mayhem actually works for a living?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your efforts to bring attention to this ongoing illegal pick-up point in Cornelius. Have you contacted Cornelius' Finest? Did / do they have any particular take on your, or 'their' activity?

I admire you guys, and should be out there with you... You do represent the majority view on this problem, thank you for doing what most of us haven't the courage or gumption to...

Anonymous said...

Anon,(of course anon) not enough balls to sign their name to the filth they wrote about Daniels wife. When you get a pair, let me know and we can talk.

Amy Rabon

Anonymous said...

Fellow humans yes, fellow Americans NO! Why don't these peace loving, harmless people use some of their time to go fill out papers? Why? BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO!

Anonymous said...

Mike seems to have an identity problem. He looks like Mick Jagger

Anonymous said...

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