Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We need a Boston Diversity Party

2006-2007 DHS Diversity Strategic Plan
1. A diverse and culturally competent workforce (at higher than labor market parity standards and reflective of our client populations).

2. Culturally competent and accessible services that enable us to better understand and respond to our clients’ needs.

3. A system of accountability for achieving a broad vision of diversity and cultural competency.

I'm getting to the point where I am getting angry. So much time/energy/money is wasted on this garbage and no one seems to care. Seriously, how stupid are we? We are the boss of government. We pay for everything they do.

There is no magic "stable funding source" for any program, department or institution. Government has only one source of funding: YOU! The roads are funded by the gas tax: YOU! DHS is funded by the income tax: YOU! Firefighters are funded by property taxes: YOU! Research grants to study molluscs are from federal dollars: YOU!

Do YOU give government your money so that they can practice social engineering?

The DHS overview on Diversity is repeated in almost every document they produce. It is a mantra that must be recited over and over again until it is almost a reflex.

I am having happy visions of dumping file cabinets and boxes of diversity paperwork and cultural competency files into the Willamette River...


Anonymous said...

Do YOU give government your money so that they can practice social engineering

Well we are giving our government money for nation building, so why not?

Daniel said...

Are you talking about us giving aid to other countries or about protecting our national security?