Tuesday, August 01, 2006

50 cuts: Day 5

The free market determines whether or not an idea is viable. Government has an idea and funds it regardless.

Oregon Harm Reduction Program for Injection Drug Users:
These are quarterly meetings for Oregonians providing HIV Prevention services to people who inject drugs. Meetings are held in Eugene, Oregon. The morning session is program updates and other business, afternoon sessions are skills building, topics TBA. Space is limited - meeting attendees must RSVP. If you would like to attend or for more information email or call Ann Shindo, HCV and Harm Reduction Programs Coordinator. ann.shindo@state.or.us, (971) 673-0153.

Am I really to believe that injection drug users take time out of their busy schedule of

a) using drugs
b) look for ways to get money to aquire more drugs

to attend "skill building" meetings with our taxpayer funded Harm Reduction Program Coordinator? And what skills are going to matter when you have a heroin needle stuck in your arm?

Interviewer: Well Mr. Smith, your resume says you have some nice skills but we notice that you are sweating profusely, you stole that gold pen off my desk and you appear to be getting ready to inject drugs right now during this job interview...

Sorry Ann Shindo, your job should be cut. But don't worry, if I was in charge I would use that money to hire a police officer who will take good care of the injection drug users that will no doubt be heartbroken that their quarterly meetings got cancelled.


Anonymous said...

Daniel -- How much time did you spend in prison for selling drugs?

John Eyler said...

Well, if she's doing this on her own because she feels strongly that drug shooters need this particular form of guidance, then more power to her. I would love to know if she's getting paid and how much.

Anonymous said...

why can't the rag heads get hiv?
would solve a lot of problems.
sure i am going to travel to Eugene
i think we all know how to prevent aids!!!!! dunt da duh

Daniel said...

Anon#1, none.

John, she is a state employee with DHS.

Anon#2, AIDS is a disease of choice. The muslim culture does not promote intravenous drug use, homosexuality or promiscuity. We do...

Anonymous said...

sounds like a crock of shit to me...slinging dope to our kids and your punk ass doesn't serve any jail time? The system IS broken.

axe01 said...

The point being...the program should be cut!

Jackson said...

"The free market determines whether or not an idea is viable."

So then, 'illegal' drugs are viable market and we should decriminalize them. Government regulation is only causing the price to go up and gangs/cartels to form. If we legalize all drugs, then most terrorist groups would have their source of funding eliminated.

Please be consistent. Either you are or aren't for the free market.

el razonador said...

Daniel - your blind reverence for the free market has always puzzled me. The restrictionist intervention that you are calling on the federal government to make is in direct contradiction to the notion of a free market generally understood by economists, the conception dating all the way back to Adam Smith himself.

The epitomy of free market policies of the 20th century is the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has only exacerbated undocumented migration. If you were a true free marketeer, you would then welcome a full-scale integration of American and Mexican markets, including the market for labor. If you were a fan of the truly free market, you wouldn't complain about having to compete with low-skilled labor from Mexico, since as a true believer, you would have faith in that long-standing principle of capitalism holding that as markets integrate, wage disequilibria eventually even out.

So, you ought to temper your rhetoric, since you're not really a fan of free-market capitalism, but of a form of state-sponsored capitalism, in which your government interferes with certain markets (i.e. the labor market).