Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Labor shut down: part quatro

Scroll down or click here for part uno, part dos, and part tres

Help us shut down an illegal alien day labor pick-up site!

If you read the other parts (uno, dos, tres) of this series you can see that three people, Rick, Michael, and myself, really made a difference in just a few short hours.

This criminal enterprise here in Cornelius, Oregon has been going on for far too long and it is a blight on the community.

These are pictures of the ground around the "day labor" area:

I have tons more pictures of trash just thrown all over the place. I actually offered the "hard working job seekers" $5 to pick up the trash around the area but was told to take my five and "shove it up my ass."

Speaking of job seeking. Here is the ultimate irony.

These guys are all "looking for work"

and literally right across the street you have this:

I offered for anyone who is legally in this country to stop standing outside and go apply for a job... no takers.

So what I am getting to is this: we need your help. We need some great Americans to step up to the plate and go this this criminal enterprise, this day labor site, to keep unethical employers from picking up these illegal aliens. All it takes it 2 - 3 people and a camera.

If you can go on Monday or Tuesday or any day please do. Get up early one morning and you and a friend stop by. Keep an illegal alien from working illegaly. You will go away feeling like you accomplished something for the day.

If the trucks stop coming then the illegal aliens will stop coming. That is the goal. Here is the place:

1110 N. ADAIR

If people will work in shifts or just show up and random times we can keep this from going on. They work for cash because they are illegal aliens. They don't want to pay taxes. The employers avoid taxes and get to cheap Americans out of jobs. It's time to step up and do what the state and federal government won't do. I hope to see you there.

Contact Oregonians for Immigration Reform


Fed up Democrat said...

Great Pics!

I just posted this comment over on RINO Watch:

I am a lifelong Democrat and am tired of this Immigration problem. It is so important, i would for once consider myself a single issue voter this november. I unfortunaly cant bring myself to vote for a republican. I could vote for a const. party candidate (i like their stance on immigration). I know that people think they usually take votes from the Rs but i think this election might be different. (as long as they focus on immigration) I know there are others who feel the same way.

Does anyone know if there is a chance for me to vote for const. party members on the november ballot (besides starrett)

Also, if i find some time i would like to join in on one of these minute-man crackdowns on these day-labor hot spots.

Anonymous said...

You sound like Bill the Butcher from "Gangs of New York".

He was a racist, too.

Rick Hickey said...

Democrat, Yes you can write on your ballot another candidate in Nov.

Mayhem, Proof of contractors?
The video is being loaded from the Camera to the Computer & will be up soon. Mike w/Minutemen is new to the technology and is working on it GEESH! You REALLY still think we are just racist liars? Supporting criminal activity is OK?
Fine, here is the bottom line from a recent extensive study on Day Laborers from UCLA.
Besides asking for their ID or Green card & then the "hoping to cheat the system" enabler, would ask the same thing & they GOT OUT OF THE TRUCK! Several times.

This flyer was handed out to many that stopped to thank us (Mayhem, even some Hispanic thanked us too, are they "Coconuts" Mike?)

Just the Facts on Day Labor Sites and Illegal Immigration
Photos of Day Labor Criminals in Cornelius @
Oregonians For Immigration Reform @ PH# 503-435-0141

FACT: Almost all laborers at day labor centers are in the U.S. illegally.
According to a comprehensive study of day laborers in the Los Angeles area by Professor Abel Valenzuela, the Director for UCLA’s Center for the Study of Urban Poverty ( ):
- less than 6 percent of day laborers entered the country with legal documentation; and,
- Over time 21 percent had acquired legal documents, which still leaves the percentage of day laborers illegally in the country at 79 percent!

FACT: Currently there are an estimated 12 to 15 million illegal immigrants (often termed “undocumented immigrants”) in the U.S.
According to a study by the asset management firm of Bear Sterns, released in January of 2005, “undocumented” (illegal) immigrants hold approximately 12 to 15 million jobs in the United States (8% of all those employed). For study, please see:

FACT: 15 Million Americans are Unemployed or Under-employed and unable to find sufficient employment to survive.
Per statistics provided in a June 2005 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. For an analysis, please see:

FACT: California Taxpayers pay $10.5 billion each and every year for services provided to illegal immigrants.
Please see the article dated January 21, 2005 from World Net Daily, found at:

axe01 said... are full of S _ _ _. (Crap). You jerks have no comeback, no facts, to support your position, other than to shriek 'racist' at the top of your lungs. We are talking criminal illegals here. Wake up!

Rick, Thanks for the summary. Appreciate the facts, that we so seldom get from the msm, especially salem's own fish wrap, the 'stinky urinal' that, from their corporate offices in the east (gannett ya know) are carrying out a propoganda campaign to promote and support illegals.

Watch Woodburn...

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder how many Mini-Mart employees have found working there as being hazardous to their health and welfare?

Anonymous said...

I joined 2 other guys with camcorders at a DLS and must say that threats of violence may ultimately lead to physical violence. You really think 3 people is enough? I would say not.

Larry B said...

Any day labor spots closer to Salem. I am game but need soemthing clos

Anonymous said...

what a piece of shit you are..i am ashamed to be in the same race as you!!!!

Daniel said...

What does race have to do with any of this?

Robert said...

No wonder the day labor spot was busier than usual in Hillsboro. The one near where I shop had alot of trucks picking up folks and more than normal amount of laborers.

Seems you three just suceeded in making day laborers come into Hillsboro. (And waste a bunch of gas dribving out to Cornelius

Robert said...

No wonder the day labor spot was busier than usual in Hillsboro. The one near where I shop had alot of trucks picking up folks and more than normal amount of laborers.

Seems you three just suceeded in making day laborers come into Hillsboro. (And waste a bunch of gas driving out to Cornelius)

Daniel said...

That's very interesting to hear. Maybe a coordinated effort is needed to cover that spot at the same time.

For now I would be happy to make the site at this address a place where no contractor would dare take his truck. Make them leave. Then we move to the next one.

axe01 said...

One site at a each town where illegals set up.

Ric said...

Robert -

Could you post the address or a Map to the DLS in Hillsboro?

HolmWrecker said...

Simply awesome! I'm gonna talk with the wife and some friends about this.
I would so love to go give those illegals a hard time, peacefully, of course.
As far as worries about violence, I ain't afraid of some one who KNOWS they don't belong here. Right over might wins every time.
Shocking they won't take money to clean up thier own trash...shows how American they aren't .
I'm so sick of hearing tragic news with a hispanic named offender...I'm fed up and not gonna take it no nore.
If your legally here...fine, I encourage it.
If you're illegal...get the hell OUT of MY country RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

The Immigrants better get their health care quick:

Beginning Sept. 1, Oregonians applying for Medicaid must show they are U.S. citizens, Oregon Department of Human Services officials said this morning.

The requirement is part of a new federal law.

Current recipients who are reenrolling will be given an opportunity to produce documentation of their citizenship. People who are not enrolled must provide that documentation before they can start receiving benefits.

"Both Governor Kulongoski and federal officials have made clear that no one who is eligible for Medicaid should be denied services unnecessarily," said DHS director Bruce Goldberg. "So we will balance full compliance with this new federal law with assistance to persons who cannot readily comply because of mental illness, homelessness, illiteracy or other legitimate barriers."

About 500,000 persons receive Medicaid benefits in Oregon. DHS estimates that as many as 3,000 persons may need state assistance in obtaining their documents.

The new rule is in response to a new federal law requiring people applying or reenrolling for Medicaid benefits to prove their citizenship. In Oregon, the law affects people receiving Medicaid-paid Oregon Health Plan medical coverage, long-term care benefits and family-planning services.

Federal rules supporting the new law allow Medicaid applicants to provide a variety of substantiating documents ranging from passports and birth certificates to certificates of citizenship or naturalization, official U.S. military records, certain tribal records, as well as certain medical, insurance and long-term care admission records that are at least five years old.

People receiving Medicare and supplemental security income benefits are exempt from the documentation requirement because their citizenship is already documented.

Goldberg said the agency would help people born in Oregon by checking the agency's database of birth certificates going back to 1903. For those born in other states, he said, DHS will provide information about how to order birth certificates and, in specified hardship cases, would pay the cost of obtaining the document.

States expect the federal government to pay half their costs of administering the new law, Goldberg said.

Federal rules require applicants to provide original documents. Because applications are handled through the mail for benefits such as the Oregon Health Plan, Goldberg said, persons who do not want to temporarily give up originals may take them to a DHS field office to be copied.

Legal residents who are not citizens will continue to be asked to provide appropriate documents from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

DHS officials said Medicaid users are receiving notice of the new law by mail, which will be augmented by posters and fliers in DHS offices. DHS employees have received details about how to implement the new law, and the agency also has notified providers, partners and advocacy organizations about the new requirements.

Rick Hickey said...

Thank you for updated info on Medicaid law.
Original start date was actually July 1st though. State knew this along time ago and asked/received a delay. Unfortunately, there are still many loopholes and DHS Head and Gov, will continue to use them so that DHS never has enough money.

Daniel, don't know if you can listen to the Radio @ work, Lars is talking about Day Labor Site & asked Producer to get Mayor or other City official on the AIR!

Your efforts and accomplishments will never be forgotten by many.

Bobkatt said...

I couldn't help but notice from your pictures that a lot of these "employers" drive newer expensive vehicles. Seems they are not ashamed to show off the rewards of their ill-gotten gains. I noticed the same thing at the carousel of state give aways I attended.

The words you use to define an issue is very important. One problem we have is using the term "illegal immigrant", we need to drop that term and refer to them only as "illegals" or "illegal aliens". The word immigrant does not belong in the conversation. We don't have an immigration problem or need immigration reform. We have an invasion problem and need to enforce the laws we already have. By allowing the other side to continue to frame the argument as an "immigrant" problem we are constantly protrayed as racists to deflect from the real problem.

Thanks again Daniel and friends for being on the front line and demanding that those involved in this illegal activity will not go unnoticed. I liken it to the neighborhood activists that decide to take on the local crack house even with risk to themselves and family.

Anonymous said...

you are a racist bigot. Next time you go shut down a day labor site don't forget to bring your hood so that everyone knows who you really are. The only reason you are so hostile to these innocent people, victems of the system who are merely trying to find work, is because you are threatened by someone who is different from you. There is room in this world for everyone regardless of race or nationality. Imagine for one moment a planet with no borders, living in peace. But no, you are too busy living your life in hate, congradulations bigot.

Anonymous said...

Boy, someone's got ALL the Answers don't they..? Racist bigot(s)? You know, if this invasion were from Mars I'd bet there'd be little difference in my opinion. And if this is about "Race," why? Why would one race work to undermine another?

So, they're "Merely trying to find work," aren't we all? And who's gonna hire me for what it takes to keep our society a float when they can hire these guys for dirt? You? You gonna pay me around the $25 to $50 an hour, so I can afford health care, auto insurance, property taxes, social security, and school clothes... all the good stuff that makes our society a decent place to live? Or, are you gonna go for an illegal guy off the street, illegal from his first step into "our country?" Yep - I bet you are... And, in doing so, continue to undercut the USA wage base, until we're ALL looking for a decent country to invade!