Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DHS: We do everything

While doing a quick look at government job openings (never know when they may be hiring for a "coordinator of watching football") I noticed how proud DHS is of it's gargantuan size:

DHS is Oregon’s largest state agency, serving a diverse population of Oregonians. DHS has multiple goals and exceptionally broad staffing needs that range from epidemiologists to administrative assistants; from contract specialists to social workers; from nurses to accountants.

DHS employs approximately 9,500 people...

With the adjectives they use, "largest" and "exceptionally broad", it's almost as if they are bragging. It's a "my department is bigger than yours" kind of thing except that it has nothing to do with good management or smart bussiness and everything to do with their ability to discover increased duties and responsibilities.

How about "we are narrowly focused on helping children, the elderly and the truly needy" as a more acceptable statement.


Anonymous said...

service jobs will are not the same as jobs that produce something solid like sewers, roads etc. Any job is better than no job but there is no future in many of these fringe jobs.Can we cut these jobs--no the retirement is just too good.

Anonymous said...

I am actually an epidemiologist here. I'd like to think that I provide a valuable service, namely, stopping the spread of communicable disease in this state. You have heard of "cross-over" right? That means that diseases that some of your favorite targets may be carrying, illegals and gays, cross over into your "mainstream" populations.

You also realize that even without illegal aliens, you would still have a very substantial disease problem here, right? Particularly HIV in gay men. Can't deport them, can you?

Not every government service is waste. There are necessary government functions. Disease control is akin to law enforcement and fire fighting, I think.

What do you think?

terry said...

DHS: We Do This To You Every Day

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »