Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Town Hall: disband the legislature

Here is video of Senator George and Rep Krummel saying that all their constiuents want to deny drivers licenses to illegal aliens... so why don't the citizens put it on the ballot. Earlier George talked about how the entire senate voted for a bill that would do just that but then the bill went on to die in committee.

He complained that the media wouldn't report on this. You know what the media did report on: THE CAROUSEL OF INFORMATION THAT WE PROTESTED TO DEATH.

Why don't you wear a 5 foot sombrero to the next session and when the media asks you why you can explain what happened to the drivers license bill. Maybe instead of voting "aye" on bills vote "si." Why don't you make a Jeff Merkely pinata, fill it with drivers licenses and invite people to whack it on the capital steps?

As for the laughter when I suggested that these two could join us at a protest (imagine them inviting the media and then telling what happened to the drivers license bill) way to go you schmucks in the audience. If only we had had that same response when the Boston tea party was suggested it may be time for tea and crumpets right now. Good luck when your daughter gets strangled by some illegal aliens.

Again, YouTube cut this video off, I will re-upload again so you can see Krummels response (put it on the ballot) and my response to that (do your job).

If these two want Oregon to be goverened by the initiative I'm all for that. Instead of 2000+ new laws we can get 5. But as long as "representatives" are meeting I would suggest that they do something.


Oregon Infidel said...

Speaking of strangling 15 year olds, it's beyond belief to me that any parent would let their 15 year old daughter go away to stay for a week with their 20 year old daughter, several states away.

Go to my site for my take on this.

As for the Town Hall Meeting, more folkss like Daniel should get involved in these things. The left absolutely LOVES to attend these things and dominate the discussions (at least here in Portland), so the more right minded folks who attend, the better an even keeled opinion will be out there for the politicans to hear.

Oregon Infidel said...

By the way, it's

beakeer said...


no illegal aliens said...

Enough said, Daniel. : Murder suspects admit illegal entry to U.S.

Oregon Infidel, there's nothing wrong with a 15-year old visiting her 20-year old sister. There is no wrong in visiting a family member. Try emphasizing the blame on the two illegal aliens who tried to rape and strangle the 15-year old. Those two illegals, if convicted, should be put to death.

Anonymous said...

This country is dead. We are now a shithole of mexican illegals.

Calhoun said...

And can you believe it? At their arraignment, the two suspects said they didn't like their cells, and didn't like the jail clothes they were issued. Guess they won't be leaving a tip!

Typical example of the arrogance of the illegal alien.

BEAR said...

Apparently their "civil" rights have been trod upon. ACLU can't be far behind.....sheesh.

Anthony DeLucca said...

No Illegal Aliens:

Oregon Infidel explains just what you said. I went to his link and read the rant. I agree with him. There were a bunch of way that this could have been prevented. First and foremost, border enforcement, and enforcement of immigration laws. Had those two scrote-sacs not been in the country, Dani would be alive today. However, I say we don't rest until those two fry.

Anonymous said...

Just remember my little racist Miglavians:

Whites Now Minority in 1 in 10 Counties

WASHINGTON - Whites are now in the minority in nearly one in 10 U.S. counties. And that increased diversity, fueled by immigration and higher birth rates among blacks and Hispanics, is straining race relations and sparking a backlash against immigrants in many communities

no illegal aliens said...

Thanks Antony Delucca for pointing out Oregon Infidel's blog.

My comments were based on Oregon Infidel's comment post. I accepted it as a generalized and responsible sibling visitation.

I checked out OI's post and it did paint a broader picture about the irresponsibility of the older sister. I overlooked that fact.

So I should clarify my remarks to say that there is something wrong with a parent who sends their daughter to their older irresponsible sibling. The two illegals, however if convicted, are responsible for the 15-year old's death.

And one other note Oregon Infidel, no American political campaign or debate should be on Univision. This is not flippn' United States of Mexico.

I am Coyote said...

I understand what Sen. George was saying and I think he has a point.

First, I blogged about the RealID act when it happened in the legislature. Here is that post:

Sen. George understands that as long as the Democrats hold power in Salem and the way they are acting nowadays there is just no way that they would ever let anything like this make it through the process.

So George, who is no stranger to initiative politics as he was with OIA for years. They were trying and trying to use the legislative process to protect property rights but just could not get anything through the legislature.

So in the late 90's they decided to go the initiative route. As is so often the case the people need to lead the politicians.

You note how property rights became such an issue in this last session? It is because the people through the initiative process forced their hands.

You actually have a couple of good legislators in your district but unfortunately in a body that size AND with the governor being a democrat there is almost no way you will get anything through.

Unless you can find a way to put pressure on say 8 to 10 Democrats.

gullyborg said...

With Krummel's retirement, there is an opening for Rep. from Sherwood...