Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This IS an issue

New Romney Ad Targets Illegal Migrants
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticizes "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants—and by implication Republican rival Rudy Giuliani—in a new radio ad.

"Immigration laws don't work if they're ignored. That's the problem with cities like Newark, San Francisco and New York City that adopt sanctuary policies," an announcer says in the ad, which runs in New Hampshire and Iowa. "Sanctuary cities become magnets that encourage illegal immigration and undermine secure borders."

"Legal immigration is great," Romney says in the new ad. "But illegal immigration, that we've got to end. And amnesty is not the way to do it."

If only the state of Oregon could get a mention in that ad. We must continue to let the presidential candidates in both parties know that this is an issue and we want to know where they stand. We know where Romney stands.

Note to the criminal lovers: where are you candidates publicly speaking/putting out ads in favor of lies, amnesty and the criminal way? Oh that's right, it would be political suicide.


Anthony DeLucca said...

You'll never get ONE Dem candidate to admit that they would like to see open borders, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Never.

They will however disguise it as "Immigration Reform" if you ask a vague question. But ask a SOLID question like:

Mr. or Mrs. Candidate: Should self proclaimed "Sanctuary Cities" such as Portland Oregon, New Haven Conn, Newark N.J., and the like be offered Federal Funding for ANYTHING while openly defying Federal Law?

Simple question eh? Should ellicit a simple response shouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

FOREST GROVE -- A Forest Grove man was arrested Monday night and accused of selling and possessing cocaine, and having and selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of Joseph Gale Elementary School.

Jose Luis Mata Jr., 19, of 1619 Juniper Street, was arrested Monday night during a police traffic stop away from his home, said Sgt. Jeffrey Williams, spokesman for Forest Grove Police.

Williams said Forest Grove officers searched Mata's home with the help of police dogs from Beaverton and found evidence to support charges of unlawful manufacture, delivery and possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, and unlawful manufacture, delivery and possession of cocaine.

Williams said that during the search of Mata's home, officers recovered more than an ounce of marijuana, eight grams of cocaine, packaging material and more than $1,200.

Mata didn't face charges relating to having the cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, but Williams said those charges could be added later by the district attorney.

Mata was also charged with unlawful use of a weapon and pointing a firearm at another person in connection with a June incident in Forest Grove.

Williams said the incident happened near Forest Grove High School and was reported to police only recently. He said it happened in early June and was still being investigated. It did not appear to involve drugs, Williams said.

Mata was held in the Washington County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Rick Hickey said...

Romney is the only Candidate that authorised 30 State Police officers to join the Fed 287 (g) program.

Also his State, Mass., is the 3rd now to use Structured English Immersion in Schools to help Immigrants assimilate much faster than slow expensive and failed Bilingual programs (such as OR.)

Anonymous said...

It figures that the Miglavists would support Mitt Romney. Romney is an unashamed and proud member of the Mormon cult founded by a murdering polygamist pedophile named Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago. The teachings of the Mormon cult are doctrinally and theologically in complete opposition to the Absolute Truth of God's Word. There is no common ground. If Mormonism is true, then the Christian faith is a complete lie. There has never been any question from the moment Smith's cult began that it was a work of Satan and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell.

not a Mormon scholar said...

anon 11:19-Your ignorance is only superseded by your hate. Daniel didn't suggest that he supported Romney but rather the statement that he made. Also, I believe that Joseph Smith was the one who was murdered not the murderer.

R Huse said...

Mormonism is a work of Satan then by correlation, Mormons are Satanists.

Does this then therefore mean if I go to an LDS store I could find really good deals on black shirts and the like? I mean I wear a LOT of black. I probably have uless than 10 articles of clothing that are not black, yes I am including underwear in that. This might not sound like a problem to the rest of you, but go out and try and find a nice quality black button down with French cuffs. Its really really hard. If the whole Mormon Satan thing is true then I would really appreciate some follow up on the wardrobe.

R Huse said...

Oh, and yeah, with the sanctuary city thing, this falls under my "and abortion" rule.

"We just want reasonable gun laws, who could object to a seven day waiting period"

"Sure I agree with you, lets just add "and abortion" to the end"

"Who could object to requiring safety training to purchase a handgun?"

"Sure, I agree with you, safety training before purchase of a handgun, and abortion"

OK? so with sanctuary cities, same thing

"It is not our job to enforce federal immigration laws"

"Sure, sounds reasonable, lets just add "and federal gun laws""

"We are not going to devote vital police resources to enforcing the law against people whose only infraction is immigration status"

"Sure sounds reasonable, and gun laws, surely if crossing into our country illegally is a victimless crime then a felon simply possessing a hand gun is also victimless?"

"Our city shall be a sanctuary for those whose only crime is wanting to build a better life for themselves"

"Great, yay, how altruistic. Lets make our city even greater: "our city shall also be a haven for those whose only crime is wanting a firearm but have been judged mentally incompetent, who are we to judge? ENOUGH of this racist stereotyping, the average American is twice as likely to be hit by lightning as to be shot by a retard"

Scottiebill said...

r huse: You are right about anon 11:19 being ignorant and filled with hate against a branch of Christianity that he doesn't understand nor wants to understand. To label Mormonism as a cult is akin to labeling the Pentecostals as a cult or labeling the Lutherans as a cult because they started as a protest against Catholicism some 500-plus years ago.

And remember, JFK was put down hard by all sorts of people when he ran for President in 1960 for being Catholic. I have no way of knowing if this anon 11:19 is old enough to remember the Kennedy-Nixon election in 1960, but if he was around back then, I would just about bet that he was part of the crowd that was against Kennedy only because he was Catholic.

My wife and I lived in Utah (Moab, Vernal, and Bountiful) in the mid-80s, and we found the Mormon people to be extremely good people, generous almost to a fault, and always willing to help in whatever way they could, whether one was Mormon or not (we aren't). But, while we were in Bountiful, we lived next door to a Catholic couple that were exactly the opposite from the Mormons we had met. And that is not to say that Catholics are all mean-spirited, as these people were. It is just to say that all religions have their own bad apples. But, in our experience, the Mormons seem to have far fewer that the others.

As for my preference in the next Presidential election, I will certainly vote for Fred Thompson should he get the nomination. But if Romney gets it then he will get my vote. There is absolutely no way on this earth that I could vote for any of the people running on the Democrat side. NO WAY!!! I would vote for Ralph Nader before I would vote for any of that bunch.

To outright slander a candidate because of his religion is just plain ouatright bogotry. Nothing more, nothing less.

R Huse said...

Actually I am quite astounded with the apparent lack of concern so many have for expressing the view "Uggg, Romney, he's Mormon, we cant have a Mormon in the White House" Its really nothing short of amazing the bigotry people feel perfectly free to express when they feel they are among like minded people.

I consider myself a conservative, but am also half gay and generally tend to be surrounded more by left wing people than right. The bigotry from the right is definitely there ( I hear "damn fags" far more than Id like to ) The bigotry from the left though is of a different quality. When I point it out to the right, they at least know on some level they are wrong. When I point it out to the left, they have absolutely no grasp. Example:

The vast majority of "I hate fags" right wing people I have ever met will eventually concede this is a ridiculous position when it is pointed out to them half their heroes are fags and fags tended not to be the ones beating them up and stealing their girlfriend when they were younger. Eventually it boils down to, "hmm, well, I still think its unnatural and I don't want to live near them" Fine, don't move to San Francisco and don't come whining to me if your child turns out to be gay and then you wind up looking like the biggest idiot in the world.

The vast majority of "I hate Christians" left wing people have not the slightest concept that this statement is bigoted. They think somehow it is justified because they don't like Christians attitude, or they are trying to foist their beliefs on them. When pointed out that the same could be said for their trying to force environmentalism down another's throat they still don't get it. I mean it literally is the case that most who consider themselves liberal or progressive think that automatically invalidates any claim that they could be bigoted. Its amazing.

By the way, when I first moved to this state I had never encountered a Mormon and knew nothing of the religion. When a couple of Eldors stopped by my shop one day my first words to them were "you guys are Mormon? Great, what in the world do you believe in?" I wound up talking to them for about an hour and praying with them, I found it a fascinating religion and frankly couldn't put "The Book of Mormon" down.

Gee, can you tell I am taking a couple of days off here?

gullyborg said...

I'm guessing 11:19 is a lefty troll who is just trying to start infighting among conservatives by pretending to be some sort of Bible-thumping born-again.

By his "logic" we should all want the jews out of politics because jews sold out Jesus.

It's nothing but liberal trash talk and should be exposed as such.

Anthony DeLucca said...

I love the statement being bounced around "Illegal Immigration is a Federal Problem" by various Mayors, City Council folks, and so on.

If it's such a "Federal Problem", how come it has such a huge impact on the local level? If a DUI suspect is determined to be in the country illegally, do the local cops let him go? If a man kidnaps a child, and takes that child across state lines, that makes it a federal crime. Do the local police then turn a blind eye saying that it's a "federal" problem?

That's quite possibly the second dumbest thing I've ever heard.

The first dumbest in case your wondering, is Al Gore saying that it is possible for an individual to reduce their "Carbon Emissions" to zero. Well Mr. Gore, I hate to tell you this, but when you exhale, you are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The only way to get your individual carbon dioxide emissions to zero.....is to stop breathing.

Anonymous said...

From Worldnetdaily:

1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

An appeals court has concluded that just being an illegal alien in the United States doesn't necessarily violate the law, so a judge cannot deny probation and require a jail sentence for a convicted drug dealer who is an illegal alien.

The opinion from the Kansas Court of Appeals came in the Barton County case involving convicted drug dealer Nicholas L. Martinez.

I can't believe an appeals judge would rule this way.

Jack Van Nostrand
Troutdale, Ore.

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the link for the article:


Jack Van Nostrand
Troutdale, Ore.

Scott said...

Hay the pedo list boy (11:19) found a new cut and paste.

Louis said...

I am reading this by all those that claim themselves to believe in the one true God, the Father. Seems the mormon apoligists will have us believe that Mormons are Christians. You couldn't be more wrong, my friends.
“We're Christians just like you!”
By Bill McKeever
When speaking to our Mormon friends about religious issues, it is not uncommon to hear them tell us, “We’re Christians just like you.” There could be many reasons for a response like this. Perhaps the Mormon with whom you are speaking does not really understand what Christians have believed over the centuries, or it could be that they are not really familiar with the positions of their own church. It could be that because both groups share a desire to live moral lives that this qualifies them as “Christian.” However, this conclusion is refuted by the fact that many religions emphasize wholesome living as a part of their beliefs. Christianity, as a religious faith, is known by its teachings (doctrine) and not necessarily by the behavior of its adherents (though we certainly hope that a Christian’s faith is reflected in their practice).

One thing we have found in most cases is it is very rare for the average Latter-day Saint to fully explain the unique teachings of Mormonism. In the LDS Church it is taught that milk must be given before meat. Since many Mormons know that some of their unique teachings will be questioned by their evangelical acquaintances, they often give an explanation of the LDS faith that is less than precise.

It is difficult to comprehend that most Mormons really believe they are Christians “just like us” since the foundation of their church is based on the presupposition that all professing Christian churches outside of the LDS Church are in a state of apostasy. Do Mormons who make this claim really think they too are “apostates”? Putting that aside, you need to ask yourself some important questions before automatically accepting the notion that the differences separating Christians from Mormons are insignificant. For instance, if your Mormon friend is really a “Christian just like you,” does that mean you believe:

-God was not always God?
-God is a glorified, perfected human being with a body of flesh and bones?
-God is only one among many Gods?
-God is married?
-Jesus is the spirit-brother of Lucifer?
-Jesus is the literal “Son of God” who was begotten naturally by an immortal Father?
-Christians are saved by grace coupled with works?
-Grace is given by God only after a person has denied themselves of all ungodliness?
-Humans can become Gods?
-Mankind must believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God in order to get into heaven?
-Christianity ceased to exist after the death of the Twelve Apostles?
-The Apostle John is still alive?
-American Indians are “Jewish”?
-The Garden of Eden was located in Missouri? read on

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Oregon doesn't get a mention in the ad because no one outside of Oregon gives the first shit about Oregon. I know I didn't until I came here. Oregon is almost completely off the national radar scope.

Kristopher said...

Illegal immigration becomes a local problem when companies start going to "labor contractors" to avoid employment taxes.

Revenues drop off, and the city raises the employment tax to make up the difference ... which punishes honest business owners for obeying the law.

Eventually, employers who do not use illegals aren't able to make any money.

Anthony DeLucca said...


Lots of Mormon haters in here. I never knew so many people hated mormons.

Now, I'm a Roman Catholic, but I'm also a realist. I know that the Bible is filled with ridiculous sounding stuff like talking snakes, turning bread into fish, that sort of thing. But hey, if that is what some people need to believe in, and it harms no-one...then so be it.

Sure, the Mormon stories may sound goofy to some, but so what? If that's what makes them happy, and helps folks to believe in something, and it's not hurting anyone....who gives a rat's ass. It's called FREEDOM OF RELIGION you pricks. Even Satan Worshipers are allowed to practice in this country.

Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

That says it all Anthony, you are a Catholic. You may choose to believe Mormonism is no concern which is fine for you, but the fact remains is they are not Christians as they don't believe in the God of the Holy Bible. That is not hate, it is the fact. Get over your ignorance.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 2:22

Read my post you dick.

I don't give a shit WHAT they believe. They are entitled to believe in whatever they want, and to practice whatever they want. This is the United States. If someone else's religion bothers you THAT much, maybe you should step back and evaluate what exactly it is in life that made you think that anyone of another faith is inferior to you. Sounds like Islam to me.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Oh, anon 2:22,

I forgot to ask: What is it that "Concerns" you about the Mormons? Is it simply because they believe in a different God than you?

By that logic, you must be full of worry and "concern" over:

Shao Lin

Anonymous said...

it sounds like anon2:22 is just pointing out that The Church of Latter Day Saints is not really a Christian faith. I could care less what they believe, but there are many of us that don't agree that Mormons are part of the Christian faith. That is all.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, by doctrine Buddhists don't believe in God. Just thought I would point that out.

Anonymous said...

Anthony said:

Read my post you dick.


That was great, man. I about spit on my computer screen! :)

R Huse said...

>Illegal immigration becomes a local problem when companies start going to "labor contractors" to avoid employment taxes.

What the hell is a "Labor Contractor"? If this is an illegal business, fine, shut them down. If by "Labor Contractor" you mean a contractor commonly referred to as a temp agency (Manpower, one of the nations largest employers, for example) then I have no idea how the company is avoiding employment taxes as they are paid by the temp agency. I used to hire workers regularly this way. It simply was cheaper to do it that way, rather than pay someone to do payroll which I would have had to do.

Scottiebill said...

If it is true, as anon 2:22 and 5:37 seem to think, the why is the mormon religion referred to as " The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"?

Last Monday my wife and I went to the funeral of one of her cousins in the LDS Church in Molalla. There are pictures of Jesus in nearly every room of that building. That tells me, along with my time in living in three cities in Utah, that the Mormon faith is very much Christian based.

My wife and I have visited the Mormon Square in Salt Lake City many times and have been to a couple of their Sunday services in the Tabernacle. Anyone who gets to SLC should make the effort to go there. It's worth the trip.

I was raised Presbyterian, went over to the Lutherans, and because of a few bad experiences with a few so-called preachers, I now am pretty much agnostic.

I would have to guess that would make me a completely bad person in the eyes of idiots like the two anons mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

One of the Cardinals rushed into the Pope's chambers, all excited...."Father, I have good news and bad news." "Well" said the Pope, "Tell me the good news first, then the bad."

"He has come. It's the Second Coming. He is now on the earth!!!" He is calling you on the phone!!
"Yes. Great News! Now tell me the bad news."
"He's calling from Salt Lake City."