Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day Labor Extravaganza

So Tommy Potter want to build a "day labor site" which will be used by mostly illegal aliens. Apparently places such as Labor Ready aren't good enough for the city of Portland.

Labor Ready makes sure that workers are paid, makes sure that workers have the proper liability insurance, makes sure that the proper taxes get taken out of paychecks, make sure employees get drug screened and makes sure that employees fill out an I-9 form that says you are legally in the country and eligible to work.

But instead Tommy wants to institutionalize a practice of anonymous people picking up anonymous workers. That guy framing a house? Never drug tested. The guy who hurt his back moving rocks? No workers comp. The old lady who wants to barkdust raked in her yard and picks up a worker who has been twice convicted of rape? It boggles the mind.

The public hearing on this proposed site is today. Here is the OFIR info:

OFIR Members and supporters:

Wednesday, August 1, at 5:00 p.m. there will be a hearing at Portland City Hall regarding the proposed day labor site. It will be held on the 2d floor in the Lovejoy Room. It is a special meeting only on the day labor issue. The name of the committee in charge is the Hire Site Working Group.

The address of the Portland City Hall is 1221 SW 4th.

Of course, this put the indymedia boys in a tizzy who responded with this post.

There are no illegal men, women or children. Poverty, lack of health care, lack of job security, lack of prioritizing funding for children, privatization, neo-liberal economic polices, white supremacy and patriarchy...all of these things perpetuated by U.S. capitalist and imperialist policies are the real crimes.

I'm having some trouble finding the exact statute on the "lack of health care" crime (is it a felony?) so if one of you good libs can link it I would appreciate it. Or any of those other "crimes."

In contradistinction, I have a list of all the crimes that the "good" illegal aliens commit just by being here and working. NOTE: these are actual crimes, not things that I made up to post on Indymedia.

And finally, here is the response on OFIR member got from the mayor's office:

We are admitting to creating a hire site for day laborers, which is not synonymous with "illegal alien"; therefore, you are incorrect in presuming that we are admitting to assisting illegal aliens. It is true that many of those seeking day labor may be in this country. But, given ORS 181.850 and the policies of this City, that is immaterial. We cannot arrest any person based on alienage.

The supporting documentation does not, in no way that I can perceive, invalidate ORS 181.850. If anything, it substantiates that local municipalities will not enforce civil immigration law.

I find your prejudice that those here illegally are "breaking numerous other laws" without merit and, frankly, disturbing.


Jeremy Van Keuren

Public Advocate
Office of Mayor Tom Potter
Portland, Oregon

By "without merit" he means "if I shut my eyes real tight and don't read Daniel's blog post on all the laws that the illegal aliens commit just by being here and working then it's ok."


Allen said...

Having the house painting or roofing or . . . contractor bring cheap Illegal Alien Day Laborers (criminals who even they don't know) to your home adds to the Cultural Experience.

Who knows, some Illegals may want to return on their own time and Embrace your kids or take some of your stuff down for appraisal at the hock shop.

It only makes sense to buy a $40,000 SUV to help keep your kids safe when on the road and then hire the drunken bastard who you are trying to protect them from and bring him home to meet the neighbors.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Who will pay for the construction of the shelter? Who will pay for its up-keep and maintenance? Who will bear the cost for cleaning it up?

People here legally, that's who.

Big Mike Lewis said...

The supporting documentation does not, in no way that I can perceive, invalidate ORS 181.850.

Shouldn't that be "in any way that I can perceive" grammatically speaking?

I am so glad that a representative for the Mayor's office knows his grammar. I am tired of incompetence running our cities.

Bobkatt said...

Hiring, Recruiting, and Harboring Illegal Aliens Are All Federal Felony Offenses.
United States Code. TITLE 8, CHAPTER 12, SUBCHAPTER II, Part VIII.
Sec. 1324. Bringing in and harboring certain aliens: Any person "knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such aliens in any place" shall be "fined" or imprisioned..."
Sec. 1324a. Unlawful employment of aliens: "It is unlawful for a person or other entity to hire, or to recruit...for employment in the United States an alien knowing the alien is an unauthorized alien..."

In a March 22, 2005 ruling, in Muehler v Mena, in unanimous, decision from a Court known for its 5-4 splits, the United States Supreme Court essentially said that asking about immigration status during a lawful police contact (or, by implication, any lawful contact) was as fundamental a question as asking for name, address and date of birth. Indeed, the Court made clear that no predicate "independent reasonable cause' need exist to inquire into immigration status. It is the Law of the Land.

Anonymous said...

"It is true that many of those seeking day labor may be in this country.

No shit?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of incompetence running our cities.

Is that supposed to be "incompetents" or "ruining"?

..just askin'

As for Mr. Van Keuren; his "perception" of whether laws have been invalidated, unless he's a city attorney, is what's "immaterial". Legal findings and judgements from a city employee with absolutely no legal background

are what's "without merit" and "frankly disturbing".

Anonymous said...

and another thing...

If Mr. Van Keuren (the former cabaret host) is a "Public Advocate", he's advocating for a tiny, largely illegal, segment of the public.

Who on Pothole's staff "advocates" for us?

R Huse said...

I love the concept of - just because they are breaking immigration laws the assumption that they are breaking other laws is "disturbing".

Gee, what a novel concept. I suppose then that if someone is arrested for burglary, then the thought of checking them for outstanding warrants would be disturbing?

If someone doesn't have respect for one law, then he probably doesn't have respect for other laws. Thats a sound logical premise that stands the test of basic reason and experience. The fact that this nitwit seems to not grasp this is frankly, disturbing.

BEAR said...

I'm still waiting for the list of the laws that my family can ignore. --crickets--

Stephan Steel said...

Anyone over here seen my little cowardly cub friend? oh. Not sure of this Day Labor site thingy. Seems Potter is delirious, especially if he thinks taxpayers should fund such an enterprise. Maybe Home Depot should kick in the money.

So Little Cub, where would you like to meet to discuss my conservative beliefs?--crickets-- (Cub goes back into hiding).

Calhoun said...

Anyone remember back when Potter was Chief of police, and he wanted to get medieval on all the poor jaywalkers?

He sure has gone soft.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an amazing email from the city. Someone in city government accusing a member of the electorate of being prejudiced and a racist? I'd like to see the original email. The only way I see the city's response being justified is if the original email used derogatory and generally offensive terms in framing the issue. If not, it is MY OPINION that the city has an obligation to remain neutral and not editorialize as they deal with issues of public concern. The point was made in the email without getting personal in it. The point the author was trying to make was that Oregon is a sanctuary state and Portland is a sanctuary city. And as a result, they are free to do whatever they want irrespective of US Immigration law. IOW, it's a big SCROO YOU to the federal government, which is par for the course with the city of Portland and those running Oregon state government.

As for the Indy rant, that was just some idiot spewing his communist beliefs. You just have to write them off. Too bad the Portland email note's author probably agreed with that proposition and then had no problems expressing it. Great administering by the city, huh?

Anonymous said...

One other problem I have with this, and it is obvious to all I am sure.

Oregon and Portland expect it's laws to be followed, even ridiculous ones like 24 hour school zones. But governments themselves tell the feds to take a hike.

I remember, not so long ago, when local and state officials would tell all kinds of people that they couldn't do this or that due to federal restrictions. People would say stuff like, "my hands are tied." While that presented it's own set of problems, somewhere along the way, the answer became, "scroo the feds, will just start ignoring their rules." Now, there are still programs in place from the feds (dollars) that require certain compliance. If the State has money on the line, local governments tend to follow those constraints attached to the dollars. So, for whichever reasons, local governments pick and choose which federal laws they will follow. When they do this, how can they be surprised when citizens decide to pick and choose which local laws will be followed? Clearly, local governments think their rules should be followed as they know what is best for all of us. And if we don't follow them, they will come after us as if we are murderous criminals. I am sick of that mindset. Government has way too much control in Oregon, at least in Western Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in the Miglavians ... it's been several hours now since the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, and none of you has blamed it on illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Yeah weren't there like so many illegal aliens traversing into Minniapolis over the bridge that it couldn't take the weight. Actaully, maybe it was "God" collapsing the bridge under the command of Pat Robertson.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Here are the stumbling blocks and hurdles associated with this proposed day labor site:

1. One could argue that this site primarily serves a criminal element. i.e. Those who are in this country in violation of US Law.

2. One could also argue that this site encourages un-ethical employers to knowingly hire employees in violation of State and Federal law, without regard for tax laws, employment laws, and OSHA rules and regulations.

3. Will the site be equipped or have easy and public access to restroom facilities? If not, where do you thing the "Day Laborers" will be pissing?

4. Will signage at the site be in English and Spanish only? What about the immigrants (Illegal or otherwise) from non-spanish speaking countries? Will there be signs in Russian, Thai, Chinese, etc?? Doubtful.

This entire project is B.S. and if it goes through, every legitimate contractor that pays the City of Portland's excessive (double that of any other City in the area) business license fee should get together en-masse and sue the City.

Scottiebill said...

Isn't it about time that Taliban Tommy tell us which laws he wants enforced and which ones he doesn't. It seems that those laws he wants enforced have to do with those not pertaining to the illegals that are here (and, of course, those bums out at Dignity Village). And the laws he does NOT want enforced are all those having anything to do with illegal immigration.

When are the Feds going to come in and frog march his sorry butt down to the slammer? He is clearly aiding and abetting the criminal illegals that are here. That is still a Federal crime, is it not?

Anthony DeLucca said...

Let me throw this out there as well:

Joe Contractor goes to the City of Portland sponsored and authorized day labor site, and picks up two illegal aliens from Guatamala to paint Mrs. Smith's house.

While in the process of painting said house, contractor leaves for a few minutes to get lunch. While he's gone, the two Guatamalans (who un-known to the contractor because he hired them illegally and did not do a background check to get the two bonded, are convicted rapists in El Salvador) decide to assault and rape Mrs. Smith. The two then flee, and eventually find their way back to Guatamala.

Couldn't a good attorney argue that the City of Portland should be held liable for making it easier for the contractor to hire illegal labor without the benefit of a background check? Could the City of Portland be on the hook for allowing this crime to happen through the initial blatant dis-regard of Federal Law, and making it convenient for contractors to hire these guys?

If I were Mrs. Smith, I go after the City tooth and nail, and I wouldn't rest until I saw Potter and crew in jail. The taxpayers would end up with the additional burden of paying me millions for pain and suffering.

no illegal aliens said...

Daniel, ever wonder why in this KATU story that 6 illegal aliens that were apprehended in central Oregon, were heading for Portland?

Instead they got caught by Deschutes County Sheriff. Kudos to the sheriff department.

Anonymous said...


The unwashed and unshaven Liberal cowards yelled and screamed F%^k you and Racist, with megaphones standing next to the elderly people as they left the mtg. and then followed them for four blocks to their cars screaming at them and then pounded on the car windows, because they went to speak out against this site, wednesday night at the City council mtg.

You inner city freaks are cowards and will never stop our right to attend a mtg., ever.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like libs need a bar of soap and a razor, soap for their filthy mouths and razor for their throat.

shoe on another foot said...

So now you have some sense of what it must be like to be a migrant worker -- legal or otherwise -- who is trying to get a job at a day labor site, only to encounter the indignant Miglavians with their signs, bullhorns and attitude.

Anonymous said...

...only to encounter the indignant Miglavians with their signs, bullhorns and attitude.

So whom would you like to silence, foot?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the anti-immigrant trash got what they deserved after the meeting. I wish I had been there to see it.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:50 p.m.

I believe everything you said. Why? My mother came out here to visit me some years ago. We decided to hit a Blazers game since our hometown team was here. Thought it would be fun to check them out.

As we get off the Max (first mistake), some punk beggar dude is sitting on the sidewalk asking for change. We, being from the East Coast, simply ignored him as we walk by. So what does this asshole do? He calls my Mom a "fucking cunt." That's right. A cunt. (I am sorry to spell it out here.) Man, I was so pissed, I wanted to kill this guy. I kept my composure and we proceeded to the arnea. I asked for the police. None there. Finally I was asked why, and I told them. Guess who was at the arena? Ticket takers, ushers, and alcohol monitors. No police. Even if there had been police, I am sure this would have been a free-speech issue and they would have done nothing.

Now, the people you reference went to a politically-related meeting. They became targets as such. But there is no reason that people should a) use such language towards elderly people, and b) defend such people when they do it. I HATE these people. I really do, but I have already shown IRL that responding to them on the street is not the right way to go. I am sure the elderly people in your story took the higher road. Good for them.

R Huse said...

Screaming and yelling at citizens voicing their opinion at a city council meeting - what a surprise that those who prefer a lawless thug-ocracy would resort to such tactics. If true, the only thing more amazing than the boorish behaviour itself is that this ill mannered bunch seems to think they have some sort of moral high ground. I suppose most with a dictatorial attitude do though. It would be hard to imagine a creature more horrid than those whose opinions have such lack of merit that they have to beat on an elderly persons car window to intimidate and silence.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to know that the Dems in power are at it again. They had a vote, ended it (and lost) and then held a Dems-only vote to gain the lost votes, after the vote was already over!

Anthony DeLucca said...

They'd only beat on my car window once. Kind of tough to do it a second time with a broken hand.

Where were the police when this four block intimidation was taking place?

I would encourage the OFIR members to assist the elderly to their cars after the next meeting, just for simple safety reasons. I'd be happy to organize and oversee the operation.

R Huse said...

Well, pretty tough to break a hand when its a mob after you. As for the police I would assume they were where they always are when this sort of moralistic Taliban activity takes place, protecting the public by writing traffic citations. Look at Schumacher Furs.

It really is incredible to me that in this day and age we still have groups like this. One would wonder why if their morality is so right, neither the public at large or the law in general is on their side. These people wont be content however until their moral righteousness is crammed down everyone's throat, by force if necessary.

Scottiebill said...

Anthony: You asked where the police were while the intimidation was taking place. I'd bet they were just about as far away from the action as they could get, just like they were when the PETA hoodlums were intimidating the Schumachers and their customers.

And probably at the orders of Tommy the "Mayor" and wanna-be tyrant.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage the OFIR members to assist the elderly to their cars...

Yeah, the whole four of them. And that is if you can get them out of the tavern.

Calhoun said...

I think the Raza-ists are angry that the Majority had its way on the illegal alien issue.

Sorry, Raza-ists, but America is not going to be lorded over by foreign criminals. Get used to it.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 12:49,

What makes you think that OFIR members are in Taverns? Your insinuation that they are alcoholics, or that they spend an in-ordinate amount of time in Taverns is completely stupid.

This just adds to the belief that the left in this country are a bunch of ill informed morons whos only recourse when confronted with real issues is to start in with the name calling. feelings are hurt. Maybe I should call the ACLU and sue you for "Hate Crime-ing" me.


R Huse said...

Well, on this issue and many others, the left has no persuasive argument, so they resort to thuggish methods. No wonder so many of the worlds despotisms have been run by these people. We got a little taste of that Thursday night in the House where it looks very much as if the left was willing to engage in vote fraud to get their way. Who could be so insistent that an Agriculture bill not contain a provision denying benefits to illegals that they would stoop to this?

Bobkatt said...

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton has put Mayor Tommy on notice that he maybe violating Federal Law.

minimum wage said...

I'm having some trouble finding the exact statute on the "lack of health care" crime (is it a felony?) so if one of you good libs can link it I would appreciate it. Or any of those other "crimes."

As an independent and a Christian, I'm conservative on most issues, so I don't qualify as a lib, but while I could be wrong, I suspect that God will one day explain it to you.

eddie said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the US Imperialist Policies. I mean seriously, we must have the WORST Imperial Ambitions of any nation EVER. The last addition to our soveriegn territory was when? I know we granted statehood to a few territories about 50+ years ago... Hawaii and Alaska are older than many middle eastern nations. They'd been territories for a while before that, though. Last big expansion was, hmm... 150 years ago or so.

If we can't add substantially more land in over a century, we really must have feeble Imperialist Policies.

blue man said...

This just adds to the belief that the left in this country are a bunch of ill informed morons whos only recourse when confronted with real issues is to start in with the name calling.

More stupidity and scapegoating from Anthony DeLucca: "The left" -- tens of millions of Americans -- is "a bunch of ill-informed morons." Just like all "illegal aliens" are a bunch murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. Just like all war protesters are "anti-Americans." In the world of Miglavia, there is only black and white. No room for diversity, complexity, or nuance. No room, in short, for reality.

How I would love to see Anthony DeLucca or any of the right-wingers on this board participate in a moderated debate with an "ill-informed moron" like, say, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, or Katrina Van Heuvel. They would wipe the floor with your pathetic asses.

Even so: I am not nearly so naive as to believe that all conservatives in this country are stupid, mean-spirited bigoted assholes. But I do know, Mr. DeLucca, that you are.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Flattery will get you nowhere Blue Man.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Blue Man:

By the way.....READ MY POST. It said "This just ADDS TO THE BELIEF...."

Read it again if you have to. Did I say that was what I believed??? Nope, that's what you infered from it. A knee-jerk reactionary reply. Typical.

One more thing. I could debate Chomsky any day of the week. I could present a presuasive argument on any issue because I do my research and source my material, same as Chomsky would. Anybody can do that. It's those people who argue their CONVICTIONS who are the true winners in any debate.

Anyone can regurgitate research material, edit it to fit their needs and sound convincing, people like Michael Moore have made millions doing just that. It's those Americans who stand up for what they believe in, without resorting to name calling and mud slinging who will ultimately prevail. They will be the ones who are taken with seriousness by the majority.

blue man said...

Read it again if you have to. Did I say that was what I believed???

I've been reading this blog and your ridiculous posts long enough, Mr. DeLucca, to have some sense of what you believe.

I stand by the criticism.

Anonymous said...

It's those Americans who stand up for what they believe in, without resorting to name calling and mud slinging who will ultimately prevail ...

Which is why those who resort to scapegoating and demonizing undocumented workers will lose.

Anonymous said...

When I said "undocumented workers" in the above post, I was referring to illegal alien criminals.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Blue Man:

A man who stands by his convictions. I like you already. I don't agree with, but I do however commend you.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Blue Man:

By the way, my posts are only ridiculous to you because they are contrary to what you believe.

Anonymous said...

Blue Man, I don't think anyone here tried to lump anyone into an all or nothing category. You have apparently augmented your reading with subjective beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Lumping critics into an all-encompassing "the left" (or branding them "libs") is par for the course on this board. It's a theme. Possibly a requirement. This, posted by people who are apparently unaware that the vast majority of Americans do not support George Bush or the war in Iraq. A president's approval ratings do not sink into the low 30s (or are we in the high 20s yet?) simply because the nation's "libs" are getting uppity. It makes for easy argumentation, though. All you have to do is spot someone crapping on an American flag in an anti-war parade, and you can brand all 50,000 who marched as "anti-Americans."

P.S. What's truly ironic is that one reason (one of many) that Bush's approval ratings are so low is because many conservatives -- like Daniel Miglavs, DeLucca, etc. -- object to Bush on the immigration issue. These are people who, if polled, might be inclined to say they disapprove of the President. They are part of the reason Bush is twisting in the wind in the polls.

And yet, if anyone comes in here and has a critical word or two about the the president, they're suddenly a "lib" who hates America.

Anonymous said...

Elbows up -- side to side ...
Elbows up and side to side ...

Like a Cholo!

Anonymous said...

Libs are annoying. You all don't see the big picture after the change. Once the change comes the money and benefits that you and I will recieve will be a very rewarding thing. Billions of dollars that could go to our grandparents or parents as they get older, or to us for better health care from the state. Noone can see it cause you accept the fact that it can't change. Libs don't want it to change. They are blinded by there bleeding hearts. The same filth that would beat on a windshield after a meeting is the same filth that gets involved when the WTO or what ever comes to town and smashes windows at starbucks. Part of the arguments here are only looking short term. We need to see the future of closed boarders and deportation. We need to see our lives as being way better then they are now with all that money and resources coming back to AMERICANS and immigrants who have lawfully entered the country.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the postings makes me think that liberals are a whiney little bunch. Talk about a group who, in general, have no backbone or metal to debate without being offended.

Whiney little pansies.

R Huse said...

I miss 50K.

Anonymous said...

Grasso to Speak on National Radio August 21st

Tuesday July 31, 2007

Pete Grasso will be speaking on the topic of illegal immigration on WHKW National Radio as a guest of Pastor Ernie Sanders from "The Voice of the Christian Resistance". The broadcast will be available live by streaming audio download at these locations August 21st at 9:30PM to 11:00PM EST:

WHKW is an AM Radio station and is broadcasted to over 3,000,000 listeners across the United States. Depending on your location, you may also have access to the AM station.
come here this guy he knows how to put the aclu out of business.

Sexual Deviancy in America

Pete Grasso August 7, 2007

It is written, "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Sexual deviancy has consequences no matter the type of behavior and irrespective of the lifestyle. Sexual deviancy will not be tolerated by God irrespective to what some forward-thinking churches are endorsing. Therefore, the judgment seat of God will hold ALL accountable for their actions irrespective of the endorsements of ACLU, liberal judges, and politicians alike. This is not an issue of tolerance and progressive thinking but one of morality in the eyes of an Almighty God.

In God's eyes, there are no alternative lifestyles that are acceptable to Him. There is no marriage other than that between a man and woman. If you have embraced a position that Alternative Lifestyles is an acceptable norm within our society, then you have taken a position against God.
Isaiah 5:20

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

Is there any wonder why our country has lost so much of the blessings it once basked in with true gayety? Today we are living in a day where homosexuality, pornography, and other forms of sexual deviancy are now embraced in the name of "Alternative Lifestyles" and tolerance.

And as if to add insult to injury, any moral objections to these lifestyles are jeered through the media and political circles as homophobes and bigotry, while they herald sexual promiscuity.

Case in point: What is wrong with this country when a homosexual adulterous affair by

a Governor (former New Jersey Governor James McGreevy) is cheered nationally within the political and media circles as a "coming out of the closet celebration?"

And in today's news, August 7 th: San Diego firefighters file a legal complaint of sexual harassment for being Forced to attend a Gay Pride Parade against their will, while be subjected to lewd acts, obscene gestures, and inappropriate comments. Click the following link to read the actual complaint in PDF Format (Warning: Contains Graphic Language).

Is this what we have become as a nation in the name of "alternative lifestyle acceptance" as if sin has some moral equivalency? National policy that attempts to redefine deviant behavior as a societal norm, hence calling it "good" may appear to be unobtrusive, politically correct, tolerant, not affecting you or your family, benign or even beneficial from a rationalization standpoint. Yet, the consequences are ultimately affecting us as a nation, not just those carrying out the behaviors. Look at what is being taught in our schools today under the guise of sexual education and after school programs! Consider the plight of our citizens in Massachusetts, whose children are being taught that deviant behavior is acceptable and to explore one's sexuality – in many cases against the will of their parents.

Committing and condoning any acts of sexual deviancy only further alienates this nation from God's blessings, which includes His hand of protection. How far will we let this nation sink just to please the finger pointers who call those of moral integrity names?

Are we no stronger than a child on a playground who cannot deal with the bully? Consider this.

When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.

- Proverbs 28:2

"I know here that you will agree with me that standing up for America also means standing up for the God who has so blessed our land. I believe this country hungers for a spiritual revival. I believe it longs to see traditional values reflected in public policy again. To those who cite the First Amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions and everyday life, may I just say: The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny."

-President Ronald Reagan

It is time to stand up and make a difference for our country, its citizens, and our future.

Pete Grasso
Tom potter needs to move to canada they would like him and his same sex daughter there.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the illegals. I am tired of them and their enablers. That is all.