Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What about "it's for the kids"?

Notice to this distinguished list of people who support tax increases. Did you know that you can actually put your money where you mouth is? You don't actually have to rely on trying to convince the rest of us working shlubs that government needs more money!

How to make an unconditional donation to the Oregon General Fund
The Oregon General Fund is a pool of resources used to support a wide range of state services. These include K through 12 schools, higher education, state police, state prisons, food stamps and medical services for the needy. These resources are allocated by the Governor and the Oregon Legislature.

Now I know what you all are thinking, since this is a state full of good libs who really really want to "support our kids" and "help the needy" this donation proccess must be used all the time.

I mean, I'm sure that when tax-raising Measure 30 went down to defeat the 40% of people who voted to take more money out of yours and my paycheck immediately made donations equivalent to what the increased tax burnden on themselves would have been. (hint: it may have been zero for some of those "yes" votes)

So, how many tax lovers put their money where their vote is? (email response to my public records request)

Our records indicate there were 23 donations for a total of $3,109.73 received by the Department of Administrative Services for the general fund from January 2003 to date.

I hope this information meets your approval.

23? That's it? In 14 years? Come on folks, it's "for the kids."


Anonymous said...

come on now dan, you hardly pay any tax as it is. With all of your deductions and all of your use of public services you should be required to pay more.User fees for services would be fair, ohhh but no you had enough money to buy another fancy lap top for "you" it's all about "you"

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes me wonder how much money working shlubs have kicked in to Daniel's "tip jar." Care to open your books, Mr. Miglavs?

R Huse said...

Damn - Talk about a blog post that is so right on the money it screams. I have been arguing this for years. Generally when people give me the "I'd be willing to pay more for -insert do it for the kids program here -" I always inform them that at the bottom of their tax form that is simply a minimum to pay. Have I ever heard someone respond that the believe so much in these programs that they regularly over pay their taxes? Of course not. The only people I know who over pay their taxes with any regularity are business owners. They do this not out of the goodness of their heart mind you, just to make sure they don't get hit with the unreal fines if they are an hour late or a dollar short on a payment.

You want to do something for your kids? Try means testing social security and Medicare. Don't like that? Well then say hello to 70% of the budget going to these entitlements in 2030 and your kids virtually enslaved to pay for it.

Anthony DeLucca said...

This is simply another example of the left wingers hypocritical "Touchy Feely" thought process. If you support a cause, rally 'round the wingnuts, carry signs and march in the streets, it makes you feel good about yourself. But it looks like none of them are digging too deep into their own pockets to pony up the necessary cash to support the general fund.

They would rather have the people who have worked hard, sacrificed, and who have taken the financial risks in order to succeed foot the bill. Wealth re-distribution is fine and dandy to those with no wealth.

I give the State plenty. THey spend it like a drunken sailor on projects that nobody wants, or on projects that do nothing for the collective good. Screw 'em, they aren't getting another nickle from me. As a matter of fact, I spend a good portion of tax season trying to figure out how to pay LESS to this State.

If the Styate stopped funding B.S. programs like the 1% public art project, there would be plenty to go around for schools, public safety, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:20,

How much money do you make? Can I see your bank statement? What kind of car do you drive? What are your credit scores?

None of my business right?

: JustaDog said...

Perfect post.

Perfect sense.

Also, parents need to be more responsible for the children they produce, not less.

I'd also dump the food stamps and the higher education (college) items. By the time one is in college they are able to work and need to get some real life experience while they attend school.

Hey - I did it!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to disturb your happy Social Darwinist fantasies over here, but just a statistic for you to consider: if a student in Oregon wanted to work their way through a community college education today, they would have to work 50 hours a week at minimum wage to cover tuition and books. Exactly where in a 50-hour work-week is there time for attending class?

R Huse said...

Well, I did work a 40 hour week, at $3.75 which was twenty five cents above minimum wage when I was in college. That was engineering school as well, with labs etc. I even had a girlfriend, no small achievement in engineering school at the time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41, Daniel raises the legitimate issue of taxes, but he incorporates into it a much broader question: Gauging the value and/or legitimacy of some social need or mechanism by looking at the extent to which people will voluntarily support it financially. Why not apply that question to this blog?

Daniel said...

Why not apply that question to this blog?

I'm a volunteer here because I believe in the cause. That and having anonymous strangers call me names on a daily basis makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

So less than $10 then?

Bobkatt said...

How about using the custom license plate idea for schools and social services. Just charge $30-$50 a year to have your own cause on your plate. Maybe a little red school house or library on it like the salmon and crater lake plates? This way you can show your concern and also help pay for it too.

name-caller said...

The idea that I've been making Daniel "giggle" creeps me out in more ways than I can possibly describe ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 7:08, all you need to know is that it ain't about you! Holier-than-thou idiots.