Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vote English Immersion

Migrant Education ¿Qué Onda?
Dramatic increases in the Hispanic student population present local school districts with the challenge of educating large numbers of native Spanish speakers.

In the interest of academic success for all our students, SOESD's Migrant Education/ELL (English Language Learner) Department, commonly known as Migrant Ed., offers a unique variety of trainings to school personnel serving Hispanic ELL students. Migrant Ed. also provides direct services to migrant students and their families.

Direct services are for the "chosen" class only in case you were wondering. Citizens don't get to drink at this fountain.

What do us taxpayers provide:
One recruiter and one home-school consultant work continuously to identify and track migrant families, and to help them access community services as needed.

SOU Tutors
After school programs
After school programs
Family Nights
Family Nights support schools in reaching out to their Latino communities.
College readiness
White City migrant preschool students who are not enrolled in Head Start attend Primeros Pasos (First Steps)
English is relegated to being put in brackets in Oregon. (no bueno)
Summer Programs
Last summer, Migrant Education supported five summer school enrichment programs: Academia Latina, a 1-week residency academy for Latino middle-school students; the Oregon Hispanic Migrant Student Leadership Institute (OHMSLI) at Willamette University...
By "Migrant Education supported" they mean "taxpayers supported." (also no bueno)

If you build it, they will come. Stop offering the incentive to illegal aliens to come here and they will leave. The relentless effort of our schools and education districts to throw money at people who have no right to be in our country only encourages more illegal behavior.


Anthony DeLucca said...

Describing these families as "Migrant" indicates that they are only here for the harvest season as agricultural laborers, and will move on after the season. Or that the fa,ilies are transient in nature and are here temporarily.

give me a break.

TC said...

What else can we expect from "Blue" Oregon, where building a poor, low educated dependant class is the goal. You can't achieve their Socialist "Utopia" unless you can spread the poverty equally. (except for the elites in charge of course) Oregon, Blue on the outside, "Red" on the inside.

Anonymous said...

I was in line at the Worksource on Cottage in Salem and they have sign up for free english classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at one of the Goodwill locations. FREE is a great price. Now only if the sign had been in spanish.

BEAR said...

The latest update from el gordo smith (A.K.A. the newest democrat in Oregon) is his co-sponsorship of carl levin's bill titled, "let's hurry up and surrender to the jihadists." Apparently el gordo's phony bill to remove business deductions for employing illegals has, uh, proved to be phony. How democrat of him. Can't wait to vote this cowardly jerk out in the '08 primary!

The irony for the "let's bend over for the illegals" crowd, is that the jihadists coming over our southern border only have to pay to learn spanish. The english they get for free!

Anonymous said...

People don't understand that most Hispanic students must first learn how to read and write in Spanish before they can begin learning English and doing that in six years or less is near impossible as they are not easily taught students before or after.

I compare it to training an Irish Setter but then I never tried that using Spanish. Who knows, it might help.

Anonymous said...

Looks as Gordy Smith used a Ron Wyden trick on us.

Had a hunch.

Anonymous said...

It may not be you guys, but it's your fellow dumbass Oregonians who have opened the door to this mess. To these illegals, it's like winning the lottery. They are getting almost cradle-to-grave services, whereas, governments in Mexico don't do shit for them.

The problem is only going to get worse.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 7:14

Who cares? How is it my obligation to teach someone english who has no legal right to be here to begin with??

Send 'em home, let them learn english there, and then they are more than welcome to come back here through legal channels.

I'm quite frankly sick and tired of footing the bill for leeches who suck every ounce of milk from the taxpayer teat. I say we take care of those who really need it, who are citizens of this State. Imagine how mush the State would save with that simple act.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Daniel and his dittoheads: "Illegal aliens" are not the only Latino residents of Oregon who want, need, and are willing to learn English.

Anonymous said...

"willing to learn english." um now whos the dittohead? Please you moron if they were willing to learn english there would be NO need for signs in spanish and or preference given bilingual speakers when it comes to seeking out a job. Christ man thats just the most obvious titanic hole in your post.

Rick Hickey said...

Her's a BIG FAT LIE, included on this report on their webpage...
Unlike other SOESD programs, Migrant Ed. also is federally funded through Title 1C, which mandates that we provide direct services to the entire region’s migrant students, ages 3-21.

U.S. Supreme Court in Plyer vs. Dough(1984) said all Immigrants in K-12(5-18 yr.s old) have the right to an Education, even Illegals.

Oregon's Head Start Program for 3 & 4 yr. olds is NOT required by Federal Law.

Of the 800 "workers" @ Head Start-400 do NOT Speak, Read or Write English(even tough ADs in Paper say proficiency in Both languages is required).

And the Democrats just tossed in a few 10's of Millions more for Head Start of OUR Money?!

YOU/WE are paying BIG Bucks for a Babysitting program for Illegal Aliens!

Anonymous said...

Has it ever occurred to you that the problem doesn't lie with the "illegals" (and no, they have not technically committed a crime... look it up) but lies in the complicity of the Mexican government which encourages these mass border crossings and big business that profits from it? The government officials even go so far as refer to the migrant workers as national heros. Until Mexico takes steps to address poverty and border responsiblity and until industry is held accountable for their hiring practices and providing a fair wage for actual permanent residents or citizens then this problem will continue indefinetly. Stop blaming the poor. Look to the top. That is where the problem is.

Anonymous said...

I can't get health insurance and my health problems made it impossible to work for several months I almost lost everything I spent the last 15 years of my life working hard to get. Guess what after paying over $300,000 in taxes and health insurance premiums when I could work there was no help at all - Oregon has not health plan - that is unless you are an illegal immigrant.