Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why do people keep calling it "medical"?

Oregon Medical Marijuana Users Arrested for Lack of Compliance
The Salem Police Street Crimes Unit arrested three people Monday for possessing and delivering large amounts of marijuana. They also took three minor children into protective custody after the search of two different residences related to the case.

Salem Police Lt. Jim Anglemier says that around 6:30 PM Monday, detectives from his agency and Polk County arrested Sharon Marie Biggar and Michelle Lynn Marchand who had delivered one pound of marijuana with an estimated street valued of $4200.

At Biggar and Marchand's residence, Anglemier says they found another two pounds of marijuana, valued at $8400, 23 grams of Hashish and three firearms.

Michell Marchand is a medical marijuana provider who police say was out of compliance.

How about instead of calling him a "medical provider" who is "out of compliance" we call him a drug dealer who scammed himself a medical marijuana license. How this story can be written from the perspective of something other than the medical marijuana system being abused is beyond me.

Someone with a concealed handgun licenses who, in violation of the law, shot someone, would not be described as a "CHL holder who was out of compliance" but instead the focus would be how Oregon issuing CHL's in the first place caused the crime.

These people were not arrested for "lack of compliance" any more than illegal aliens are arrested for "trying to feed their families." (in both cases there is no such law) They were arrested for distributing a controlled substance and happened to have a state-issued card in an attempt to cover their illegal actions.


Anonymous said...

possesion of a communist magazine should be a crime, and if you had two magazines you should be convicted of intent to distribute.
dopey Dan when are you going to get to the more pressing issues of today???

Anonymous said...

Selling dope is a pressing issue of today . you dope

Anthony DeLucca said...

Out of Compliance.....what a joke. Legitimate medical marijuana users (of which there are very very few), don't sell it, they use it. They also don't sell it by the freaking pound.

These two scrote-sacks are drug dealers....plain and simple. I don't care if they do have "Medical Marijuana" cards. The doctor who issued the cards to them should have to be investigated as well. I'll bet that 9 out of 10 "Medical Marijuana" prescriptions are B.S. in this State.

As for ANON 7:10's opinion that drugs are not as pressing of an issue, take a look at the crime stats you moron. The majority of property crimes are overwhelmingly drug related. THat goes not only for this State, but Nationwide.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but I need advice.

My neighborhood has quite a few rental properties,duplexes, all managed by the same property management company.

The company is renting to illegals and it is making life unpleasant for everyone in the neighborhood.

Three or four families live in each three bedroom duplex, these people do not watch their children, the children vandalize everything and throw trash everywhere and they stay out yelling and screaming until 3 a.m.. Each household has at least 6- 8 cars.

This is a small community; parking is limited, but because the illegals have so many cars, many of the legal residents and their guest are forced to park in the next neighborhood.

Four families have already decided to sell their homes and leave.

Doesn't Oregon have any kind of laws to protect citizens from this kind of abuse? It is not right what this property management company is doing to this community

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16

I'm sure Oregon has lots of laws about illegals however Oregon is infamous about doing nothing. Not trying to depress you but dude you are soooo screwed.

The best you can do is to keep calling the police for noise issues and contacting the property management regarding their tenants maybe after alot of complaints they'll be evicted.

Good luck.

Rule of Law V said...

Daniel Miglavs didn't have any problem selling meth to kids at the junior high. What is wrong with selling Marijuana?

This seems to strike at the core of the "morals" of Conservatives. They are OK breaking the "rule of law" when it comes to raping woman & children, killing homosexuals, and woman & children and embezzeling money. What gives? Selling a little weed is "too criminal"? Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

For reasons too many to count, Daniel Miglavs lacks the credibility, education or moral authority to be taken seriously as a commentator on the rule of law as it applies to ANYTHING.

Daniel said...

I'm flattered that this is all about me.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Rule of Law;

Well, you've done it. You've posted here enough times for me to make the determination that you are a complete dipshit.

Your constant rants that have little or no bearing on the subject at hand leads me to believe that you either have an extremely short attention span, or that your fixation on the rule of law is borderline mental retardation.

You equation that "Conservatives are O.K. raping women and children, and killing homosexuals, but selling marijuana is wrong" is just plain out there in left field.

Please tell me where anyone in the conservative movement has stated that it's O.K. to rape and kill? Please tell me where any such statement is approved by all conservatives? Get a clue.

There are a TON of people out there that surround you who have a criminal past. I'll bet you've gotten a speeding ticket or two yourself. Does that mean that you have no business complaining about someone speeding through your neighborhood endengaring the lives of you and your family? Of course not.....but then again, I'm a rational thinker. You on the other hand are like a majority of the other liberal knockle-heads that I see posting here; You think with your emotions, not your brain. There is no rational thought with you guys, no matter how solid of an argument one presents to you, you will still fly off on some ridiculous rant.

Just remember, it's conservatives who fight for your freedom to be an asshole. It's conservatives who do the dirty work that gives you the good life here in America. One day, the conservatives are going to tell you and your ilk to go fuck're on your own.

Rule of law my ass. You have no concern for the rule of just want to see the opposition get burned.

By the is my sincere belief that you are a gutless coward who cares nohing about the rule of law. Your motivation in life is to bitch and moan when things don't go your way.

Anonymous said...

Tony De Lucca sells us a bill of goods again. You seem to be quite the apoligist for the pedophile and meth dealing crowd.

But anyways, your statement it's conservatives who fight for your freedom to be an asshole. It's conservatives who do the dirty work that gives you the good life here in America...

Uh, are these the same conservatives that have been charged and convicted for killing, raping and torturing civilians in Iraq in the name of "freedom"? Or are these the same conservatives that cook up stories of heroism when some poor solidier got iced by his own men? Maybe these be the conservatives that leak the status of CIA agents for political purposes? Or are these the conservatives that subvert the U.S. constitution? Maybe these are the same conservatives that claim to be for family values, then
buy prostitutes, sodomize children, use illecit drugs, have homosexual sex and extramarital affairs?

If these are the "conservatives" you speak of, they should never be allow to serve in ANY such capacity. They have neither the integrity, nor the sense to secure any sort of freedom. They have shamed and disgraced our nation. And if you stack up with them, you shame and disgrace us, too.

An audience member said...

I don't know Daniel Miglavs, but I've known a lot of people like him: People who, for whatever reason, screwed up their lives one way or another -- alcoholism, drug use and/or criminality, or whatever -- and then swing wildly in the opposite direction. But instead of landing on their feet in a realm governed by humility, compassion and reason, they fling themselves clear over the fence, out of the field, and on their ass in a Twilight Zone of disorientation. Powerful psychological mechanisms of cognitive dissonance and denial kick into high gear. Instead of actually dealing with their issues, they "get religion" (which has nothing whatsoever to do with becoming a more spiritual person and actually learning something from the lessons that may be found in the Bible) and whatever brand of reactionary politics that accommodates the anger, paranoia, insecurities and hostilities that got them into trouble in the first place, and they channel all that rancid shit into beating others over the head with their smarmy, Uber-righteousness and pseudo-wisdom. Which is to say, they make a goddamned ass of themselves, and for reasons I don't even pretend to understand, they seem bent on doing it in front of as large a public as possible.

A sad, pathetic spectacle. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 10:44

You're beating a dead horse pal. We went over this a few posts ago. Do I have to dredge up the photo of child rapist / serial killer/ and all around shitty dude shaking hands with Rosalyn Carter. He was a DEMOCRATIC fund raiser you know.

As stated before....I could compile a list of Democratic shitheads just as long as the list of Republican shitheads.

Slinging mud is the liberals way of saying "HA! I told you so!" since they cannot prove thier argument any other way. I certainly don't condone the actions of criminal, Republican or otherwise, and there's nothing that you can say to prove otherwise.

Anthony DeLucca said...

By the way, that child rapist / serial killer was John Wayne Gacey.

Scottiebill said...

I had to read Audience member's post twice to be certain of what he is saying here. He would rather people not change for the better, try to get their lives back in order (as, apparently, Daniel has done), and be a productive member of society. Audience obvioulsly likes the idea that some people stay with their criminal activities and keep the jails filled to overflowing. Makes me wonder about him.

Anonymous said...

He would rather people not change for the better ... obviously likes the idea that some people stay with their criminal activities and keep the jails filled to overflowing.

I read Audience member's post once, and he does not say that at all. Give it another go, Scottie ... third time's a charm!

Amish Abe said...

Hey Deluggi,
John Wayne Gacey is the best you can come up with. How about more recent like Ted Bundy, dedicated Washington State Republican, who murdered over 40 woman. He worked on Republican campaigns and even was employed by the Republican Party. Was he a friend of yours?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16 -

Most cities have laws prohibiting the occupation of single family residences by more than one family. Though rarely enforced, they may be your only hope for law enforcement intervention. You will have much better luck getting enforcement on rental properties than on owner occupied.

Personally I'd look up who the owner is and where he lives in the tax rolls and then mail all his neighbors the info on his rental policies. You could also organize the neighborhood, getting every neighbor to call him every day and complain. Try setting up a video camera and then shopping it to local news. If they won't buy it on a "landlord rents to illegals" basis maybe they'll buy it on a "landlord exploits poor hardworking undocumented Americans" basis.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Amish Abe;

There you go with the name calling again....DeLuggi.....that's all you've got??

Like I said (again and again) we could trade criminal shots all day long. Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Green, whatever party you want.

The point is, that you guys will dredge these idiots up rather than try and give a sensible argument regarding the original post. That's the sign of weak mind and weaker character.

Keep up with the name calling brings out the true you.

audience member said...

ScottieBill, that is not what I said or implied.

I clearly indicated that the preferable alternative for someone who has screwed up their life is to: "Land on their feet in a realm governed by humility, compassion and reason," to "actually [deal] with their issues," and even to become "a more spiritual person and actually learning something from the lessons that may be found in the Bible."

So let me get this straight: You read that, and arrived at the conclusion that I "obviously" prefer "that some people stay with their criminal activities and keep the jails filled to overflowing."

I am continually fascinated by conservatives' capacity for seeing one thing and then declaring it to be something completely different.

Anonymous said...

I am continually fascinated by conservatives' capacity for seeing one thing and then declaring it to be something completely different.

At least you're continually fascinated...

...most people would lose interest after a while...