Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If you wanted to rob a place and be guranteed no resistance...

Tonight- 7 p.m. Conscientious Objector Just Released from Prison to Speak at PSU
Join us at 7pm tonight, Wednesday, July 11th, for an extended forum with Agustín Aguayo and other Iraq Veterans Against the War at the Multicultural Center (Room 228) located in the Smith Memorial Student Center on the Portland State University campus.

(Multicultural used to mean "multiple cultures" but now just means "off the chart liberal")

Bio: Agustin Aguayo went AWOL (absent without leave) last summer after being ordered to return to Iraq for a second deployment. He had previously spent a year there, where he refused to load his gun no matter how dangerous the situation.

Not included in this bio was the fact that he spent his childhood playing with barbies, hanging out with his mom, watching other kids climb trees and play with sticks (it was too dangerous for him to participate) and having his lunch money taken.

I also love the list of sponsors for this non event. Folks like CAUSA and VOZ. (illegal alien groups) Now what were you saying about "future republican voters" Tony Snow?


a patriotic American said...

Agustin Aguayo has qualities that Daniel Miglavs is not familiar with: guts, principle, and brains. He walked the talk and went to prison for a cause, not gang-banging. Our kids are dying over there for NOTHING while Daniel blogs his right-wing ass off about some school in the middle of fucking nowhere offering ESL classes for Chrissakes! How do you spell "pathetic"? M-i-g-l-a-v-s.

BEAR said...

This awol coward and anti-American has as much "guts, principle, and brains" as the busted john murtha, the liar who claimed the (now exonerated) marines were "murderers." Screw both of 'em!

Anonymous said...

Another douchebag who joined the military for a free education and a lifetime of benefits and then got upset when he found out he might actually have to do something besides scratch his ass in the barracks.

i invented the mullet said...

"Patriotic" American,
"Guts,principal and brains", huh?
What kind of principals do you have when you sign up to do a job, and then RUN AWAY when it's your turn? Is that guts or COWARDICE?
Oooo, I'm so impressed, he "walked the talk", and went to prison for "a cause"! Yeah, cause he's a punk! I hope he never dropped the soap!Then again...
And I'm so fucking tired of hearing: "Our kids are dying over there for NOTHING..." First of all, asshat; these are not KIDS! They are ADULTS, at the age of consent, they VOLUNTEERED to SERVE THEIR COUNTRY, nobody forced them. Come around here with your 'a patriotic american' nic and expect everyone to go: Oh! a patriot! He must be telling the truth!(BTW do you believe that the Government was behind 9-11?) You are a fucking PARROT!
And I agree with the host of this blog: ESL courses are a waste of my money ,no matter where they are being offered. English should be taught as the FIRST language in a country whose language is ENGLISH. The founding documents are in English, not Spanish, or French or Italian. English.
Why not move to another country and demand that they teach you in what is to them a foreign language?
On second thought, just go away.

And another thing I get tired of: bringing up Mr. Miglavs past mistakes. He did his time. Leave it alone. But of course if one is a "progressive" you can continue to over look Clintons blow jobs in The Peoples Office, and his lies to the court:"I did not have sex with that woman." Or Sandy Burger ( a Clinton appointee) filling his pants with classified documents, and then throwing them under a dumpster?Or William Jeffersons cold cash stash. What was it $100,000 ? Are any of these guys in jail? I didn't think so.
Just keep beating the dead horse about a man being a gang banger in his youth. Yeah, that'll show 'em!

I have no more time to waste on you.


Anthony DeLucca said...

Patriotic American:

Our soldiers aren't "Kids", they're men and women who volunteered to do a difficult and often thankless job. Once the going got rough, this little ass-wipe Aguayo decided that he was not going to fight, even if it cost the life of fellow soldiers.

That's not guts or principle, that's cowardice. Guts and Principle is running TOWARD the gun fire and the bad guys, when others run away.

This guy joined the military as a volunteer. He knew exactly what he signed up for. He did a 180 and deserted his obligation as a soldier.

He is a selfish coward. A gutless turd and it is my opinion that with his character, he will never achieve anything, nor will he contribute anything for the greater good.

How can you possibly think of yourself as "Patriotic"?

Anonymous said...

Hello? A Hispanic guy who wanted Free College and Health Benefits BUT doesn't Fight for America!

What happened to TREASON Laws?

If immigration laws or other important laws continue to NOT be enforced, it will become every Man for himself and LIBERALS & Illegal Aliens will lose.

We Americans have played this game many times and always WIN...Justice prevails.

Anonymous said...

It's a couple hours too late to suggest this, as least as far as Agustin Aguayo is concerned, but I have a novel idea for future consideration.

Mr. Miglavs: The next time you see that someone with this kind of background and/or experience is going to be speaking in public, instead of hopping aboard your blog to hurl the sort of insults one would expect to hear in a fifth-grade classroom (Barbie dolls? Very classy, Miglavs!), why don't you actually go LISTEN to the man? Shut the fuck up for half an hour. Venture out into the world, make an effort to hear a point of view in some forum other than the Lars Larson show for a change. Consider that you might actually LEARN something. You think this guy's an abberation? Look around, pal. Wake up. The entire country has turned against this war. It's not just "anti-American" libs, asshole. Cling to that fantasy if you want, but it's gone way, way beyond that: It's Republicans, Libertarians, evangelical Christians (I have to ask ... are they anti-American, too?) and yes -- GIs. The troops. Our troops. The ones who have spoken out against this insanity have got more guts than all the rest of them combined and more guts then you'll ever have. I salute them. You? You're not worthy of scraping dog shit off their boots.

Daniel said...

Yes, the country is full of AWOL idiots. Oh wait, not it's not. The media just fawns over the three pussies who have done it.

As for me attending, the strange thing about the "tolerance" crowd is that they aren't very tolerant of me and would harrass/threaten me and ask/demand that I leave.

But really, why do you make this about me anyway? The issue is that this sissy girl didn't fulfill his legal obligation and is apparently afraid to break a nail using his firearm.

I can't scrap anything off his boots... maybe his high heels.

Bobkatt said...

Anyone interested in reading about a real life hero check out Major James Gant. This silver star recipient will disagree with everyone that insists that the Iraqi's aren't up to the fight. He should know he is in charge of the Iraqi National Police Quick Reaction Force Battalion Transition Team.

Don J. Jensen of WA said...

The question is, why hasn't Daniel Miglavs joined the military and went to fight in Iraq or Afganistan? He claims to be an uber-patriot bashing all those he deems isn't. Maybe his criminal record has disqualified him from serving or maybe he is just a coward that likes to beat up on immigrants.

Daniel, as a challenge to you, please answer why you aren't in Iraq or Afganistan right now. This goes for the rest of the right-wing ilk posting on Daniel's blog. "Bear" this goes for you too? Why are you here sitting on your arse playing on the internet? And don't give the "me already served" garbage-- my 47 year old uncle just re-enlisted. Also, don't give me the your too old or some other wimp cop out. A 65 year old woman enlisted last year.

And "Bear", I actually question if you were ever a vet as you seem to be nothing but some white trash buffoon waiting for your next welfare check, but things aren't always as they appear. It may be a good thing that you are out of the military--it is probably much better without the likes of someone of your low caliber.

The way I see it, if you are against the war so be it. You go AWOL, you do the time. But if you are for the war and are able bodied, why are you here flapping your gums on U.S. soil about how much you love the war? That just looks weak as all get out. Grow a pair and kick in to what you believe in, sheesh

R Huse said...

I always love the argument that unless you are involved in an activity you have no right to support it argument. Makes me feel young again, sort of like I was back in fifth grade.

One really wishes these people would apply it to themselves. Obviously if your position is "unless you have fought in Iraq, you have no business supporting the war", then the reverse is true "unless you have fought in Iraq, you have no basis for being against it". If one cant support an activity unless one has taken part in it, the obviously one cant be against it with any real knowledge. Unfortunately this obvious logical counter to their argument slips through the feeble minds of those making it. This is generally why most will relegate consideration of it to school play time.

Bottom line - If you consider yourself a conscientious objector, that's fine. We have always had CO's and our military makes legal provisions for that. However, if you are going to be a CO, understand if you enlist in the military most are going to consider you a little silly. Might be best to serve honorably and pick up some organizational skills as, conscience aside, they are clearly needed.

Anonymous said...

The question is, why hasn't Daniel Miglavs joined the military and went to fight in Iraq or Afganistan?

A good question, with an obvious answer: He's a pussy. How can we expect him to sign up for a tour in Iraq when he's afraid of attending a lecture in Portland? As if people would even know who he is ... what an ego! LOL! Let him hunt ducks ... that's about his speed anyway.

bullshit police said...

Mr. Miglavs: The number of GIs who are against the war in Iraq exceeds the number of GIs who have gone AWOL. If you're going to comment on the world, pay attention to it.

Anonymous said...

So, to clarify:

Daniel Miglavs -- who spends his weekends going to work sites to harrass Latinos workers, to insist that they leave, who is willing to go toe to with a cop arguing about whether defying the police is breaking a law or a rule, who shoves his video camera up against the windows at government offices giggling like a little girl -- is concerned that if he attends a lecture at Portland State University, he will be "harrassed" and asked to leave.

Excuse me ... I'll be back after I recover from a bout of explosive laughter.

Anonymous said...

Somehow it is Mr. Aguayo whom is a "cowardly" "feminine", "weakling"because he is standing up against the war for which he disagrees with. But Daniel Miglavs, on the other hand, a convicted member of the 18th Street Gang in Salem stole cars, robbed houses, snatched purses from woman and sold drugs--he is some sort of "hero" as several of the conservatives have labeled him on this blog. No, Daniel is no "coward"...uhh Leave it to conservatives to stack up with a criminal piece of shit to "further" their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Bear: " ... the liar who claimed the (now exonerated) marines were "murderers."

Reality: U.S. soldiers have killed or wounded 429 Iraqi civilians at checkpoints or near patrols and convoys during the past year, according to military statistics compiled in Iraq and obtained by McClatchy Newspapers.


Anthony DeLucca said...

Don Jensen

65 year old women are not allowed to enlist in the military you dumbass. The cutoff age has recently been extended to 42 years old. Prior to that it was 36.

I'll give you my reason (although, I don't particularly give a shit about you one way or another).

I'm a disabled veteran. After 9/11, I tried to join up again and was denied since I recieve a medical disability from the V.A.

I've served in a variety of combat zones from 1982 (Beiruit Lebanon) up until 1990 (Desert Storm), and have participated in both the Grenada and Panama invasions. Additionally, I served as a military advisor in Central America from 1984-1986.

Now, about YOU don.....what is your military background? Lemme were stationed in Canada during Vietnam right? If not....set me straight.

DeLucca BS Buster said...

Anthony DeLucca,

What is the excuse for you not going and joining one of the numerous contractors in Iraq and Afganistan. They take all sorts of levels--even if you are "disabled". If you believe in the effort so much, then do your part. Excuses aren't a symbol of courage--get to work and do your part!

dave said...

Don J. Jensen of WA said...

Hey Don, I am a vet. I was in the 82nd airborne. I think this guy is a pussy and should be taken out and shot for treason. He volunteered as I did and now is crying because he has to fulfill his oath and keep his word. Not everyone needs to show their patriotism by joining the military. We also need patriots here to educate you idiots. Every American has the right to question this war. How you conduct yourself determines patriotism. Our military has one purpose. To defend our constitution, our country and Americans. They do that by killing our enemies. Agustin knew this and decided he didn't like it once he might actually have to fire his weapon. Tough shit! If you don't like the USA, I'm sure France could use more immigrants like you and agustin. You keep ragging on Daniel. I have stood with him many times protesting illegal aliens. When we are younger we often make bad choices. That is why we are not given adult responsibilities. I have made mistakes when I was younger and got in trouble with the law. You speak about his gang history, he seems to moved beyond that stage.Adios


All of a sudden, everone is a vet. I suspect those that post how much they served haven't been able to sober up enough to "pass" the ASVAB, let alone even be allowed in to the military.

And "Dave" I suspect like Tony DeLugi and "Bear" the only "Vetran" status you have is the claim on your profile. You probably no more served in the military then George W. Bush, or Dick Cheney did, who was by the way more of a coward than you claim Agustin is.

Like was said to Tony DeLuggi, get YOUR ass into the military or join a contracting company that is "rebuilding" over there. Giving a boat load of excuses is not courageous and it certainly isn't characteristic of what all you wing nuts claim is patriotic.

Anonymous said...

You speak about his [Daniel Miglavs] gang history, he seems to moved beyond that stage.

So says the apologist. Is that just like Lou Beres moved passed his pedophilia on his own child relatives. Sure...

Anonymous said...

if conservatives held their own useful idiots accountable to the law like they do others, what a world it would be.

Anonymous said...

Most don't want to run & hide from Iraq, we just want the gloves off, the Media out and the Killing to really begin and then all the Terrorists and their supporters would be DEAD dummy!

I know many that are only frustrated with the PC rules of engagement.


Anthony DeLucca said...

DeLucca BS Buster:

Your Question: "What is the excuse for you not going and joining one of the numerous contractors in Iraq and Afganistan."

Answer: None of your fucking business.

My question to you is: If you are so against the war, why aren't you over in Iraq protesting?

I've served over half of my life in the service of the United States. Either as a member of the Military, or as a Federal Law enforcement official. I served an additional seven years as a police officer for a municipality. My current occupation is in public service as well. No matter what you think about me, your true colors (yellow being the primary one) shine through with your post. You are a self righteous little shitbird with absolutely no clue about what you are talking about. Get back to your X-box Live game with the other losers and pot-heads and leave the political discussions to the adults.

My parting question to you is simple:

What sacrifices have you made for your fellow man??

Mr. Solution said...

Deport the immigrants and end the war. Makes republicans, democrats and me happy!

dave said...

anon 12:09 PM

Do you want to bet?
You name the amount! You are too much of a coward to put your money where your mouth is!
As much as you want to believe that I am not a vet, I will have to burst your bubble. I was in the 782nd Maintenance Battalion in DISCOM (division support command). I repaired the electronics on the Vulcan. The MOS was 27F. Would you like to see my DD214? Would you like to see my uniform? Maybe I can give you one of my 82nd abn patches? I'll also have you know, I have three very good friends who are vets. Two are marines, and another is from the 101st abn. None of my friends say they are patriotic while disrespecting the USA. You may also want to move to France. They would love you cheese eating surrender monkeys. Adios asshole!

Shaky Louie said...

Anonymouse 1:13 said:
"Most don't want to run & hide from Iraq, we just want the gloves off, the Media out and the Killing to really begin and then all the Terrorists and their supporters would be DEAD dummy!

I know many that are only frustrated with the PC rules of engagement.


Hear! Hear! We can't fight a 'kinder, gentler war' and expect to win! Our troops are not there to 'win the hearts and minds of the people', they should be allowed to do what they do best- blow up shit and kill the bad guys!

Shaky Louie said...

Re: my above.
Hey! How'd that extra "e" get in there?
Stupid fingers!

Daniel said...

You libs can't support illegal aliens until you move to Mexico, renounce your citizenship and then sneak back into this country. That's the only way you can prove your support.

Anonymous said...

The war in Iraq is over, although it is alternately fascinating and frightning to read the posts of people who are so delusional and psychotic that they don't realize that yet. The only real question is how many more American soldiers must die before George W. Bush has had it?

Tell me, everyone: How many more American soldiers must die before you have had it, and crank up your fax and email and telephone campaign machinery? Is 4,000 enough? Will 5,000 be your number? Do we need to hit five digits?

Throw us a bone, Daniel Miglavs. Give us a number. What number do we need to see in the "casualties" column before you realize that maybe, just maybe, illegal immigration isn't the issue that the American people ought to be focused on? When will you join the many Republicans and evangelical Christians who have opposed this thing?

Anonymous said...

The marines that were "exonerated" plea bargained and will testify against others. The two murders are a disgrace to the military and the United States of America. They deserve no less than to sit their sorry butts in a military brig for the rest of their lives. Rule of Law, bitch, Rule of Law

Anonymous said...

Answer from De Lugi: "None of your fucking business".

What a coward...

BEAR said...

You cowards on the left (yeah, you don jensen from wa, et al), 3rd Armored Div., USAEUR, '71-'72, Sgt., MOS 11C40. You can't make a silk purse from the traitor aguayo by attacking me. Screw him AND you! BTW, you'll find that actual vets, who are actual patriots, do not emulate you lefty, anti-American cowards.....we tell the truth. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Actual veterans ARE vocally objecting to, protesting the war.

This is an objective, verifiable, undeniable FACT.

I realize you don't like reality to intrude upon your "arguments," but get used to it, Bear.

Monsieur Jean said...

Why don't you racists stop the French bashing. Just cuz your a "bad-ass" American, you are so much better than the French. Funny... You sound like cave men...Oh French bad, Bush good! Give me another bone to bang!!! Ahha.

Anyway, I'm on your side on the illegals thing, but shit, Iraq is a lost cause, we NEED to cut and run! I'm tired of us throwing $12 BILLION dollars a month into a giant sand cat litter box called Iraq. At least France has trees, grass and intelligent people.

Anthony DeLucca said...

I'm a coward? I'm not the one posting anonymously am I??

DeLugi???? Nice shot.....what are 15 or something??

R Huse said...

I suppose we are approaching the point so many on the left wanted at the outset of the war - our defeat. It is undeniable that the day is rapidly coming where we will withdraw from Iraq, the left will cheer and justly claim responsibility for bringing the troops home. In the aftermath, willl they accept responsibility for the killing fields that are sure to follow in Iraq after our departure? If Vietnam and Cambodia are any guide, we can be quite sure that, once again, the left will not accept responsibility for any consequences for their actions. Rest assured that the much ballyhooed concern the left has for all the Iraqi civilians that have been killed will vanish overnight when we leave and the bodies pile up. Bush got us in Iraq, that is true, he will bear the responsibility of this war. The left will force us out, and it is they who will bear responsibility for the aftermath. Lets hope they can step up to that responsibility rather than shirk it as they have in the past.

When the war in Iraq follows us home to the US, as it most assuredly will, let us also hope the left will provide as many answers then as they do now.

Anonymous said...

Who here actually thinks that we are fighting the terrorists in Iraq rather than them coming here?

That is a bullshit point. There are people already stationed here according to the govt, so whether or not we kill 1 billion terrorists in Iraq or not, those few hundred people in cells already here will still strike. Stop making a false argument by saying we are safer because we kill them there. They'll send some to Iraq and some to Britian and some to the US, so we are not doing a damn thing about those crossing from Mexico!

Anonymous said...

People who don't want to be in the war anymore don't have to accept responsibility for the "killing fields" that may happen after we leave. Bush got us into it, not anyone else, it was his grand plan. So just because others want us to leave, those deaths will be on Bush's hands.

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Jean said -
"Why don't you racists stop the French bashing."
"...we NEED to cut and run!"

And he asks why some engage in French bashing.

Anon 5:36 said...

... and no response from Daniel Miglavs.

Scottiebill said...

All the anonymouses who are all for this "conscientious objector" and claim they also were military are either feeding us b.s. or actually were ex-military. If the latter is the case then surely they were REMFs.

Wouldn't you agree, Bear?

In any case, they have no sense of the three words of the real military - Duty. Honor. Country.

Anonymous said...

has anyone told you that your wierd. If they have there're correct. Your're an over weight white male that works in a warehouse with ex-junkies, gays, and an immagrant only legal because Reagan said so back in 1986. I understand that it's dificult for an ugly white male with an old meth addiction to get ahead these days, but don't use those frustrations to put down a whole group of people. I know as soon as you read this you'll erase it in fear that one of your fans might read it and giggle or maybe your mexican wife might look at you in a funny way. Anyways, stay off meth, keep drinking cheap alcohol, and stop masterbating to the sound of Lars Larson's voice on your free time.