Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As long as someone else pays

Listening to the ads for Measures 66 and 67 they care claiming that only 3% of Oregon's population will see an income tax increase... when did it become a source of pride that such a small portion of the earners will pay for services for others?

Obviously selfish and greedy people have always privately tried to get something for nothing but now it's broadcast as a selling point.

Rational people don't think that you "care about the children" when you vote to spend other people's money but not your own.


Someone Else said...

Mr. Miglavs, from the look of your photo, I'm nearly twice your age, and my household income, thanks to my self-employment and my wife's 16-year-old company, is upwards of $325,000 annually, and I assure you we will do quite well if we have to pay more. We don't need political assistance from "someone else," by which I mean a sniveling little uneducated snot like yourself who thinks he knows what's best for society. Thanks for your concern, son, but we really don't need it.

OregonGuy said...

Great argumentation, SE.

Name calling. Always a winner. And it helps to advance the conversation.

And it isn't booring at all. It's enlightening. It highlights SE's income, dependence upon his wife's income, and his education. And his elitism.

Thanks. We look forward to your return with finger-tip to forelock.

Anonymous said...

wow. you are going to pay a hell of a lot on that gross income SE. Because if your wife is making a cool 325 K a year...her gross reciepts are much much much more then that. There are these pesky little things called "margins" in business. Unless she is selling her ass so to speak, she has margins in her business. However, I am glad you have it to pay. Hell why dont you just give 100% of what you make to the government and the get in line to get back what they think you need.

A little bit more in taxes is a fat lie liberals ...a fing fat lie.

DAVE01 said...

Hey SE, if you make so much, why don't you kick in some more to pay the wages of the state workers. I don't think any of them make as much as you are. In fact, you are making much more than the average Oregonian. You should kick in over half your pay to help someone else out.

Ric in OR said...

How about progressive fines & fees for all government services?

Progressive meaning that the higher your income, the higher your cost. Just like the tax rate.

As an example:
"The obvious way is to scale the fine based on income. So the sign does not say, “$250 fine for speeding”. Instead it says, “2.5%AI fine for speeding,” where 2.5%AI means “2.5 percent of annual income.” If you make $200,000 per year, the fine would work out to $5,000. The financial impact of the speeding ticket would be just as strong for a rich person as it is for a poor person. That way, the deterrent effect of the fine would be the same for everyone."

Someone Else said...

I was told this might happen ...

My wife is not "making a cool $325,000 a year." Was I not clear? I said: that my household income is roughly that.

Dave, yours is a foolish argument: Do you support law enforcement? Do you support the police? Then why don't you sign up to be a police officer? I take it you're big on immigration enforcement, so why don't you sign up to work as a border patrol officer? It's the same line of reasoning, which is to say, a ridiculous one.

My wife and I both give extensively to charity, and to repeat again: The tax increases on the ballot, which will directly affect us (unlike any of you, I get the distinct impression) are not that big of a deal.

I'm finished with the "discussion." The only reason I posted here was because a friend (a Republican friend, actually) told me I had to check out the ravings on this nutty blog, and that I've done. Call me an "elitist," but I don't have time for you people.

Anonymous said...

From reading SE if you dont vote for this 66 & 67 garbage ...those Democrats in Salem are just going to pull the trigger and fire all of the cops and firemen, and school teachers, and oh...everyone will be fired...


SE. hear me now. Tell the Liberal Democrats in Salem to pull the trigger. Throw grandma out in the street while you are at it. Fire all of the cops. Fire all of the firemen and women. hell, do it. Pull the damn trigger already. Close the schools. Do it. Come on.

Frankly, I am sick to death of the it already. oh, but you know ...

you know....

When the voters vote this crap down...then those...idiots that tried this crap will have to meet in Salem, and guess f'ing what..THEY WILL FIND THE MONEY. OH...THEY WILL FIND THE MONEY.



Anonymous said...

SE, Taxing people on gross reciepts? THAT WILL EFFECT EVERYONE, even your dog will pay more to eat.

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Anonymous said...

"my self-employment and my wife's 16-year-old company"

Shouldn't that be "my wife's 16-year-old company?" No self employed person I know is wasting prime time (8:30 AM) posting to blogs. Methinks she pays the bills while you sit around the house scratching yourself all day.

Anonymous said...

So then what's your excuse? For "wasting" time, I mean. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

most of the time , a little bit of wisdom comes with age !
SE if you are realy twice as old as Daniel what happened to you wisdom ?????
I thin you done lost it! you must have CRS

Anonymous said...

I love it ... someone who (unlike the Miglavians) will actually have to pay the tax comes along and says, "It's no big deal," and the Miglavians can't handle it.

I love this blog!