Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes on 66 & 67 voters: a profile

Your typical "yes" voter may seem American on the surface but once you dig deeper you will find the following:

1. They negotiate with terrorists.
Threaten their children and they break faster than an Obama promise. The reason America has a policy against this is because it then becomes the preferred tactic of the terrorist and they will ALWAYS come back for more.

2. They vote with other people's wallets.
Votes no for a sales tax and general income tax but will vote yes for a cigarette tax increase (since they don't smoke) and a tax on the "rich" (since they aren't rich) and corporations (since they aren't corporations).For some this gives a misplaced feeling of generosity while others are simply lining their own wallets.

3. They are dependent.
When the typical yes voters grandfather or greatgrandfather looked at someone who was rich and successful they admired the person. They saw opportunity for themselves. When they looked at a corporation they had dreams of starting their own small business and turning it into the next General Motors Company.

This generation now is jealous of the bourgeois and merchant class. Rather than strive to be rich themselves they get more pleasure in tearing down the successful. Rather than earning and becoming independent they are satisfied holding their hands out for whatever scraps of health care, social security or housing that their government masters will dole out.

When politicians give speeches about protecting the "vulnerable" they proudly adopt that badge. "I'm vunerable so I matter" they think.

4. They are liars.
The only time you ever see a liberal be enthusiastic about keeping people in prison is when they are trying to raise taxes. Now that they have the money they can continue to feel sorry for criminals and doing everything in their power to release them as early as possible.

5. They work for government.
This voter is fighting for their very livelihood. They assume that their job is more important than yours because they work for the all-knowing, all-seeing and completely benevolent government. They have an entitlement attitude that rivals even the recipients of their handouts. If their paycheck is bigger, their benefits better and their workload smaller than the average Oregonian's then it's time to strike.

No sacrifice is too large for the taxpaying public to burden as long as these people are insulated from reality.


A Happy Lib said...

Nice to see you continue your quest to keep political discussion comfortably at the kindergarten level, Miglavs. Carry on, brother!

Anonymous said...

Disgusted with measure 66 and 67 outcome, start with changing the one Republican Representative (Bob Jenson) that voted for those idiot measures by donating to his primary challenger…

DAVE01 said...

This state is so full of smart and educated voters. We will be heading over the cliff like Kalifornia. I wonder who will pay for all those freebies when this state collapses economically like Kalifornia is doing? We won't bet a bailout from the federal government because they are broke too. We can't print money like the feds do. The taker our going to outnumber the number of givers soon.

DAVE01 said...

To happy lib, Daniel puts it that way so you can understand. You libs don't understand anything else. I hope you or a family member loses their job. That would be very funny in my opinion. By the way, 66 and 67 won't affect me. I will simply raise prices to my customers and YOU AND YOUR FAMILY will pay more for groceries and gas and everything else. My customers (the evil industry) who help feed, clothe and move your sorry butt around will raise their prices to you and your family.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To all the Miglavians who come here today to bitch, moan, insult, swear, whine, give indignant lectures, scream and threaten, five words for you:

You lost. Deal with it.

Brandon said...

Sad to see so many misguided, glad I don't live there; Oregon, the "class warfare" state.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"You lost. Deal with it."

That's correct, but you are going to have to deal with it as well. The news today is of administrative government people saying that 66 and 67 is simply not enough. That it lessons the blow. On the other side, there are businesses throwing their hands up and saying that they've had it and they are closing down, laying people off or leaving. So we are all going to have to deal with it. Be prepared for the Oregon economy to continue to be very sluggish and lag behind the national economy. The disparity will grow. The problem is that there are a lot of left-wingers that don't seem to mind this. Sad...

Anonymous said...

"On the other side, there are businesses throwing their hands up and saying that they've had it and they are closing down, laying people off or leaving."

Really, Anon 1:43? Which ones?

Anonymous said...

How to kill the American dream, tax it to death because of envy.

Anonymous said...

Daniel forgot #6. The non-citizen.

As most Illegal aliens do not pay any taxes via low income status and the EITC, they will always vote for more taxes that they don't have to pay. Democrats count on this and even make it official on page 88 of your Voters' Pamphlet. California has raised taxes now several times on the "Evil" rich and they are still in debt big time and the Governator finally said this week "We have over 20,000 illegals in our Jails costing us over $1 BILLION/yr., lets build a Jail in Mexico..."

Anonymous said...

Here's a start and also S. Salem Plumbing is going to fire 14 of their workers as well, thanks to these new taxes.

It was just reported on the Lars Larson show by Jeff Stone, president of the Oregon Small Business Coalition, that Wilco Farms, a co-op in Marion County, laid off 5 employees this morning. According to Stone, the passage of these tax measures will cost the company $30,000 in retroactive taxes, which has to be made up somehow.

So 5 employees were laid off.

MORE people that can't live without Big Brother, just as the Democrats want!

Anonymous said...

One question for anyone who voted yes or thinks this is fair:

A business does 1,000,000 in sales, but only made a profit of $20000. This guy now owes an additional $1000 of his PROFIT. Maybe you've never run a business, but that profit isn't meant for him to use lighting cigars with $100 bills. It's what he uses to run his business, invest in new employees, improvements, health insurance, or whatever other business costs he has. Or maybe he saves it for next year in case he actually loses money! Guess what, even if he loses money he still has to pay that same $1000.

Someone please explain how this is fair, how it will help Oregonians, or improve the job outlook?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 8:39 PM, it's not about the children or police. This measure is about making the government workers safe in the jobs and their benefits.

Look at California. They have much worse problems than we do and the government workers don't give a shit. I say move out the important companies and give CA back to mexico. A lot of places in CA already have many mexican citizens and a lot of places look like mexico.

Oregon will soon look like mexico.

The number of takers are outnumbering the number of givers. The democRATS and a lot of the republicans have fucked us all and we let them. Voting has consequences as we are learning now.

MAX Redline said...

You left out an important point: those who voted passage live in Multnomah county, Washington county, and Lane county.

Anon 251: Wilco, here in the valley, plans layoffs - after all, the tax is retroactive. Five companies in the Bend area (that I'm so far aware of) have announced departure plans; taking 80 jobs from the economy.

The problem lies with the public employee unions - which outspent the No side by a margin of 2 to 1. As was reported yesterday, most union members in the USA today are government workers.

The purpose of unions, in the 1930's, was noble enough; the movement introduced the 40-hour work week, improved safety, and a host of other benefits that private employers at the time refused to provide. However, there quite simply is no valid reason for the existence of unions in government employment.

What is clearly needed in the state is a new Constitutional amendment which would ban unions in government.

Scottiebill said...

It likely won't happen, but I would like to see Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Fred Meyer corporate offices, and Schnitzer Steel, to name a few, move to Clark County. Then maybe Teddy the Clueless Incompetent wouldn't feel so smug about the outcomes of 66 and 67.

Anonymous said...

I will never again purchase the following: ads in yearbooks, candy bars, candles, gift wrap, candy, jerky, pepperoni sticks, 50/50 tickets, or raffles for anything or any sort. I will no longer be nickeled and dimed by cute little kids raising money for a field trip, playground equipment etc. I have had enough! I standard answer from this point forward is going to be, sorry, I have to pay extra taxes because of measures 66 & 67, perhaps you can ask the people that voted for me to pay extra taxes, to buy your stuff and send you one your trip.

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

I called Wilco. I was informed their layoffs were planned long before the vote was announced. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Anon 839 -- you're kidding, right? A business makes $1,000,000 and only realizes $20,000 in profit? Sorry, you brainy braniac you, but if a business owner can only squeeze 20k profit out of 1 million in revenue, he's to fucking dumb to be in business.

Robin said...

can anyone explain to me how a tax can legally be retroactive?

Anonymous said...

The irony of these taxes, especially the upper income bracket one, is that if you look at the economic demographics of Oregon, the measure was passed largely on the strength of those who will actually pay the higher tax and was mostly opposed by idiots like Miglavs, who won't.

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