Friday, January 29, 2010

Good news for the weekend

Illegal immigrant ineligible for benefits: Court
SALEM, Ore.—An Oregon appellate court has ruled that an illegal immigrant is ineligible for vocational assistance benefits.

In Carmen Carreon vs. Commerce & Industry Insurance Co., the claimant appealed a ruling by the director of Oregon's Department of Consumer and Business Services that denied her vocational assistance benefits for a 2005 injury that resulted in a permanent impairment award.

Way to go DCBS! A state agency actually used some common sense on this one. Follow this up with a court agreeing that "not allowed to work" actually means "not allowed to work" and I'm starting to have faith in Oregon government again.


Robin said...

"...She [the judge] argued that the conditions for vocational assistance eligibility rest on whether a worker is able to return to his or her previous job or any other suitable employment and whether the employee has a substantial handicap."

The key word here is "able to return to work" so, if you're not eligible to work in the United States in the first place, then of course that means a you are not "able" or eligible to return to work again.

It's too bad that she got injured, however, if she would have followed the rules to begin with, she would not have been here and therefore would not have got injured on the job.

Anonymous said...

Man I hope this ruling travels throughout the illegal alien networks so a bunch of 'em will get the hell out of here.

Criminal? Get hurt at work? After WE pay those Dr. bills, no more job! GO HOME!

DAVE01 said...

Finally some sanity.