Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amnesty: No bad deed goes unrewarded

CAUSA seeks to return immigrant issues to forefront
Members of CAUSA, an immigrant-advocacy group with offices in downtown Salem, rallied last week outside the district offices of U.S. Rep. David Wu and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley in Portland.

Francisco Lopez, CAUSA's executive director, said immigration reform would help keep families together, bring employers and workers out of the shadows and ensure a more equitable tax system for everyone.

Marchers will be back at Merkley's office at noon Friday, Lopez said.

You know what else would "keep families together" and "bring people out of the shadows"? Not arresting anybody for anything.

Instead of feeling compassion for criminal aliens who break our laws we should feel contempt for parents who put their children in this position. What kind of person marries someone who could be deported at any moment? How do a couple arrive at the decision to have a child when they don't have a legal home here?

Illegal aliens know what the law is, they break it, they involve children and then expect us to feel sorry for them.

As for employers and workers who are in the shadows: let's turn on the light and watch them scurry away like the cockroaches they are. Letal workers and their ingenuity will step in to fill the market void.


Anonymous said...

I asked Lopez a year ago at the Marion County Democrats meeting at S.Salem H.S... "How many immigrants can come every year as we allow over 1.2 Mil. already and our un-employment numbers are growing, how many more please?" "As well as over 30 MILLION "Temp" Visa's"

He would not answer!

Then I said..."If we grant amnesty to the 15-20 million here now and allow them to bring in just one relative, that's a total of over 30-40 million, will there be a max on how many can be legalised please?"

He wouldn't answer that one either and left the meeting. And after that many came over too me to ask about those huge numbers as they were SHOCKED. I said look it up at, USCIS, Book of immigration FACTS, as the TRUTH is public information.


CAUSA HATES AMERICAN Workers and supports AZTLAN, not the U.S.A., and are a grunt for the Mexican Mafia obviously.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Wow. In the two minutes since I posted the above I thought of four more things I could have put on the list, but if I were to waste any more time on your stupid ass than it takes to write this sentence, then I really would be a fool.

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Anonymous said...

It hit me today, Miglavs must really support illegal immigration. Because basically, this guy ain't happy unless he's pissed off, so we need illegal immigration to continue so he can be in a continual state of pissed-off-ness bliss.

psychobob said...

Anon 2:12, are you referring to Janis Miglavs, the "internationally renowned adventure travel and commercial photographer with more than 25 years of commercial, editorial and corporate experience, photographing vineyards, people and places in more than 30 countries"?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Free Mumia

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