Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Homeless Liaison won't have a telephone?!?!?!

Frequently Asked Questions: Measure 66 & 67
This factual presentation was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.
This henhouse security system was reviewed by the local fox.

How would these measures impact North Clackamas Schools?

For North Clackamas Schools, the funding impact this biennium would be $4.4 million for Measure 66 and $2.4 million for Measure 67. Because 83 percent of the district budget funds salaries and benefits, these areas would likely be impacted the most.

Together, these equate to the 2010-11 cost of either
• 16 school days; or

• 109 full-time teaching positions; or

• eliminating half of district telephones; all computer & software purchases, all textbook purchases, all library book purchases, 2.5 school days, 6 administrative positions, 28.5 classified positions, and 20 teaching positions.

Of course, these are just examples. No budget decisions have been made.

The thought of North Clackamas schools losing half of their telephones was just too much for me so I did a search of "north clackamas" on my own blog to get my own blast from the past wastes of money.

They sponsor "free" lunches during the summer at a local apartment complex. They don't have enough money to buy textbooks but they have money to go to where people live and give away food.

Their calendar from October 2008 listed an endless supply of "adult classes" in Spanish. I thought that we raised taxes "for the children."

North Clackamas is also home to the bilingual elementary school El Puente. 40% of the students in this school are "native spanish speakers."

These are some of the positions that will hopefully be eliminated when the taxes fail:

Latino Community Liaison
Russian Community Liaison
Vietnamese Community Liaison
Homeless Liaison

I know that eliminating the homeless liaison position or the Latino/Hispanic outreach program won't punish the voters enough so I'm sure that North Clackamas will instead fire a math teacher if they fire anyone at all.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Darn it! My wife, my daughter and I just got done voting "yes" on both and dropping our ballots off. I wish I had seen this post earlier.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that as corpses are piling up in Haiti and tens of thousands of survivors face peril, Daniel Miglavs has his attention focused, as always, on life's most vital issues. Way to go, Daniel! Lead the way!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that as corpses are piling up in Haiti and tends of thousands of survivors face peril, Bill Clinton has his attention focused on... campaigning for Martha Coakley in Massachusetts. Way to go, Bill! Lead the way!

Fixed it for ya, Anon 9:09.

Anon 9:09 said...

Well let me fix it for you: I agree with you. But I've visited quite a few blogs in recent days, liberal and conservative, and all mention Haiti and encourage that their readers help, have links to relief organizations, etc. Miglavs (and, as you correctly note, Clinton) can't be bothered with such things.

There: Fixed.

Anonymous said...

7:52, so you and your family think it is so fair to make people pay taxes on money they don’t even make?

GROSS RECIEPTS...NOT NET INCOME. There is a big difference.

The ignorance in this state by the idiots that think everyone can just get in the bucket that well, someone else will pay just blows my mind.

Frankly, when this crap is voted down by the citizens of this state I truly hope the Democrats in Salem pull that damn trigger and close schools, kick grandma to the curb, fire every single cop and fireman, all the while giving all of the ODOT and DHS workers raises and promotions. Yep, pull the damn trigger already and stop with the threats.

Anonymous said...

Take your meds, 11:56. Easy ... take a deep breath, relax. Imagine a serene pasture, fluffy white clouds, etc.

Lucky said...

I was almost convinced to vote no until I read the lies from anon11:56. The crap from phonies make me so mad that I will vote the other way. I just marked my ballot yes on both and will mail out on Monday. Way to go big mouth!

psychobob said...

I wish the pro-tax side would just be honest. They love saying not increasing taxes will inevitably lead to "drastic cuts" and will hurt "the children" when in reality, all voting down the tax raises will do is slow the growth of government. Oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Psychobob, it's not that simple. I'm a liberal and I'm voting "no," but I can tell you that those who are supporting it do not "love" raising taxes. The arguments on both sides are more complex and thoughtful than your idiotic assessment of the situation.

Anonymous said...

no on 66 & 67!

Anonymous said...

Voted "YES "on both 66 & 67. The issue is more complex than the dolts on this blog can understand. Not a surprise.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:23 AM
I am assuming you are calling me one of the dolts. As one of the dolts I do not want to pay more of my disposable income so our government can increase their pay and benefits. I do not want to pay more of my disposable income to pay to increase the number of government workers. I do not want to pay for more socialist programs. I do not want to give more money to people who cannot control their spending habits. I do not want to pay for an increase of 9% in government spending. As one of the dolts on this blog, I understand very well what measures 66 and 67 will do to this state.

The state agencies have billions in reserves. We don't need to give them more money. This issue does not seem very complex to me. Maybe it is too complex for you.

Now who is the dolt?

Anonymous said...

AS a former small business owner .
It was taxes that put an end to my business. I simply had no more cuts to make .66&67 would have put me out of business two years earlier , if I would have even gone into business !

NO ON 66&67

psychobob said...

Anon 5:33,
Before you insult the intelligence of someone, you should probably thoroughly read and understand that one's statement.

Nowhere did I say anyone "'love' raising taxes."

Read my post again.

Why is it that so many people these days resort to ad hominem attacks instead of presenting actual arguments?

Anonymous said...

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