Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Newsflash: criminals oppose punishment

Local Inmates React to ICE Deportation Program
A government program sends foreign nationals who commit crimes back to their home countries.

More than 10,000 criminal illegal immigrants have been deported this year from the Pacific Northwest, according to officials.


But for a lot of Jackson County immigrants they've lived here most of their lives and now say they will have little if anything when they get back to their home countries.

Rafel Avina says he's just here because we wants to stay close to his five kids.

"That's why I stay here," he says. "If i was like anybody else, I could run and be free, but I got kids."

{{Starts to sob}}

[ICE agent Neil Clark] says both Villa and Avina have been arrested and convicted for meth related charges.

I really believe that our news agencies are so out of touch that they think we will feel sorry for a meth user/dealer with five kids who is here illegaly. They do a good job of not asking the follow ups like:

1. Which American job were you stealing while you were here?

2. Did you even have a job or were you on welfare?

3. If you had a job, whose SSN did you use?

4. Do you feel bad about stealing someone's identity? Ruining their credit and messing up their tax return?


Anonymous said...

Send them home!
send all of the ones that have no paper work HOME.
then plug up all the holes in the border!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAVE01 said...

Don't forget the anchor babies. Also, charge their home countries for restitution for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing. This mother fucker probably wants to sell meth to our kids to be with his kids. Fuck him. He's lucky he is being deported. If I caught him trying to sell drugs to my kid, I'd fucking kill him.

Scottiebill said...

The headline here brings on a proper response:

"No shit, Sherlock?"

I have to agree with the two anons and dave01 that posted ahead of me. They are right on.

But, Anon 737 and Dave, we all know how soon your suggestions will happen, don't we? Especially with Oregon's Brain-dead Ted as governor.

Anonymous said...

We can hope can't we!( oops sorry that was the messiahs line)

Anonymous said...

Democrat Media never feels sorry for the American people that have suffered because of thier Drug dealing and S.S. Fraud.

Anonymous said...

From the article :

[i]But both Mexican nationals say they just want one more chance.

"I know im not perfect guy," Villa says. "I've done a lot of bad stuff but I do regret it."[/i]

LOL. Well, as long as he says he's sowwy.

Anonymous said...

His learned job skills are needed in Mexico.

Its the least we can do to help.

Anonymous said...

What was the first thing noticed serving me at the local McDonalds?

Why three pregnant ladies................all anchor baby bound!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 735-- Of course, you're absolutely CERTAIN that all three of these ladies are here illegally. You could tell just by looking at them? Wow. You should get a job with CIA. They could really use someone with your special powers.

Anonymous said...

Not all Hispanics are Illegal Aliens but most Illegal Aliens are Hispanic.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution to his problem. Why wont he take his kids to Mexico with him? Perfect, they can all be together and us taxpayers do not have to feed them anymore!!

Anonymous said...

6:40, 9:07

right on! :thumbs: