Monday, November 10, 2008

Very very very very right?

A booby trap for illegal immigration
Harder to see perhaps is something President Bush pursued that was savvy, farsighted, humane and very, very right.

The president from a border state tried, in vain, to get our nation to wrap its mind around the reality of 12 million illegal immigrants living in our midst.

Unfortunately, last year, a comprehensive reform effort fizzled in Congress.

And if we hold people accountable for breaking the law then the sun will stop shining, the oceans will dry up and and Dora the Explorer might get cancelled. The Oregonian makes bizzare statements about how "state tax revenues would decline by roughly half a billion dollars a year" unless we grant amnesty.

For the sake of argument lets pretend that I agree with that. What's their point? If you are a cash benefit to The State it's ok to break the law? How much economic activity is caused by meth?

Once you accept the premise that industry performance, employment numbers and tax revenue are more important than society living under a set of agreed upon rules then you open the can of worms labeled anarchy.

Which industry can't perform if they follow all the EPA rules? What about the business that could survive if they pay less than minimum wage? Do you want to lose those jobs, lose that industry and hurt tax revenue? Then let them break the law.


Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em. They say that if the illegals are sent packing, then the following occurs: they then go on to list decreases in economic output, but they don't explain their statistical study. They make it sound like none of the jobs would be back-filled by locals. That's just ridiculous to assume that NONE of the jobs would be filled.

The Oregonian is a biased, piece of shit newspaper. It isn't even worth the price of wiping your ass with it. Fuck that piece of shit paper. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo, California, with the most Illegal aliens and high Income, property and sales/gas Taxes is really doing great with all those Illegals? NOT!

And 1.2 Million Americans lost their Job, just this year, but we still need a "Guestworker" program?
(what about the dozen programs letting in 600,000 aleady?)

This Papers' Editors are Bought and Sold by Big biz and Farmers, obviously.


Soooooo, year and years of Illegal Aliens supposedely "good" for the economy and our economy is????

Rick Hickey said...

I read this editorial twice.

The blatant ignorance of basic economics by these pinheads at the paper is astounding.

Low or No skilled workers, with many Children with language barriers, who qualify for Government assitance in multiple levels, fed and state, are NOT good for anyone's economy, except for the business owner leaving the feeding, housing, educating and medicating up to the Taxpayer.

This paper insults my intelligence and is an insult to the collective intelligence of us Americans.

News from Fools is not News, it's just an illustration of thier stupidty.

Anonymous said...

Rick, Thanks to years of affirmative action, obviously anyone can get a job writing for a newspaper anymore. Brains not required, just a willingness to be sold on anything, logic be damned.

I agree, they have written stupid things before but this has to be at the top of the dummy list of all time.

Scottiebill said...

Now that the Oregonian (Victoria refers to it appropriately as the "Zero") has "lost" David Reinhard, it's only true conservative writer, it is really on its way to becoming the New York Times of the Northwest.

Brian said...

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