Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Criminals sue, win

The federal government plans to give legal status to certain unauthorized immigrants who applied for a 1986 amnesty program but were either unfairly excluded or never received a response to their request.
It's not known just how many unauthorized immigrants will qualify, but the number is thought to be about 10,000, said Sharon Rummery, a CIS spokeswoman in the San Francisco regional office.
"It's about time there was a resolution for the over 10,000 immigrants who were in immigration legal limbo because of the inefficiencies of the immigration office," he said. "Hopefully this will be the beginning not only for those who were not allowed to apply in 1986, but also any future legalizations for the millions that still have not be able to adjust their immigration status."
In completely unrelated news...
But at least this proves that amnesty is a sweet deal that wouldn't result in complicated litigation that makes citizens out of criminals decades after the fact.


Anonymous said...

"Obama is a freedom-hating, communist libtard?"

How old are you again, Daniel?

Anonymous said...

I don't seem to recall Daniel huffing and puffing when Bush commuted the 30-month sentence for the CONVICTED criminal I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Maybe he did and I just missed it. Could you cite the date you popped off about that one, Daniel?

Anonymous said...

"Criminals Sue, Win"

Hmmmmmm. Interesting title. Feelin' a little deja vu-ie Miglavs?