Sunday, November 16, 2008

The elephant gun in the room

Attacks on campus
Mid-morning on Wednesday, many University students found the alarmingly titled "Campus Crime Alert" waiting in their e-mail inbox. As requested by the University's Department of Public Safety, the message was sent out to all residence hall occupants and publicized the attempted abduction of a female student that occurred late Sunday, Nov. 9.

A former music major, Knowles often walked past Pioneer Cemetery on the way to the music building and rarely saw patrols near the area. Larkin, the DPS officer, cautioned, "At night, I would avoid the graveyard at all costs." Two of the recent incidents have occurred around the cemetery.

DPS suggests that students walk in large groups along well-lit paths that are frequented by other people. Larkin also urges students to call an Assault Prevention Shuttle, a DPS escort or even a taxi for late-night trips home.

Why are students over the age of 21 not encouraged to carry a firearm to protect themselves? I'd love to see what happens to the on campus crime stats the month following an attempted rapist getting shot.

I know the school is very busy teaching queer theories but maybe take an hour break for a CHL class sometime.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so you want the government to "encourage" firearm use? Let's see, if I replaced "firearm" with "bicycle" or "contraceptive," wouldn't you be bitching and moaning about social engineering?

I wonder what sort of firearm Jesus would have carried, or would have "encouraged" his followers to carry? What do you think, Daniel? Or are you too busy fantasizing about a world that resembles a "Death Wish" movie?

Anonymous said...

Jesus allowed his followers to carry swords. The only time we have record of one being used is in the garden. Jesus stopped admonished Peter from using it for a couple of reasons:
1. Peter was being the aggressor and attacked a priest.
2. Jesus' arrest was taking place as part of his fulfillment of prophecy, and he didn't wish to delay the outcome.

In Luke 22:36, Jesus actually tells the disciples to sell articles of clothing to buy a sword if they don't have one.

So, yeah, I think Jesus would be alright with his followers carrying guns. Using them to protect themselves or others is an admirable use of force on behalf of those who cannot, or will not, defend themselves.

And I don't see how you can equate a bicycle to a firearm. That's just silly. Do you think before you type, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Look, you can quote Bible verses until the cows come home... it's been used to justify virtually everything by everyone, including slavery and stoning gay people to death, but the bottom line is that if Jesus walked the earth today and had a choice between joining the National Rifle Association and Amnesty International ... do I need to spell it out for you?

Anonymous said...

Look, you're the one who brought up Jesus. Now that you had someone show you where you were wrong, you want to minimize its words. It is apparent you don't believe what the bible has to say, so why continue to invoke the name of Jesus? You obviously have no grasp of who he really was.

Jesus isn't someone who would let himself be treated like a child and told he had to choose between organizations. He'd belong to both. Why is this such a black and white issue for you? What is so hard to grasp?

I've had concealed weapons permits for over a decade. I carry whenever I'm not at work. I've never had to draw my pistol, I've never shot anyone, and I pray to God I never have to. But if I see someone shooting at people in a mall, I will do what needs to be done to save innocent lives and to defend my own.

There's nothing to spell out for me. You might want to open your mind a bit and take a look at the reality of this world. It's not all peaches and cream, and the need for dangerous men who care for the well being of others continues to exist.

Anonymous said...

Golly, it sure looks as they are Embracing a whole bunch of Diversity in Eugene.

Its only going to get worse and its coming fast.

Brace up as the party is over.

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus would probably be a member of Amnesty and the NRA. And He would force the aggressors to quit oppressing people with the weapon of His choice.

Anonymous said...

"Why are students over the age of 21 not encouraged to carry a firearm to protect themselves?"

Because not everyone is responsible enough to carry a concealed weapon. While I think right to carry a concealed weapon on campus should not be infringed upon by a state university (e.g. University of Oregon), I think encouraging people to carry who are not responsible will have less than desirable results.

And I do realize our Sheriffs generally do a good job of screening who is fit to carry and who isn't, but that's only because they don't encourage the irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one concerned that an ex-con like Daniel has such a hard-on for guns? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Yup, we should take guns away from ex-felons like Dnaiel.

Anonymous said...

It seems like such a cliche to say it, but Miglavs seems like the sort of guy who really has seen too many Rambo movies.

(And Dirty Harry movies, and Chuck Norris movies, and ... etc.)

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:40 am said:
Yup, we should take guns away from ex-felons like Dnaiel.

I would reply that we need to take the keyboard away from you. I don't think you should have a gun, you should have a dictionary.

Are you anons so hateful that you can't forgive somebody who has paid their dues to society? Have any of you ever made a mistake? If so, you need to be punished forever as you are advocating the same for Daniel. At least he is doing something to make this country and our communities better and safer places.

You need to read our Bill of Rights. I would recommend that we take away your 1st Amendment rights since you don't think Daniel should have any 2nd Amendment rights. However, I would bet Daniel would use his 2nd Amendment rights to protect your 1st Amendment rights. Will you use your 1st Amendment rights to protect American 2nd Amendment rights?

Don't forget all you US Constitution haters, the 2nd Amendment protects all of your rights. I recommend that you move to mexico, then you won't have to worry about CITIZENS having the RIGHT to own guns.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave, terrorizing people and spouting off stupid cr-p is really productive.

Anonymous said...

I would bet Daniel would use his 2nd Amendment rights to protect your 1st Amendment rights ...

And you would lose that bet, as Daniel has shown that he's not even willing to use his 1st Amendment rights to defend the 1st Amendment rights of those he disagrees with, let alone his 2nd Amendment rights.

I don't recall the date, but it was a situation where a student at a podium was attempting to address Sen. John Kerry. He was polite, did not raise his voice, did not appear to be breaking any ground rules ... and he was hauled off by four or five cops. I don't recall, but he may also have been Tasered. It was an ugly, frightening and appalling situation that should not have happened to ANYONE in the United States of America, PERIOD.

Daniel posted a video of this incident. Not for the purpose of decrying the Gestapo tactics used by police or defending the guy's rights, but for the purpose of ridiculing the student, who was obviously terrified, and laughing about it. Defending the man's 1st Amendment rights evidently did not cross his mind.

The civics lesson Miglavs derived from this was that you should not question a law enforcement officer who tells you to do something. At this point, we were treated with a wonderful "teachable moment" about Daniel's "principles." Someone brought to his attention another video Miglavs had himself posted in which he was (surprise!) arguing with a law enforcement officer who gave him a direct command at a protest event!

If you take time to find and read that post and the subsequent comments yourself, you will see that it wasn't only "libs" who took Miglavs to task. A self-described Republican also noted that the person's 1st Amendment rights had been violated, and that he found Miglavs' treatment of the matter disturbing and immature.

As always, Daniel's "principles" are applied selectively and inconsistently. He's a fucking idiot and a laughingstock who reflects poorly on intelligent, decent Republicans, who outnumber him by a thankfully large margin. Nevertheless, I defend his right to own as many guns as he wants. If I, however, am ever hauled off by police while attempting to address a politician in public, I won't hold my breath for Daniel "Rambo" Miglavs to rescue me.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 5:54 PM

Yes Dave, terrorizing people and spouting off stupid cr-p is really productive.

How am I terrorizing people? By the way, you can write the word CRAP.

I haven't terrorized anyone. On the other hand, the criminal aliens have terrorized plenty of Americans. Yet, we don't do shit to protect our citizens. Our politicians are working hard to protect the criminal aliens.

ANON 6:09 PM, that was the don't taze me bro incident. If I remember correctly, it was some politician in a private place. I could be wrong. If you are running the show, you can set the rules. I went to a Wyden's town hall several years ago, he would no let me ask a question because he realized I was going to ask an immigration question. He is a treasonous snake. This was in a public building. I did not feel my 1st amendment rights were violated. I just learned he's a piece of shit.

Finally, I don't recognize the RIGHTS of any criminal alien. They have one right in this country, to get the fuck out ASAP. It should be a law that American citizens could round them up and put them on a train going south. I would dump them in mexico city.

Anonymous said...

I was physically removed from a Bush rally in Denver 4 years ago for wearing a tee shirt. That's all. Wearing a tee-shirt. With an anti-Bush message that amounted to a Alfred E. Neuman (MAD) parody of Bush's mug inside a circle with a slash.

Having experienced that, I have no doubt whatsoever that had I shown even the slightest interest in excercising my RIGHTS, I would have been tazed as well.

How's that for freedom hating, Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

Protesters and journalists alike were treated like shit at BOTH political conventions this year. What did Miglavs have to say about this? Probably squat.

John said...

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