Monday, November 24, 2008

State flying their own "jet"

Flying your jet to congress to beg for tax dollars not only shows incredible stupidity, it also shows a lack of need.

The fact that the state of Oregon has ONCE AGAIN posted the job opening for "Art therapist" shows stupidity and a lack of need for more of our money.

Let me say it again because it's coming: NO NEW TAXES. Not on "the rich," not on cigarettes, not a new fee on car registration. They don't need more of our money!


Scottiebill said...

No new taxes in Oregon? Try convincing the Oregon legislature, led by Peter Courtney in the Senate and whomever the House puts in as Speaker of that idea. And don't forget Ol' Teddy the Useless. He won't go along with that concept, either. Not after he went off to China, on the public dime, and decided to buy Chinese cars for the Oregon motor pool.

OregonGuy said...

(Laughs out loud.)

I saw the headline on the Oregonian and laughed.

Hope! Change!

Chances of a session that reduces taxes and stupid? Zero.

Chances of a Chinese auto manufacturer investing here? Again, zero.

Having a deluded Governor who has a pet newspaper?


Anonymous said...

Instead of no new taxes , how about no TAXES ,untill the goverment can prove thatthey are being good stewards of my/ our money !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting that the State is almost broke yet can still find time to try to increase taxes to fund their pet social projects, like universal health care for all kids, legal or not legal. I guess the recession doesn't affect government. They sure don't mind taking money out of the economy, do they?

Anonymous said...

Nice sign you have in your front yard, how long do you really think it will stay there?

Anonymous said...

Get ready to start turning in your firearms, paying at least 10% higher taxes, losing your place in society based solely on your race, possibly paying a higher sales tax, losing certain deductions on your tax returns, paying astronomical amounts for fuel, having your free speech limited to pure political correctness and finding out that some rights you thought you had no longer apply. Heaven forbid you owning a Confederate flag as you will be in a heap of trouble. The Bible along with God will be pushed out completely.

I wish I had something positive to add here but cannot really think of anything. When al Qaeda pops us with a couple of nukes you will wish that John McCain had been elected.

Let me close with a joke.

There was a young man who went to a pawn shop and after shopping around, he purchased a cat statue and headed out the door with it. As he walked a block or two he noticed that there were several cats now following him at a short distance. As he proceeded several more blocks he looked back and saw literally thousands of cats following of all shapes, colors and sizes. He started growing concerned and headed for the cliff overlooking the river at the edge of town. As more cats started following he broke into a run and stopped at the edge of the cliff and tossed the cat statue into the waters below.
Amazingly enough all of the cats following him ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped into the waters too.

Intrigued, the man went back to the pawn shop, walked in and asked “Do you have any OBAMA statues?”

Be safe .......Buy ammo and bottled water.

Anonymous said...

8:57, it could have gone that way, hasn't gone that way, and NObama is not giving any indication that it will go that way. That said, a lot of Oregonians want it to go that way, and they are slowly forcing things to go that way in Oregon. Once again, Oregon is proving that it is much farther to the Left than national democrats. The reality is that the country cannot go in the direction that Oregon wants to go, and the left-wing nutjobs are getting cranky again. Apparently, they are pretty pissed with virtually all of NObama's appointments.

I have to say that at this point, I am surprised that things appear to be as centrist as they are. All of that is subject to a hard left turn and I am vigilant in that regard. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that at this point, I am surprised that things appear to be as centrist as they are. All of that is subject to a hard left turn and I am vigilant in that regard. We'll see.

9:34 PM

Dear 9:34pm

My best advice given to me by a Marine Dad as we drank a fifth of "OLD ROCKIN CHAIR" wiskey the night I left for Nam...DON'T RUN OUT OF AMMO, AND KEPT YOUR REAR WIRED TIGHT!"

I made it home ....I will heed that advice again....AT HOME.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ted should give Panhandling a try?

Anonymous said...

6:56, nothing wrong with being vigilant and prepared. Nothing wrong with being cautious. Nothing wrong in being prepared for the worst. All I am saying is that I was expecting a quick and dramatic turn to the left with NObama. The circumstances of the day may preclude him from going that way, but whatever the reason, things aren't as bad at the fed level as they are here in Oregon, which is usually the case.

So NObama wants to do a roads and bridges project. Seems to me that this blows a big whole in Kulongoski's desire to triple our license plate fees. So what does our marvelous guvnah do? He sends a letter to NObama demanding that the feds pay to do maintenance on all schools of higher education, to the tune of $650M. Why do you suppose this is happening? Because the Guvnah knows that if the feds bailout the road program as a stimulus, the guvnah will no longer have a reason to raise our license plate fees. Oh, shit, what do we do now? The good news is that Obama is not going to be pushed around by a do-nothing guvnah from a small state. Looks like Kulongoski has a problem. Apparently the left in CA handled this better. They want to triple the VLF, but never promised to send that money to road programs. They just want to triple your fees and put that money into filling the general budget. Kulongoski painted himself in to a corner. I appreciate his exactness earlier, but now he better back off. This is why he wants Obama to do work on the schools, so he can still raise our fees. Idiot.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 1048: You ain't gonna get it.

Anon 840: If it is an Omaba sign it will be there forever. But if it is a McCain Sign, it has probably already been torn down and your house has been egged.

Anon 723: If Teddy the Useless were to panhandle, would his take be taxed? Not in Oregon! But, then, he has been in China for the last week or so making a deal to buy Chinese cars for the Oregon motor pool. One would think that a sitting State governor would want to buy American-made products. But not Teddy the Useless. He is a dumb Dimocrat, after all.

Anonymous said...

Kulongoski painted himself in to a corner. I appreciate his exactness earlier, but now he better back off.

Dear Anon 3:35 PM

You should run for office, your commonsense is welcomed here for sure.

PS: It hasn't turned hard-left yet,but he will, he looked right at us and told us what it will look like,he will be a man of his word!! Mark that as I said it.