Friday, October 13, 2006

amnesty... mass deportion... or common sense

We are constantly told (most recently by Ted Kulongoski) that there is "no way" to deport 12 million illegal aliens from this country. (no word yet on whether or not we could arrest 12 million burglars, ID thieves, etc)

But the point is: WE DON'T ARREST THEM ALL ON THE SAME DAY. Just like we wouldn't need to deport everyone on the same day.

Please read the NumbersUSA page on Attrition through enforcement.


R Huse said...

This is the kind of logic one just loves: "we haven't been enforcing the law for so long that now we cant enforce the law, its just too hard". Excuse me then, can I offer you a choice of two options. Either return my tax money because you have just admitted to not doing what you are paid to do, or allow me the same option. "Wow, you know I just haven't paid my parking tickets for so long, its just too much money to pay anything now". Why does anyone ever think this kind of logic is reasonable?

The country now has 300 million people. I would guess out of that there must be at about 100 million tax returns ( don't forget, individuals and corporations ). Do you think ten percent have mistakes or outright fraud. I sure bet they do. Hey, that's 10 million tax returns. Hey again, that's pretty close to 12 million isn't it? Wow, well, lets just give up on IRS enforcement. I mean you cant reasonably audit 10 million tax returns so lets not audit any.

BEAR said...

hey, r huse, dead....bang....ON!

Daniel said...

Haven't see you in a while R Huse. Welcome back.

gullyborg said...

What cracks me up is that no one (well, ok, no one who matters) is actually suggesting mass-deportation.


People are mobile. They go where they have the best opportunity. Remove the "free ride" in Oregon, and "migrant" workers will, you know, migrate.

Remove the incentives at the national level, and see people here illegally start heading for the border (most likely to Canada, eh?).

Others will decide that, to play ball, they must follow the rules. If that means going back home, then coming to the border openly and applying for a green card legally, so be it.

Meanwhile, fewer and fewer new illegals will come in.

Over time, the problem begins to solve itself, with no one rounding up and deporting anybody.

Kind of like, when you actually enforce laws on murder, arson, theft, etc., the number of people who think it is "worth it" to commit a crime when there is little risk will diminish.

It's all about risk vs. reward.

Today, there is little risk to being an illegal, but a lot of reward.

Remove that reward! Then the risk will be too great.


Bobkatt said...

I don't know if any of you watch reality tv but one of the voted off contestants, Raj Bhakta, is running for congress in Pennsylvania. To accent the point that the borders are still wide open he took an elephant and mariachi band to the Mexican border and waded in the Rio Grande for an hour and a half and failed to attract the attention of any border guards. Watch the video for some laughs.

Anonymous said...

Gully, take a drive up the 5 into BC and tell me how many Mexicans you run into. It's like a freaking wall, yet there is no wall there. It's all in how the Canadians handle the issue of migration and work permitting. Obviously, they are doing something we aren't. Pretty pathetic. If I were Canadian, I'd be grateful to the US for being a buffer state between me and Mexico.

Anonymous said...

A letter to The Oregonian about the deported Diaz family. One compassionate, one not-so-compassionate (Oct. 14, 2006).

R Huse said...

Thanks bear, daniel. By the way, the elephant video in bobkatts post is much appreciated. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of Raj in the future.

Anonymous said...
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gullyborg said...

anon, that's my point. if we had tougher laws than Canada, illegal here would suddenly think that up north was a better alternative.