Monday, October 02, 2006

Bond, James Bond

Breaking down bond measures
It's hard to imagine opposing any of the five bond measures that will face Sherwood voters, given the importance of each issue: education, law enforcement, open space, libraries and fire safety.

It's not hard for me to imagine...

Nonetheless, there is a financial reality many voters will face. The combined impact of the five bond measures, if each passed, would be $2.86 per $1000 of assessed value on a home. The average assessed value of a home in Washington County stands at $192,000, meaning the average homeowner stands to shell out an extra $550 total for all five measures.

For those of us who don't get a step raise, merit raise and cost of living raise all at once this is a big deal. While we are asked for more taxe money, no wait sorry, it's a "bond" not a tax, the folks who spend our money continue to fund things like:

needle exchange programs, the Percent for Public Art Program, the Diversity Development and Coordinating Council, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and the Oregon Harm Reduction Program for Injection Drug Users.

We already give them enough money, it's not our fault they spend it on garbage.


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem are the politicians that are in the shoes of those wealthy big-buck earners in Sunday's "The Oregonian" Business section. Those are private businesses so I don't have a problem with that. You made one good point about our wage/salary increase and that is many of us do not receive nothing substantially more than a three percent pay increase. Any pay increase that is less than the cost-of-living increase percentage is actually a paycut.

I'm sure people have better things to spend money on rather than political and governmental garbage. If you choose to volunteer to donate your extra dough to the government waste program, that's fine by me but do not tell me that I have to support and pay for such garbage.

Rick Hickey said...

Add to this over 61,000 K-12 Students who do not speak English.
A 218% increase in the last ten years (think all came legally?).

Our solution? Bi-Lingual ed. with a 5-7 year completion expectation.

Lars Larson says each Student is $10,000 average Statewide(S/K comes to $11,500)

So that would be $610 Million for one year or $3.05 Billion in 5.

Result per Salem-Keizer Sch. Dist. three year study = 80% (eighty) do NOT pass after five years.

That is a big pile of very expensive garbage.

Why would anyone want to give them more money?

Anonymous said...

You know the drill here. It's just SHUT UP AND PAY THE PIPER. How many times have I heard that from the socialists? They don't want to debate these issues, nor hear any of our concerns. "If you can afford to live in a $192,000 house, then you can afford to pay the taxes for it."


Kate said...

Don't forget to take into account the bonds in the Sherwood SD that are expiring in 2007 & 2008 thus reducing the current level of property taxes.

I've seen the blueprints for how they plan to spend the nearly $100 million they are asking for and I'm impressed. With the money, the Sherwood SD will build two new schools and do a major expansion on the high school. The money will also be used to buy the land for the new schools. It is a very well thought-out and conservative spending plan. A similar amount in Portland would build only one school and they would need an additional bond just to open and run the school.

Rick Hickey said...

Kate, did you say more Schools? even more Schools? YOU think we need more School?
When the wall is done on our southern border and we have employer enforcement and Gov. Ron Saxton stops all handouts.
OUR schools will have plenty of room.

This is already happening in Georgia and Mexico has closed over 200 Schools because everyone fled to America. We will reverse this trend/migration.

Sue K. said...

I was wondering the same thing. Why the need for more schools???

Anonymous said...

We need those schools for the rapidly growing immigrant population... i.e. illegal aliens. With 20+ million illegal aliens now living in the U.S. (That is 10% of Mexico's population is now residing in our country?), and Oregon giving away drivers licenses, and many other state sposored social programs makes us a huge magnet.

We're gonna need those new schools if Teddy gets re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rick,

Maybe you aren't familiar with the Sherwood demographic. It is a growing population of educated, middle to high income families.
The illegal alien is so much lower than the rest of the state, it may not even register. There are hundreds of homes being built in the area that are not section 8 or low income or any other government supported group.
This is an actual American community that is growing because of quality of life.
Do illegals play a role in the Sherwood area? Yes, they are hired by the A-holes building the homes.
The schools, are full of Americans and more are coming.I agree with Kate. This is a bond that is replacing bonds that are expiring.
Could our schools do better with the money they have? Yes, and so could you.
This is one of the few school districts you should support, not condemn.
All those Americans leaving Portland to get away from crime and absurd taxes, they go to towns like sherwood and that growth needs to be dealt with.

Kate said...

Yes, Rick. Sherwood does need more schools. The majority of the Sherwood community are voting conservative Republicans. The Sherwood schools are run very well and fiscally responsible. They are flat-out running out of room to put the kids as a result of the demographic of the community and the new families moving in.

Remember, the Sherwood School District is helping to raise and educate tomorrow's conservative voters who will work towards either closing the border or keeping it closed.