Monday, October 09, 2006

I can't escape the constant racism

Even football offers no relief...

It's basically in spanish. No word on whether or not there will be an or an internet portal for any of the other ethnicities.

The NFL is pegged as "football Americano" on the site and during the commercials that run during the games. (The commercials feature kids running through an all Hispanic neighborhood.)

So this is American football and we live in America. Why would one race need their own version of the NFL website?


Bryan Saxton said...

Easy. Capitalism.

Kaelri said...

Yup. If the NFL makes its content available to people who don't speak English, they make more money.

Anonymous said...

For private businesses and enterprises, it's their choice if they wish to have multilingual Web sites. No private individual or business is obligated to offer multiple languages Web site or to speak in multiple languages.

In the government, however, I do take issue with the multiple languages. We are the United States of America and the English language must be our only language. For example, at, many contents are translated into Spanish and that I do not agree with.

I have no problem with legal foreign visitors or immigrants. If you want to come to the United States, you should understand and speak English if you want to live here.

Kaelri said...

I invite you to read what the eloquent Bob Harris has said to that.

Daniel said...

So there is no outcry when a private group/bussiness chooses to cater or not cater to certain demographics? *cough* the boy scouts *cough* Augusta National *cough*

Don't get me wrong, I think that all these groups, including the NFL, have every right to do this, I just question the double standard.

Bobkatt said...

Bob Harris may be eloquant in your view but to me that article was a load of nonsense. He obviously considers himself so enlightened that he he can understand the meaning of someone elses tone of voice by reading words that he can barely parce. I wonder if he can tell my tone of voice right now. In case he has a problem, I'm implying that he is an arrogant asshole.
If you like polls maybe you will appreciate these:
Rasmussen Reports June of 2006- 85% of Americans favor making English the official Language of the U.S.

Zogby International, 2006-77% of Hispanics believe English should be the official Language of government operations.

Kaiser Family Foundation 2002-91% of foreign-born Latin immigrants agree that learning English is essentioal to succeed in the U.S.

Carnegie/Public Agenda,2002- poll found that by more than a 2-1 margin immigrants themselves say the U.S. should expect new immigrants to learn English.

Ric said...

I certainly have no issue with the NFL looking to expand its market.

However, if you watch the commercial, of the children running thru the neighborhood, doesn't' the ball carrier dump the trash out on the street.

Yea, littering, now there is a good value to instill in young people.

Bryan Saxton said...


If Harris' argument is really that bad, why don't you make a direct attack on it instead of skirting around the issue and insulting his person?

Anonymous said...

Those latiino football commercials piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have such a problem with the NFL marketing to a foreign language market? I'll tell you why...because you're a small minded racist who's afraid anything different invading your all white, all american apple pie-in-the-sky little world. Yes danielle, everything does not revolve around you, and if a group of Spanish speaking individuals enjoy watching an american sporting event in their native language (because they want to fu*king relax and enjoy the game - and NO, English is NOT the official language of this country, sorry)
You and your uptight, Sherwood rural suburbian Klansmen need to give it up on your racist rants. Oh no, wait, maybe there will be a place where you can just be you, in an all white, all aryran, Jesus fearing, straight, Confederate flag waving, (let's see, what else do you freaks advocate - oh yeah, little to no governement, the littlest possible tax systme, if any, no restrictions on big corporate businesses, (because they are the marketl,and the market is ALWAYS right. i.e. HuGE gas guzzelers WTG GM) in other words.. Fuc* YOU or CHUPA ME LA VERGA! Jerk