Thursday, October 05, 2006

Governor debate

Thank you Allen for passing this on.

Video of governor's debate the other night


Allen said...

You are welcome.

I also enjoyed the fact the StatesmanJournal wasn't able to find any Teddy supporters in crowd they could quote.

You can bet would have published their comments if there had been any.


Rick Hickey said...

Governor LIES!
Watch him say that OR. Licenses are ahead of many States in comlying with Federal Laws.

FACT - Oregon is one of only 4 States that do NOT use the Social Security On-Line Verification system.
Many States have been using SSOLV for over 2 years now.



Anonymous said...

This should be happening to all illegal immigrants. story: Deportation to break up Beaverton family (06 Oct. 2006)

Anonymous said...

Doing some research it appears Ron Saxton gave alot of money to and was good friends with pedophile Neil Goldschmidt. And you Republican voters wonder why our party is being harmed by this Foleygate scandel.

But really, the issue is not what Saxton knew or didn't know about Goldschmidt's sexual perversions.

The issue is, Saxton DID know about the Goldschmidt's manipulation of the Oregon political system to line their pockets, no matter who it hurt. He was their enabler, their attorney, their friend, their accomplice. And now, we can add "liar" to it as well.

Bobkatt said...

For the communist liberal campus sort the idea of freedom of speech only applies to speech you agree with.
Columbia University welcomes Jim Gilchrist and the Minute Man Project

Rick Hickey said...

If this wacko stuff that happened to Gilchrist @ Columbia U. stops anyone from speaking out, as in Portland next Saturday (14th), then the Bad Guys will win.

I do not want open borders, I know most of you don't either.

Please ask all of your co-workers, neighbors, family etc. to join the Protest at the Portland Day Labor Site, Burnside & 6th, 7-noon next Sat.

We cannot allow the Facists to stop freedom of speech, the simple request that our laws be enforced and the American way.

Anonymous said...

As a Republican, I don't wonder about jack shit, dude. There are losers in all walks of life, and the political ranks certainly have more than their fair share. To me, 99% of the politicians out there suck and simply cannot be trusted (Dennis Richardson in So.Ore. might be an exception, for example.) Whenever I vote, I just hold my nose and hope for the best. Really.

Anonymous said...

Rick, regarding the Social Security On-Line Verification system, have you read this crap from their site?:

"A mismatch is not a basis, in and of itself, for you to take any adverse action against an employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating.

Company policy should be applied consistently to all workers.

Any employer that uses the failure of the information to match SSA records to take inappropriate adverse action against a worker may violate State or Federal law.

The information you receive from Social Security Number Verification Service does not make any statement regarding a worker's immigration status."

...What a wishy-washy toothless feel-good setup!

Anonymous said...

I heard a "Kulongoski for Governor" radio ad yesterday. His ad did nothing but smear Republican governor candidate Ron Saxton.

"So Govy Ted, what would you do differently? Do you have a solution? You would do nothing, like you have done in the past four years, Teddy? I'm waiting. That's right, come up with another "Ted Tax" to gough the wallets of the people of Oregon, of corse sparring the 175,000 plus illegal immigrants from the wrath of your "Ted Tax" and make the rest of us pay dearly for some stupid state pet project or program."

Bryan Saxton said...


Just in case you haven't noticed, that is all that political ads are; giant excuses to muckrake.