Thursday, October 26, 2006

ATTN: conservative readers

RE: the below post

Why would I encourage liberals to vote for Keating? (albeit in an obviously tongue-in-cheek manner) The same reason that Kulongoski wants you to vote for Mary Starrett.

I like Miss Starrett as a person. I agree with many of her positions. But a vote is wasted on her and every time an angry conservative insists that he will vote for Mary, somewhere there is a liberal giggling like a schoolgirl. (yes, even the liberal "men" giggle like schoolgirls)

So please, come to terms with our candidate, Ron Saxton.

Maybe you just got your property tax statement today. (I did) Maybe you are looking at your phone bill, your electric bill, etc. Notice the taxes. Do you want another tax on your car insurance bill? Do you want new mandated spending on unions, errr, schools, with no idea how to pay for it? (oh wait, the idea is to take more of your money, they just haven't said that yet)

Do you want illegal aliens to feel welcome here? Huh? DO YOU?

Then vote for Saxton.


Anonymous said...

"Do you want new mandated spending on unions, errr, schools, with no idea how to pay for it? (oh wait, the idea is to take more of your money, they just haven't said that yet)"

Those mandates come from the Feds... He's your boy! And unless you're a corporation (paying your $10 per year in taxes), you've got less to worry about than you think!

RINO $axton 4 GOV said...

Maybe you want a baby killing liberal abortionist masquerading as a Republican. Or maybe you want someone like you that hires illegal aliens and houses them, then pays lipservice to immigration reform groups to get votes. Maybe you even want a faux conservative because, well, the Republican Party has sold you out. If you want a good friend of rapist Neil Goldschmidt, big donor to every Demoncat project and a Max lover in the Governor's Mansion choose Ron Saxton for Governor

Yeah right. I am gonna come to terms with Saxton. He hasn't come to terms with his own party affiliation.

Daniel said...

Anon 12:03, I am referring to the set amount of the budget that Teddy K has said would go to education.

Anonymous said...

education would work better if we paid students for performance.Give the parents a tax credit and welfare parents more food stamps.publish the students scores each quarter in the newspaper

Kristopher said...

The time to punish RINOs is during the nomination election.

If you try to punish a RINO during the general election, you end up doing something stupid ... like helping elect a Democrat.

Save your anger for the 2008 primaries.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for Saxton, he's pro-choice.

Anonymous said...

My vote is going to Starrett.

There's no way I would ever vote for Ron Saxton, he's not even a real conservative.

You posted yesterday that the liberals should vote for Keating because they should stand by their values. Why shouldn't we do the same Daniel?

RINO $axton 4 GOV said...

I haven't decided which third party candidate for Gov I am voting for. The Libertarian Candidate has good fiscal ideas but a little weak on Social Issues. The Constitutional Party Candidate is strong on fiscal issue and strong on social--Starette supports Measure 48 unlike the Republican candidate. Although Starett may have some strange ideas about 9/11, she definately seems to be the best package as for Conservative stances.

Anonymous said...

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Bryan Saxton said...

Property tax statement?

I'm pretty sure most Oregonians wouldn't trade property tax for sales tax.

Kristopher said...

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for Saxton, he's pro-choice.

And so electing a Democrat instead is a good idea?

A bunch of conservatives punished Bush Mk.1 for reneging on his tax pledge ... and they got 8 years of Clinton for their "principled" stand.

Maybe after you finish cutting of your nose to spite your face, and help get a Democrat elected, you can explain to us why you were really not an idiot?

Or are you just a socialist troll trying to sow dissent?

Bryan Saxton said...

I'm in favor of everyone voting their concience.


I think you epitomize many democrats conception (which I kind of beleive to be a misconception) that conservatives are heartless (insert random explicative).

Polish Immigrant said...

I would trade all taxes for sales taxes. I can always stop buying.

Kristopher said...

Not heartless ... just a realist.

Third party candidate votes are wasted, IMO. But if you insist on it, it's your right ... and my right to say it's a bad idea.

That being said, if a Democrat wins, it will be our fault for not getting out the vote ... I really shouldn't be obsessing over third parties, as they rarely cause election results to happen at all by themselves.

Bryan Saxton said...

"...just a realist."

I think you mean pragmatist since "realist" implies a whole different set of political Ideology.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the water has not gotten hot enough for you frogs out there that wanna feel good about voting for a pile of dung that tries to look like Swiss chocolate.
To those who vote for R just to prevent D from getting back in, besides the FACT that voting for the supposedly lesser evil is still voting for evil, you are lying to yourself, using doublethink which is "The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. ... To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies"

as you think about that, WAKE UP, politics is not about lib vs. cons or rep vs. dem, that is a matrix of lies to keep you sucked into a pro wrestling/football 'my team rules, your team suks' mentality. While all the while the perpe'traitors' of such lies always win by consolidating power as they control both sides of the debate and putting half the country to sleep each time the D or the R swaps power roles. Politics is about right vs wrong and freedom vs tyranny! I bet everyone with little exception can see Oregon and usa is getting worse no matter what the subject or your point of view. You can see the D's and the R's coming together on so many issues, face it we have almost a 1 party system. You MUST vote what is RIGHT and be dammed with the rest. Let's suppose the C Mary candidate got 20% instead of the 4% expected, do you think the R's would run something next time much closer to what an R should be? You know it's true, stop your doublethink. Only 4-5% of Americans started the revolution! Join the resistance at the ballot box and make a real difference at the next election. Don't be like every other American who selfishly must have it now in the "McDonalds" mentality. We didn't get here overnight and it will not be fixed overnight. Vote for Mary.