Friday, October 13, 2006


BIGGEST Day Labor Site in Oregon, Portland, Burnside & 6th St.

Saturday, Oct. 14th, 7-Noon

Build Homes? Yard Care? Friends, Family involved with building industry?

We should NOT compete with Workers NOT paying Taxes or Comp or Insurance or other Labor Laws.

STAND UP! For the American Worker & STOP Employers from Violating the Law.

Bring Camera's - Signs - Water. Salem Protesters - Meet @ Fred Meyer @ Market & Lancaster @ 5:30 am


Kalpakian said...

Something else that y'all may be interested in - Portland City Council and Mayor Potter are voting on an "immigrant and refugee" resolution at City Hall on October 18th, 6:30pm.

According to an email I received about this, the resolution will "expand democracy" while immigrants and refugees are "being attacked in election campaigns" that are "increasingly hostile towards immigrants."

With the predicted huge number of "immigrants" at this vote, it might present a fine opportunity for an enterprising photographer and his camera. Along with legal phrases such as "accessories to a felony" and "conspiracy to commit an unlawful act."

Anonymous said...

We didn't get this email. I guess conservative legal-immigration organizations aren't welcome. Again.

Mayor Potter has funded only left-leaning, amnesty-supporting non-profits in his Vision Project (at least as far as we can determine). It looks like this resolution is just another step toward "proving" that Portlanders support illegal aliens.

Of course, that's easy to do when only that viewpoint is allowed to participate.

Kalpakian said...

Hmm... the Vision Project... I've heard of this before... Oh yeah! It was in the proposed City of Portland Resolution attached to the above mentioned email:

"WHEREAS, the outreach conducted by visionPDX to several immigrant and refugee communities in Portland has identified barriers to their full civic participation in our city;"

Anonymous said...

I have something for Portland...


Rick Hickey said...

Anon 6:14 are you on the OFIR e-mail list? Please hook it up and you will get e-mails.
go to
Click on contact us and ask to be put on alert list.

OFIR is a non-partisan/profit group that understands that this affects all of us.
We welcome anyones support.

Anonymous said...

Rick -

Were YOU allowed to participate in the Vision Project survey? We were turned down, yet when I look at the list of organizations that did get the funding, they reach fewer people than we do. And they were ALL liberal.

Anon 6:14