Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not a real issue, just a "card" to be played

Saxton plays illegal immigrant card in new TV ad
Republican Ron Saxton has launched a new TV ad putting illegal immigrants on center stage in the governor's race, saying so many have moved to the state that they now make up "Oregon's second largest city."

The TV spot was panned by migrant rights groups and by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who charged Saxton with "spreading false and unverified claims" about illegal immigrants voting in Oregon.

The Illegal Alien ad

It's funny how the illegal alien supporters won't give a nod to the fact that so many Oregonians are concerned about this issue. They act as though it's one or two politicians running with something that isn't important to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Saxton is looking better every day, now let him talk about abortion

Anonymous said...

I should stand in front of Saxton's campaign office with a Big Plastic Bag and collect all the garbage the Libs are about to dump on him in these last days of the election.

I'll bet they have a good number of State Certified Shit Specialists III's working on them now.

Tim said...

I'm happy to see Saxton taking a stand on this issue. Given the fact that Illegal immigration is a serious problem. A problem that sucks away taxpayer dollars to non-citizens,takes away jobs Americans WILL DO and brings additonal crime.

First step to stemming the invasion is to stop enabling it! Ted is the chief enabler.

Scottiebill said...

Tim is right! And Teddy's chief enabler and water-carrier is his Loyal and Obedient Toady, Billy, aka Guillermo, Bradbury.

Guillermo said on the news last night that he doesn't "know" of any illegals voting. Perhaps that is because he really doesn't want to "know" about them. And if he doesn't "know" about any illegal voting going on, then how can he make an affirmative comment?

That way he can plead ignorance. But that shouldn't prove to be much of a problem for him. Should it?

Mike said...

Non-citizens can vote in state elections. Being in charge of elections, SecState Guillermo could have done something about it, but he has done NOTHING. Hopefully, he gets voted out in November along with Sleepy Ted.

Bobkatt said...

Bill "Pinocchio" Bradbury was on OPB before the primaries and talking about the Oregon election process when a caller asked him about the 80,000 bogus licenses issued by the Robelto crime gang in Portland. He laughed and pretended to not even know it happened. Of course the host was too ignorant of the problem to follow up on it and they both acted like the caller was a nut.

terry said...

There sure are a lot of "cards" out there to be played, I could make a deck of them. (Kinda like that Iraqi deck from a few years ago.) The race card, the illegal immigration card, maybe the abortion card is being warmed up? A Chicago Trib lead about 10 years ago had (the current) mayor Daley playing the "airport" card, whatever that was. Send me all the cards you find, I want to collect them.

Scottiebill said...

Bobkatt: If Guillermo Bradbury can be referred to as "Pinocchio" Then it follows that Teddy the K can be referred to as "Geppetto". He was the maker of Pinocchio, according to the old story. Just a thought.

As far as OPB is concerned, I have found OPB programming good in two ways: The woodworking shows on Saturday afternoons for 2-1/2 hours and "Antiques Roadshow". Other than that, they are a waste of time.

Robin said...

From the article "Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who charged Saxton with "spreading false and unverified claims" about illegal immigrants voting in Oregon.

"I looked at the past 15 years of general elections," Bradbury said. Of more than 10 million votes cast, only 10 prompted investigation into citizenship, he said, and of those 10, only two were prosecuted.

Only 10!!!!

Welcome to Fantasy Island!