Monday, October 23, 2006

Vote NO on all bonds

After my post below (read it while you fill out your ballot...) I opened up my phone bill. I notice this every time but really take a look:

Federal Excise tax

OR Universal Serivce Surcharge

E911 Emergency tax

Service Assistance Program

City tax

Federal Universal Service Fee

That's six taxes on just my phone bill. Don't give them another cent!


Rick Hickey said...

I feel sorry for the Elderly when you look at what they have to dig up just to have a Phone! (something many people would consider a neccessity, in case of emergency)
My Qwest home phone is $25.99 /mo to include the line and 3 features, BUT, all those Taxes Daniel pointed out come to an additional $11.46 /mo.!
Does that come to almost 50% added on? What if property Taxes were equal? Would that be $75k /yr. on a $150K home? Don't good money earners pay 36% to the Feds but some Politicians think that is not enough?
Same thing with the Electric & Gas Bill.

And some people think the Gov't needs more money?
I picture a 68 yr. old lady,(my mom) living alone and worried about having the money, just to have a phone on.

BUT, The Gov't has Billions for "Poor" "Immigrants" who are "Doing the JOBS that..."
AND the State promotes discounted Housing & Food Stamps & FREE Lunch at School.

For Young Healthy people that have a Job?!

Elderly people deserve the most, not the least. They earned it.

Daniel said...

The same folks who demand "affordable housing" are the one who are supporting every bond measure you can think of.

Does an elderly couple on social security want the (newly remodeled) library to have more Spanish books or do they want to be able to afford to stay in their home?

Polish Immigrant said...

As long as ideas like parks for dogs are under consideration, I'm not voting affirmative for _ANY_ tax increaseas.

Scott said...

Not one more cent! Thats is my motto, At least till they Prove that they are spending my money as cost efficant as possible.

Anonymous said...

nag, nag, nag. Hey Polish Drunk, Hicky Hillbilly, Methhead Daniel and Danish Dough Scotty, how much you care to wager that the bonds will go through in Washington and Multnomah counties?

Scott said...

A****** 1:57
When you consider how Multnomah likes to tax its self some or most of the bonds are likely to be voted in.
So form me no bets

Robin said...

I have two phone lines with Qwest, $12.80 per line plus all the fees and taxes. PLUS an additional $6.95 surcharge for the privilege of having a second line on top of the $12.80.

go figure

Robin said...
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Tim said...

Just say "NO" to any new taxes, bonds or a levy...they're all taxes to feed the veracious appetite for spending money that Government has. Hell there seems to be plenty of money to build parks for dogs, parks for skate boarders and funding for this group or that, but gee no money for public safety? Give me a break.

ESABATM said...

I agree, no more bonds or levies. The gov needs to operate within the confines of their budget, just like we have to at home.

Would it be a good idea to list our bills and taxes for a while so we can compare different areas of living? I know Wash Co, raised my taxes 300 this year already. I know my house did not go up.
I'll post soon.
Verizon Fios/phone
Property taxes........

Daniel said...

Don't forget to include your gas receipts!

Bryan Saxton said...

Cant really blame you for voting down all these bonds.

Anonymous said...

I am voting YES on the public safety levy. Corrections and police are a core function of government. I don't want our county jail turning into the circus that is at Multnomah county. Are there some extras there? I am sure there are, particularly counseling. But this is an expiring levy, not really a new tax.

I am voting against all other tax measures, including the library. I live in Beaverton. Have you ever been to that library? I have never seen a suburban library anywhere in the country that grandiose. It's excessive and then they can't afford to keep it open all that often. Some days it is open 8 hours per day, some 4, some closed. It's ridiculous. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. You look like a meth head.