Friday, October 27, 2006

Good way to start the week



Minuteman of Oregon

Lars Larson "LIVE" from 11 am - 3 pm on Statewide Radio

The rally will be on the steps of the State Capitol building, Monday, October 30, starting at 11:00 AM.

Lot's of notable speakers will be at the rally and folks such as Glen Spencer will be calling in to the Lars Larson show!


Anonymous said...

Mayhem, Kaerl, some new FACTS.
A good reason why Health Insurance RATES are way way up, Illegal Aliens.....
As a new report shows, the United States is importing poverty -- mostly from Mexico. That's why real median incomes are lagging and poverty rates are stubbornly high, says Investor's Business Daily (IBD).

According to a recent study by Heritage Foundation economist Robert Rector:

Immigrants, though just 17 percent of the population, represent a quarter of all poverty.
But even that figure is deceptive, because by far the highest poverty rate is for Hispanic immigrants -- again, mostly from Mexico.
Fully one-quarter of Hispanic arrivals earn below the poverty income -- $15,219 for a family of three; most come illegally.
Contrary to claims of a "shrinking middle class" and the "end of the American dream," the reality is somewhat starker. The vast majority of American citizens in fact are doing very well, and have been for decades, says IBD:

Last year, the U.S. median annual household income was $46,326 after inflation -- up a third since the mid-1960s, as reporter Tom Van Riper recently noted.
Since 1995, average household wealth has soared 35 percent to $465,970 currently.
It's mostly illegals -- whose numbers are pegged from 12 million to 20 million -- who are faring poorly:

Though just 9 percent of U.S. population, Hispanic immigrants account for 17 percent of the poor -- and their number is growing.
So is the percentage of those without health care coverage -- some 43.6 percent of all noncitizens versus 13.4 percent for those born here; for Mexicans, the number is 54 percent.
Why does this matter? The National Academy of Sciences estimates that every immigrant lacking a high school degree will cost U.S. taxpayers $89,000 during his life, net of taxes paid. The academy further reckons total costs for illegals economy-wide could be as much as $2 trillion.

Source: Editorial, "Poverty's 800-Pound Footnote," Investor's Business Daily, October 27, 2006; and Robert E. Rector, "Importing Poverty: Immigration and Poverty in the United States: A Book of Charts," Heritage Foundation, Special Report #9, October 25, 2006.

Rick Hickey said...

OPEN BORDER supporters. Please listen as long as you can stand the TRUTH to Lars on Monday.
Col. Al Rodriquez, A Hispanic-American and founder of "You don't speak for me". He understands the difference between Immigration & Illegal Aliens. Sheriff John Trumbo of Umatilla County who sent a big bill to Mexico for incarcerating Illegals.
Dr. Rosalie Porter, Author of "Forked Tongue", the politics of Bi-Lingual education. She has 25 plus years with Teaching Spanish speaking Students English with Immersion only, in 1 or 2 years. She was also employed vy the U.S. State Dept. for Language acquisition & Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

Anonymous said...

Lars Larson is a fat piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Will the "greenie-beanies" of the National Lawyers Guild be there, taking notes?

rino $axton 4 gov said...

I will be there, but I bet Ron $axton won't. And he says he is going to do something about immigration...hum. When will you RINO $axton lovers ever learn.

axe01 said...

Marion County Measure 24-240

I urge a NO vote on the Chemeketa Hispanic College measure requesting voter approval of a massive bond measure to construct six (6!) new buildings on the 'campus' in Salem so they may better 'cater' to hispanic illegals as verified by the local fishwrap, the 'stinky urinal' a gannet publication. More tax dollars, if approved, to facilitate the illegal take over of Oregon...

Anonymous said...

Already voted "Yes"...Sorry, too late.

Anonymous said...

Ron Saxton will not appear anywhere with Mary Starrett.

And if he loses by 2 or 3 points, Mary will need to move to Alaska for her enemies will be the MILLION Oregonians that do not want 4 more years of Ted and all his NEW Taxes.

Call Ron a rino is fine, cause TED is a tax & spend Liberal, Socialist.

I would rahter have a rino than a commie in office.

NO thanks to Mary, Oregon will become the best choice for Commies and Illegals, Nationwide.

If Mary really cared about Oregon, she would pull out and give her points to Ron and maybe Ron would put her in charge of DMV or DHS & she could truly then make a difference.

Principles be damned, WE DON'T WANT TED. Mary, Get it?

Anonymous said...

I know some people that are mad enough to make mary vanish.

Tom A. said...

Ron Saxton is a loser putz. Why any self proclaimed conservative would vote for him is ridiculous.

You call Ted a tax & spend socialist, but wasn't it Ron Saxton giving tax payer dollars out in the form of golden parachutes to school administrators. In addition, you only need to look at his record of supporting such Democrats as Governor Kulongoski and others with his own personal dollars to see what kind of "Republican" he is.

And Anon 5:02/5:04 go ahead and threaten Mary Starretts life all you want. Is that the American democractic way? No wonder the U.S is getting it's ass kicked in Iraq and Afganistan.

One final observation, from everything I have read, Anon 5:02/5:04 you sure do write like Lars Larson does. Getting a little worried that your phoney rino is gonna loose. At least have the guts to sign your name simp.

Tom A.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...

the "A." stands for asshole.

Anonymous said...

I already voted for Mary, to threaten someone's life for an election? Get a life! Loser!
At least she's pro life.
You're crazy to vote for Saxton, he's not even a real conservative.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's threaten the woman's life because she decided to run for office!
What the hell is wrong with you people???

Anonymous said...

I know four pro-life conservatives personally that have voted for Mary. Each of them have very ill feelings toward the Oregon Republican Party for selling out their values. Now you have a bunch of Rino Saxton supporters threatening Starretts life because she dares to run. Just for that I am going to make it my business to call every Republican I know and convince them to vote for Mary. That will show you anti-democratic goofballs.

angy ex-republican said...

I vote for Mary, too. Seeing this hatred against the woman makes me glad I did.

Kristopher said...

Third parties are a blip on the radar, nothing more.

If Saxton loses, it will be because he didn't get out the vote ... a Republican loss will be the fault of Republicans ... not that of a tiny number of fundamentalist third party turncoats.

I think the best way to deal with these fools is to ignore or ridicule them ... paying attention to them will merely result in more Democrats humping that "stay home, divided Republicans!" bullshit.

Bryan Saxton said...

Speaking of voting my concience, I think that I'm going to vote for Starret, simply because the abortion issue is that big of a deal for me.

So yeah, ignore Kristopher and vote your concience.

Tim said...

Hey folks, yeah ain't the bickering fun...but here's the deal here in the Peoples Republic of Oregon. Teddy is a do nothing Tax & Spend, illegal alien services providing, baby killing supporting Solicalist...and so was the Socialist Democrat before him. True Ron isn't as conservative as I'd like, but he has a legit chance of being elected. Ask yourself, 4 more years of Ted or 4 years with Ron where we have a chance to change some of the failed policies of the Socialist Democrats. Blue Oregon ain't ready for Mary...yet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I aleady voted for her (as did my wife and my son).
What the heck do the Republicans even stand for anymore?