Monday, October 16, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part quattro

In addtion to forcing the illegal alien (so admitted) day laborers to move around the corner (and they still couldn't get anyone to pick them up) our group had some fun walking a few blocks over to a democrat call center/volunteer building.

Kulongoski: You can tell he's on the side of illegal aliens!

Democrats: We're the party that hates the most successful retailer ever! Actually, we hate all forms of success.

As we walked around, our green hat wearing communist friends ("legal observers" according to their hats) gave chase with their cameras. (scroll down to see more pictures of these guys)

This is so you democrats remember during your voter registration: illegal aliens can't vote!

NOTE: Want to help us elect representatives who feel the same way you do about illegal aliens and are willing to vote that way? Donate to the Oregonians for Immigration Reform PAC.


Anonymous said...

Check out today's Columbian headlines....2 men with Spanish names tried to kidnap a 4 year-old girl from a mobile home park. The attempt was foiled by a resident & they were taken to jail. Now, wouldn't it be a good thing to know if these perps are illegal. So many crimes are being committed by illegals. When are they going to be rounded up & shipped back??

Anonymous said...

Evidently Mr. Saxton doesn't have problems hiring illegal aliens to do his dirty work around the grape farm. Ron Saxton, everything to everybody.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Ron Saxton has a problem with hiring illegal aliens. Don't be obtuse Anon 8:24. The problem is getting really bad. With so many running around loose it's hard to tell who's legal or illegal.

Bryan Saxton said...

Right. It's not Saxton's fault, even though he so adimantly opposes illegal immigration. You would think that if he cared so much about illegal immigration that he would have checked the background of all his workers.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago it was limited as to how to check ID. Bill Clinton fought against every ID bill, as the Democrats do to this day. Illegal Aliens are masters at Identity Fraud, they have to be.

Today we have the Basic Pilot Program so every Employer can check ID in seconds.

Saxton said the State would use this to check ID when hiring people and companies that contract with the state.

Ron isn't perfect but Ted has done nothing but support every Bill that would help Illegal Aliens.
Why dis on Ron?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 7:32 is right about Teddy the K and his opposing any and all ID bills that came his way. But he also did nothing about getting Kate Brown and Peter Courtney off their butts to get Jessica's Law going in the Oregon congress. Now, in his ads, he is trying to take credit for getting it passed, when all he did was sign the bill when it came to his desk after a special session to get it passed in both houses.

And the caption under the anti-WalMart Picture is right with this exception. The Dems are against anyone having any success, except when they are successful. Then, and only then, are they all for it. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:51PM, illegal immigrants come to the United States to commit crimes and make our lives miserable (in this case, the lives of that 4-year old girl and her family). Point proven.

I'm soundling like a broken record with that quote.

Anonymous said...

The Minutemen standing on Burnside looked like the Village People, with a couple of low-quality female hangers-on.

Daniel's homoerotic fascination with the day laborers was on display.

Sooner or later, he'll be out of the closet.

Bryan Saxton said...

Anon 4:14-

That was unnecessary.


Generalizations like the one you just made are without credit. The number of illegals charged with violent crime is consistant with the amount of native citizens charged with the same.

terry said...

Stats I'd LOVE to see:

1) What is the homeownership rate of working-age (18-65) Wal*Mart employees?

2) What is the marriage rate of (especially male) Wal*Mart employees?

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the illegal immigrants and the number of crimes will drop. Do the math.

Bryan Saxton said...

Perhaps, but not significantly enough to matter. You'd get the same results if you were to kill off that many random people.

Elizabeth said...

You know what is so ridiculous about the green hat people is that they think they are doing something important. We all know that they are anti-American, anti-freedom of speech (well only if you oppose their views), anti-freedom and against anyone who dare stand up for what is right. Besides, it's really hard to take someone seriously when they are wearing neon green hats and following free citizens, taking notes on their every move. BTW, I emailed their group and asked them what their objective was for this, and they have not responded, guess they cannot think of a really good answer (quick, someone get and extinguisher I smell smoke, OH NO THE LAWYERS HEADS ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!).