Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hey, did you know that some Republicans are bad people?

The comments section here has turned into something very interesting. It now almost entirely consists of people who claim to be Republicans who are now insisting that Republicans are the most evil party on earth. (a list of Republicans who have molested children is then copy and pasted over and over and over and over)

Fine. I don't care if you hate Republicans. (whether or not you ever were one) And yes, you can provide a list of Republicans who have molested children. You could also provide a list of Democrats, teachers, doctors, lawyers, clergy, accountants, etc that have molested children.

People who molest children should be given life in prison without possibility of parole. Now which political party supports that idea?

Second, (not that I believe that you are Republicans anyways) you change the party from within. It's called a primary. It's called the party platform. There are lot's of things that I don't like about individual members of the R side. Some of their votes, positions, actions, behaviors, etc absolutely disgust me.

But as a whole the Republican party is in a better position to make the changes (or leave things alone) that will be better for my family and this country than any of the other political parties.

Like I said, I don't care what you want to do with your vote. I don't think that you ever voted the way I do in the first place. But let's pretend that you did and now you want to throw your vote away on a third party candidate, that's fine. I'm not sure why you keep telling me about it. I'm just going to laugh at you like all conservatives laughed at people who voted for Nader.


Playin' Possum said...

I'm not sure what the topic is, but here are two interesting items that fit your blog:

Mickey Klaus, blogging on the Klausfiles over at Slate is floating speculation Bush is going to veto - probably pocket veto - the fence bill. It seems he signed the Homeland Security appropriations bill last week but hasn't signed the Secure Fences Act, and the time id almost up.

Then there is this:

"Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy's"

It seems there was a program to help employed illegal aliens with special qualifications become citizens. A bunch of aliens signed up for the program, the company signed, the aliens paid a fee... And the attorneys for the resturaunt botched the filings...

Wendy's bought the offending company and is now on the hook...

You know, whether you favor amnesty or not, incidents like this make it a lot harder for amnesty to work. The illegal aliens have to be able to trust the offer, or they will just stay hid...

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: I have to agree completely with your statements. The thing that really gets to me is that the self-righteous liberal Dumocrats are painting the Republicans as the only ones in government that have corrupt politicians and that they, the Democrats are without "sin", therefore they are morally obligated to cast the first stone, as it were, along with a couple of truck loads of stones to follow.

But, any right-thinking American knows full well that the Democrat party is not without it's evil-doers. They, the Dumocrats, conveniently ignore their prominent "sinners": Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedrunk, Mel Reynolds, Stubbs, Barney Frank, John "I love Jane Fonda" Kerry, to nem just a few.

The Republican creeps, like Foley, go off into much needed and well deserved obscurity. The Democrat creeps, however, just keep getting reelected.

Why is that?

Bryan Saxton said...

"I'm just going to laugh at you like all conservatives laughed at people who voted for Nader."

Apparently this is what happens to people who hold to their convictions.

Anonymous said...

daniel pwned you

Playin' Possum said...

Sorry, Scottiebill...

Since you insist on bringing it up, nobody - nobody on either side of the aisle has ever done anything generally considered as unacceptable as this.

Foley is a new low, period. The queers on the other side of the aisle have had their moments, but nothing like this.

And nobody has ever been caught trying to ignore something this big, either.

Hastert is a disgrace and he should be toast. He certainly knew about this a long time ago. And because the Repubs on the page committee - who knew - deliberately chose to not inform their Democratic colleagues, they are off the hook - even though some of them must have known...

The only people left cheering are from NAMBLA...

And get off Slick Willie and Uncle Ted... Their whoring was all between consenting adults... And most of us aren't concerned about that...

Finally, would you please take a grammar class?

Scott said...

Since you insist on bringing it up, nobody - nobody on either side of the aisle has ever done anything generally considered as unacceptable as this.

Then this doesn't count?

Playin' Possum said...

No Scott, not really.

First, neither situation involved outright generic predatory tactics, cultivating, promiscuity, etc. Foley isn't just involved in an illicit relationship, he's frankly a pervert...

Crane hooked up with somebody of the opposite sex, which is... Normal... 17 is legal, even if the rest of the circumstances stank. Back then, I think you will find the laws on fraternizing were less strict. I don't have time to look that up, and if you find I'm wrong, sing out. But the point is there is a difference between moral - which is in the eye of the beholder - and illegal.

Studds relationship was found to be consensual, and was normal - at least for him. A lot of Gays are gay by inheritance... Face it... Not all of them are reenacting a boyhood trauma perpetrated by a religious authority figure...


Both of the cases under discussion were discovered and dealt with according to the rules of the House. In neither case was there an attempt by upper echelons to cover it up for a transparently political purpose. This coverup is as ugly as the perversion.

As sympathy for the devil, I'll add that in neither case was the release of the information so perfectly timed to be a political bomb...

Anonymous said...


You can shill for the status quo in the party all you want. The Republican Party--this current leadership and ALL the scandels that go along with it need to go. You can say we are "not Republicans" and that is fine. Your blind support of those that are contributing to the demise of our wonderful country just shows your own corrupt past as an illecit drug salesman.

Anonymous said...

The latest news is that Foley had sex with an ex-page. If I had to bet the trailer, I would say that with his lewd and sexually explicit messages to underage boys that he probably had sex with others not of adult age, as well.

The looming fact that Hastert and other GOP (Fordham, Alexander, Boehner, Reynolds) leadership knew calls in to question our claims of moral highground over the Democrats.

Say what you want but this is something I can't tolerate in a party I so identify.


Anonymous said...

Point well said, Daniel. It is the individual, not the party that is entirely at fault and to blame. The Republicans never went on a rampage to accuse every Oregon Democrat governor as a pedophile because of Neil Goldschmidt's wrongdoings for having sex with a fourteen-year old babysitter repeatedly in the 1970's.

In April, I spent twenty minutes on the phone with my Democrat Oregon state representative, Carolyn Tomei, discussing her reason to vote against Oregon's version of "Jessica's law" which is the penalties of sexual assault and rape of a minor under the age of 12. Ms. Tomei was one of the six representatives that voted against that bill in the special sessin in April, 2006. She fears that the penalties are too harsh for the first time offenders and allows judges no flexibility. I digress and gave Ms. Tomei my viewpoint to lock up the pedophiles and throw away the key.

To be fair, I don't like Republican Gordon Smith and President George W. Bush's stance on illegal immigration, provididng amnesty and guest worker programs either.

Third point, earlier this week The Oregonian ran a story on how to boost voter registration and turnouts. One interviewee refused to register to vote because he was "too lazy." A wasted vote is one who refuses to vote at all, like the progressive and socialistic nutjobs in Portland but then find time to stage protest and rallies, and possibly invoke riots, because of a current sitting administration.

Crackpot said...

Oy. One of the oldest tricks in the book of politics. A member of one party does something dispicable, attempt to smear all members of that party with one big, stinky brush. It's caveman politics at it's finest.
"Democrat good! Republican bad!" in this particular case. For a moment, Democrats get to pretend their party is morally superior, until one of theirs in inevitably caught. Then the whole damned thing starts all over again.

Personally, some freaky congressman who like to send salacious text messages to teenage boys ranks pretty low on my list of concerns at the moment. Deal with it and move on.

Continuing to harp on the Foley case is nothing more than a partisan distraction at our expense- the voters.

This rant sponsored by Cutty Sark Original Scots Whisky.

Good post, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Possum is obviously another one of those Dems who are pissed off that Republicans aren't defending Foley. So, he makes a patently absurd argument in the hopes he can get some quotes of Republicans defending Foley.

Congressmen on both sides of the aisle have done far worse than Foley. That doesn't excuse Foley one bit. WE all know that, but for some reason the Democrats are having trouble grasping that position. Go figure.

Scottiebill said...

Thank you, Crackpot 4:36 and Anonymous 5:04. There is no way I could have said it better.

And, possum, I know my grammar isn't perfect. But I would be willing to bet that you aren't either.

Scottiebill said...

One other thing, possum. Why are you Dumocrats always willing to get your back up about the unsavory antics of your very own idols. Is it because you want to forget, conveniently, about their misdeeds from some years ago, whether it was between consenting adults or not, so that you can go on in your own little narrow minded world and blithely proclaim that Dumocrats are good through and through and that Republicans are evil through and through? And, of course you aren't concerned with the various and sundry misdeeds of Clinton, Kennedrunk, and Frank. That is because you don't like being reminded of their actions.

You liberal Dumocrats really need to admit that you really aren't as perfect as your leaders, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, say you are.

And, BTW, Mel Reynolds was pardoned by Clinto an his last day in office. And now Reynolds is in the Jesse Jackson camp being an Obedient and Subservient Toady for the black community's leading racist. Surely that should tell you something about all three men.

Send Denny Home to Mama said...

Well, Crackpot, your lack of concern for pedophiles loose in the Republican pary is echoed by Denny "Political Power over Pedophilia" Hastert and the GOP leadership. You are definately among friend with that bunch.

Setting aside the countless scandels of sexual immorality of the Old GOP, maybe one of the listed beLOW ranks as a possible concern for you. Knowing you as a good little Republican, I am sure they don't even cross your radar. And you guys wonder why real Conservatives are leaving the GOP for third parties.

* Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force was investigated by the GAO and the case is currently pending at the Supreme Court.
* The Plame Game is under investigation by the Justice Department.
* Bush's Medicare scam and the circumstances that led the administration to lie to Congress about the cost of the legislation is under investigation by the HHS inspector general's office.
* The massive intelligence failure that led Bush to lie to the world about the Iraqi threat is under investigation by a congressionally-authorized independent commission (which Bush fought the creation of)
* Bribes offered on the House floor to Rep. Nick Smith (R-Mich.) in exchange for his vote on Bush's Medicare plan are under investigation by the House Ethics Committee and the Justice Department.
* Attorney General John Ashcroft was under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for violating campaign finance laws in 2000, and the FEC concluded that Ashcroft accepted $110,000 in illegal contributions.
* An investigation into House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's criminal fundraising schemes in Texas — which allegedly used corporate funds to help state GOP lawmakers — is already before a Texas grand jury.
* Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee were investigated for stealing thousands of confidential memos from Dem computers, a matter that has now been referred to the Justice Department for a possible criminal probe.
* Republican Connecticut Gov. John Rowland is under a criminal investigation (and an impeachment investigation) after he lied about prominent state contractors and several government aides paying for refurbishments to his lake-front cottage.
* Former Rep. Bill Janklow (R-S.D.) was under investigation for vehicular manslaughter, a crime for which he was later convicted.
* The Pentagon launched a formal investigation into well-armed evangelist and three-star General William "Jerry" Boykin, Bush's pick for deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, and his record of extreme religious rhetoric.
* California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was investigated for violating state campaign finance laws, a charge for which he was later found guilty by a state judge. The state has a $100,000 cap on candidate loans; Schwarzenegger loaned himself over $4 million in the closing days of his campaign.
* The forged documents that led Bush to inaccurately claim that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from Niger are under investigation by a Senate committee and the FBI.
* John Korsmo, Bush's choice to chair the Federal Housing Finance Board, is the target of an ongoing Justice Department criminal probe related to his political fundraising activities and their subsequent cover-up. The scandal cost Korsmo his career; he was forced to resign from his position last week.
* The Texas GOP's decision to seek assistance from the FAA to track down Democratic lawmakers fleeing the state to deny a legislative quorum was the subject of two formal inquiries — one from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the other from the Department of Homeland Security.
* The General Accounting Office is investigating the legality of White House "video news releases" — news-like proganda paid for with tax dollars — which contain highly questionable claims about the alleged benefits of Bush's Medicare plan.
* The Treasury Department's inspector general's office has launched a "preliminary" investigation into whether officials were misused to calculate data for GOP talking points on John Kerry's tax proposals.
* The Federal Election Commission investigated the National Republican Congressional Committee and determined that the GOP illegally transferred donations to outside independent groups for assistance in the 2000 campaign. The NRCC was fined $280,000.


Daniel said...

So Foley is a pervert and should be prosecuted and Cheney is being investigated. Is this a reason to not vote for Kim Thatcher(R) here in Oregon?

Throw out the bums who are liars, corrupt, abusive, etc (there may not be many left) but don't tar everyone with the scandals of a few.

kS said...

The Democrats have more bad people. Both parties are out of touch with the people. However, the Repubs care more about our security and are more effective at fighting the war on terrorism. North Korea just launched a nuke. That will get people away from being obsessed by Foley's bad.

Foley probably did not even break a law, as his email and IM's were sent to a page who was not under age of consent. Just shows that both sides screw up - so its the choice of the lesser of two evils. This story is gradually going away - especially with North Korea and more so when the next October surprise occurs.

Anonymous said...

Time to put a boot up Kim Jong I'l ass. We must deal with nutjobs like Kim Jong Il. We also need to keep check on our government and this country that continue to maintain law and order. There is never an excuse to use an overseas international incident to as a reason to cause disobedinece and civil unrest in our country.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, some people simply don't get it - there are scumbags everywhere. Foley is a scumbag who deserves the maximum penalty available to him. How come the "left" isn't showing compassion for this dude's "mental" problems. I mean, he just needs help, right?

Anyone who covered for Foley should be held to account and not be in office.

And it would be nice if the Left stopped playing the gotchya game. This thing about Foley has to even transcend its way into Oregon politics. Bullshit. These people are sick in their own right. You know what I say by now, don't you? F 'em!

Angry Ex-Republican said...

Foleygate is going away? Don't think so. It is not only affecting GOP races nationwide, but overcoming any messages the party is trying to get out.

Look, lets be honest, the current Republicans as a whole have done very little to keep this nation safe. If you call the Iraq distraction a successful war on terror, you must be either a status quo GOP operative or an idiot. The whole mess is a complete waste of money, resources and lives, not to mention an utter failure. Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda is still at large making more videos than Brittany Spears. In addition new shoots of islamic terrorist groups are being formed faster than they can be snuffed out. And you call this a GOP success. No wonder the majority of Americans would rather have Dems in control.

Afganistan is being ruled again by the Taliban and Musharof is making deals with them to placate his own people and you are pleased. Aside from that, you have American Soldiers being wasted for nothing in Iraq and Afganistan, all the while Haliburton is ripping off the American Taxpayer. If that is what you call "keeping our nation safe", I suspect you must be as down sydrome in the mind as Ron Saxton looks in the face.

One final thing about "Republicans caring" about security, you could have fooled me. They constantly vote against giving our soldiers the protective equipment they need. So much so, that Cher has to go spend her own money and beg on national TV for folks to send money. In addition, all the benifits that have been cut to our vets shows not a concern for those that keep us safe, but a disdain for those. Where is the Republican lead Congress on this? I'll tell you, they are too busy ducking and dodging every sex, money and ethics scandal that pops up. This current GOP is and has always been more concerned about maintaining power and the status quo.

And then there is Kim Jong say we are going to take on South Korea? With what, we can't even secure Iraq and Afganistan. The U.S. military is so stretched that they can't even deal with a flood in a third world nation, let alone another military conflict. Kim Jong Ill knows this and has us by the balls. If this is what you call "care[ing] more about our security". Damn, you need to wake up.

I agree, the old GOP should be disolved and recreated with those that are actual conservative Republicans that care more about the direction of our nation than their own personal power.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - what should be the minimum sentence for someone convicted of gang-banging and drug-dealing?

Scottiebill said...

Ex-Republican: I can agree with you in some ways about the Republican party. However, your comments can also be directed equally toward the Democrat party. Although the Foley scandal is a Republican party problem and must be dealt with by the Republican leadership without the carping, back-biting, and name calling by the Democrats and their lap dogs, the liberal media.

I have to agree also that the Republican party needs to be reorganized and rebuilt from the ground up. But, again, the same can be said for the Democrats.

I really don't know what the solution to all this will be, or should be. But, in the end, I think the Republicans will come out on top. Hastert resigning now would be no solution at all. The Congress is in recess until after the elections next month, so his resignation now would be moot at best. Let's wait until after November 7 to see what shakes out. With any luck, the Republicans will keep control of both Houses. If we lose the House to the Dems, Nancy Pelosi will be named Speaker, probably. If that happens, look for all kinds of things to happen, little of which will be good. Pelosi is nothing more than a power hungry demigogue who will do anything she can to have her way, and failing that she will look for someone to hang out to dry when her wishes are not met to the letter. All this is just my opinion only.

I have read that the difference between politicians and statesmen is that politicians look forward to the next election, while statesmen look forward to the next generation. One thing is certain here. There are NO statesmen in either House of Congress today.

Anonymous said...

All politicians--Democrat and Republican--do things that make them subject to scandal every now and again. It seems to go with the job, frankly.

Here's the difference, as I see it: when Republicans get caught up in a scandal and the press calls them on it, they realize they will not be supported in their misadventures by their party. They therefore apologize publicly and/or resign immediately, thus ending the scandal.

When Democrats get caught up in a scandal and the press calls them on it (rare in itself, I might add), they know their party will support them--right or wrong. They therefore lie, dig in with their heels, and refuse to apologize or to resign, because keeping hold of power is more important to them than anything else.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Anonymous said...

So when is Denny "Political Power over Pedophilia" Hastert gonna resign or appoligize for knowing and doing nothing about Foley? Annon 1:16, you are as Down Syndrome in the mind as Ron Saxton looks.

DANEgerus said...

It's just a variation on the "I used to be a Republican Butt"-heads lie.

The bottom line?

This doesn't sell the Lefties... it is Lefties trying to discourage conservatives from voting.

So who among you are willing to allow the (D)'s to discourage you?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 1:16 -- You didn't mention that the Dumocrats, while digging in their heels and fighting back with all their attacks against their accusers, they also KEEP ON GETTING ELECTED. It, therefore, appears that their consitituents approve of their past misbehavior. Two good examples are Teddy Kennedrunk and Barney Frank, for starters

terry said...

Yes, Daniel, the Republican party is probably in favor of more redistribution to middle class families than the Democrat party is. Better yet, they can then use this redistribution (e.g. $1,000 child tax credits) to say they have increased the share of taxes paid by the rich. Is this a great country or what?