Friday, October 06, 2006

light-hearted friday

People for the Opressive Treatment of Animals: Animals put to work.
Unlike their annoying PeTA counterparts, PoTA, stands for the oppresive treatment of animals. And as a proud member, you should create an image depicting animals being put to work. Animals have had it made for too long. It's time they started paying their way in life, and paying it dearly. Your entry should be done in a way that suggests cruelty to animals, and would thus make PeTA howl. There will undoubtedly be some of you who find this contest offensive, but I assure you it's all in good fun. We're not condoning violence to animals - we're condoning pissing off and annoying PeTA people.

I occasionally like going to a sight called Some very good photoshop work there and the POTA gallery is hilarious. (political drag is also pretty good) Take a look at the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Giraffe apple pickers? That could put the illegal immigrants out of work and send them packin' back home! Really cool and hillarious photos. Thanks for sharing.

Daniel said...

That's exactly what I thought when I saw that picture! Great minds think alike...

Laughing Tao said...

POTA, interesting. You should probably get a dictionary and learn how to spell oppressive before you go using it in a play on acronyms. The POTA thing is funny, but not as funny as the GOP (Grand Ol' Pedophiles) imploding almost hourly.

In the latest version of GOP tragedy, you have State Senator Thomas H. Kean Jr., the Republican candidate for United States Senate in New Jersey, calling today for House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign over the Mark Foley scandal.

But, just as Kean is trying to get the drop on his own party, the news breaks that Republican state Sen. Kean accepted $213,025 from employees of the same firms he wanted to remove from the process: those doing business with the state or its authorities. Yes, that is correct, Senator Kean introduced a bill that would ban all donations by government contractors to state political candidates, but is accepting funds from them. Wha-wha-what!

You know, a person couldn't make up this stuff. You guys are the kings of scandal—Hollywood doesn’t have anything on you What is it like one a day now. Damn!

Vote GOP! The party of sleaze, corruption, hypocrisy, scandal and contradiction will save the world.


Kean accepted contributions from firms he had sought to ban

StandingApart From His Party, Kean Calls for House Speaker to Step Down

Bryan Saxton said...

Laughing Tao:

I never thought I'd say this on this blog, but stay on topic please.

Personally, I find POTA funny. I like animals (especailly eating them). However, I do respect people who support PETA (even if I don't condone their methods of attracting attention).

Anonymous said...

You know, a person couldn't make up this stuff

No Sh*t. I have been a registerded Republican my whole life (52) and never have I seen such scandle that I have with this current bunch. Not to mention the diversion to nominating a liberal for the GOP candidate for Governor.

This party needs change, and fast. I cannot and will not in good conscience vote for this party until the necessary changes, be they purges are made.


Anonymous said...

light hearted???

Security moms desert Republicans over sex scandal

Sarah Baxter

THE scandal over lewd messages sent by a closet gay politician to teenage boys in Congress has hit Republican support among “security moms” and evangelical voters — two groups that the party was counting on to win elections next month.
The sleaze surrounding Mark Foley, a Florida congressman and campaigner against internet paedophilia and child exploitation, has narrowed the “God gap” in politics between Republicans and Democrats.

A poll last week showed that 57% of white evangelicals are likely to vote Republican in the congressional elections, 21 points down on 2004.

Family values conservatives have led calls for the resignation of Dennis Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, for failing to take action against Foley before news of his predatory behaviour towards “pages” — schoolboys on work experience — became public.

“It is enough for me that Republican leaders knew that a parent and child had lodged a complaint. They should at a minimum have questioned other pages to find out if other boys had resigned,” said Maggie Gallagher of the Institute for American Values.

Myrna Blyth, former editor of the Ladies Home Journal, was equally blunt. “So long, security mom,” she wrote of the Republican vote.

“What were those guys thinking? Every parent knows there is something very fishy about an older guy, any older guy, sending overly friendly e-mails to a 16-year-old.”

Until last week’s slew of sordid “instant messages” as well as tamer e-mails from Foley hit the news, Republicans had been confident of retaining the house and Senate even while trailing in the polls.

Bryan Saxton said...

AHH! How did this get off topic so quickly? That's the problem with a political blog; a lot of times it's hard to write about something funny without people untactfully digressing .

Anonymous said...

The "sheep paint roller" is pretty good idea too. Just don't give that "sheep roller" to the Oregon State University students in Corvallis. Great paroady site though.

Angry Ex-Republican said...

Instead of taking responsibility for allowing Foley to continue his revolting behavior, Hastert is attempting to defend himself from being forced to resign by claiming his departure as speaker would play into the hands of the Democrats and could possibly result in more Democrats defeating Republicans in next month's election.
Hastert said, "Fold my tent, and others would fold our tent; and they (Democrats) would sweep the House."
In other words, Hastert is more concerned about his party keeping control of the House of Representatives and maintaining his own personal power than he is in properly protecting outstanding young teenagers who serve as pages.
My concern as a parent and as an embarrassed American isn't about Hastert's power or his party's control of the House of Representatives. It's about people having the courage and character to do what's right. And Hastert, by most reports, failed to do what's right.

That about sums it up for me too. I won't be voting Republican either. Rich Morley, the Libertarian Candidate for Oregon Gov has my vote.

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