Thursday, October 19, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part "will this never end"

No it will not end as long as I have more pictures, videos and tales to tell.

In this video you truly see the intelligence of the typical counter-protester. He claims that we are pawns of Bush and the Chamber of Commerce... both of whom love illegal aliens!
We are pawns (4.2mb)

This video was from our short walk to the Democrat building. It's especially funny because our "handlers" have to follow us wherever we go.
Signs and Commies (3.3mb)

For any of you who are new to this and are interested in our previous protests in Cornelius you can see the parent directory of videos HERE and I would suggest doing a search of "cornelius" in the blog search box in the upper left.


Scottiebill said...

If brains were dynamite, this bunch couldn't blow their noses.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, this will never end as long as there are illegal immigrants in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Daniel you should take a look at the woodburn independants web site. There are a lot of local government office candidates responding to questions and one happens to be about illegal immigration. A lot of the responses seem canned but I realy like Mr. Ericsons answer.

Anonymous said...

The correct link is

I really liked Mike Ericson's answer, except I don't agree with guest worker programs. Carl Weineke had the worst answer, which he didn't address illegal immigrants at all, but the overall general immigration.

Then beneath all those links was this story of a typical relationships of Woodburn, Mexico--uh--Oregon.