Wednesday, October 04, 2006

They were working in agriculture

Police piece together clues in apparent drug killing
Authorities Monday were still piecing together evidence from the scene of a gunbattle last month in northeastern Oregon that left one man dead, another wounded and led to the discovery of a marijuana plantation whose street value was estimated at $3 million.

But Zuniga Torres' death may have been more complicated. He had family in Toppenish, Wash., worked on a recent cherry harvest near Pasco, Wash., and had connections as far east as New Jersey, said Brauer. He apparently was an undocumented immigrant and did not have a police record or a car.

An autopsy disclosed he was hit five or six times by bullets fired by at least two gunmen, said Brauer. He apparently shot back, and a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and at least three fallen shell casings were found near his body.

He worked on a cherry pick huh? You may remember when the cherry famers were crying about a lack of illegal aliens to hand pick their crops. (even though you can pick cherries with a machine but it leaves less stem)

Apparently in the off season our cherry pickers guard marijuana. Thank you agricultural lobby for your support of illegal aliens and the narcotics they provide.


Anonymous said...

smoke pot and get the state to sell it in the store, we would never pay another penny in state tax. have money for schools and stop crime in it's tracks.

Tim said...

Yes, they are working in agriculture, pharmaceutical agriculture that is.
As this story from the Mail Tribune reports: “Massive marijuana growing operations controlled by Mexican drug cartels have taken root in Southern Oregon as part of an increase in drug-trafficking organizations active in the state…”

The article goes on to report “Most of the methamphetamine currently sold in Oregon is manufactured outside the state and transported here from California, Mexico or the Southwest, the report said. "The money from these marijuana grows goes to meth super labs in Mexico"”
Thanks Ted, they couldn’t have done it without you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the libs will finally get upset about illegal immigration now that they are displacing dope-growing American citizens. But they'll probably just get stoned and sit on the couch watching scooby do DVD's.