Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vote Saxton

Governor's Poll
For the next four weeks OregonLive.com will keep tracking polls on the governor's race.

Four polls, four weeks, a guide to who will be the state's next governor. Each week the question is simple: Which of the major candidates, Ted Kulongoski or Ron Saxton, gets your vote?

Not only do you select the candidate but you also get to give the Fishwrapper boys a quick editorial about why you chose Saxton. (two words: illegal aliens)


Ron said...

I will vote Saxton when he turns into a Republican. We need Ron Saxton like we need another Democrat as Governor. Until then, chew on this:

Saxton’s time on the Portland School Board
(Read Note at end of this paragraph)Let’s calmly start with Ron Saxton’s vote for School Board Resolution No. 687 on November 22, 1999. That vote was to send a message to the Legislature to KEEP your income tax kicker. At the time that would have been a $421 million dollar tax increase.
Someone needs to ask whether or not Ron Saxton is still opposed to the income tax kicker. (it must be noted that we have come across some information that is in direct conflict with the point made in this paragraph. We have struggled with whether or not to pull this paragraph altogether, however we felt that if we did that without an explanation then it would not be fair to the readers. It appears that the vote we have listed here actually called for Portlanders to voluntarily contribute their kicker checks. We will be sure to offer another clarification the next time we deal with the Republican primary.)

Also don’t forget that, according to MultCo C&E reports, in 1997 Ron Saxton helped lead the campaign to raise local property taxes on homeowners and businesses by $78 million dollars.

Saxton supported the $12.6 million dollar MultCo Business Income Tax (BIT) increase measure. Measure 26-82. NOTE: This measure was especially painful because the Coyote ran the campaign to stop the increase. We went from 75% “for” and 25% “against” to, 54% “for” and 46% “against” with the smallest of campaign budgets.

While serving on the school board Saxton voted the same as then chair of the Oregon Democratic Party (Mark Abrams) and fellow school board member 98% of the time (1890 out of a total 1895 votes).

On the Portland School Board, Saxton voted to actually pay school administrators almost $500,000 for vacation and time off. Saxton argued that to not pay them would be unfair.

Saxton voted to spend over $3 million for new office furniture and travel for administrators, while cutting programs for students and eliminating over 50 teaching positions. The District's fastest growing expenses included travel, conference and non-instructional consulting expenses.

Well as if all that is not enough we are now reminded that Ron Saxton was the chair of the Portland School Board when they hired Steve Goldschmidt as a consultant for $221,000 (Goldschmidt was recently awarded $620,000 by an arbiter for his being fired by PPS). So Goldschmidt could ostensibly be Saxton's "million dollar baby," in the corner during the Republican primary.

Saxton gave personally:

-$250 to the Democratic Party of Oregon 1, 1996
(While Gordon Smith was running against Democrat Tom Bruggere)

-$500 Earl Blumenauer on June 30, 1999
(While Blumenauer was running against Republican Jeffrey Pollack)

-$1000 To Ron Wyden 22, 1998
(While Wyden was running against Republican State Senator John Lim)

-$500 To Earl Blumenauer on December 12, 1997

-$500 To Ron Wyden on May 6th 1996

-$250 To Ginny Burdick for State Senate on January 6, 1996, APRIL 17, 1996 (Twice) Then a third time on September 25, 1996.
(Burdick is a leading gun control and opponent of 2nd amendment rights)

-$500 To Earl Blumenauer on January 8, 1996
(While Blumenauer was running against Republican Scott Bruun)

-$500 To Ted Kulongoski for Attorney General in 1992

-Saxton contributed to Democrat Anitra Rasmussen’s campaign against Republican Jim Pasero in 1996. Mr. Pasero is an editor of Brainstorm Magazine.

-Saxton was named treasurer for the extremely liberal Justice Susan Leeson. She wrote the decision to release NOT RETRY convicted murderer/child molester Scott Dean Harberts on a technicality.

Daniel said...

You say "when he turns into a Republican" but then point out endless things from his past. Those would still exist at some future date after the "turnging."

I would only say to look at his current positions and decide if you think that he has already turned into a Republican... or at least enough of one to lead our state in a better direction.

Mike in Harrisburg said...

Even if Saxton's conservatism is in question, there is no question that Sleepy Ted is a raging liberal. I would vote for just about anyone other than Ted, and Saxton has the best chance of winning.

As for my comment on the OregonLive poll, I went with fiscal responsibility over illegal aliens. While illegal aliens do negatively affect us all, I'm more personally affected by the state taking half my paycheck and spending it on everything except roads and public safety.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Mary, but I'm also realistic... as a third party candidate she cannot win. So, the best choice is Ron Saxton... hands up!

CPO Dan Jezeski, USCG (Ret.)

Anonymous said...

I differ on that. Saxton is too liberal on almost all fiscal related issue and an abortionist to book. He hasn't even discussed what he will do differently for Oregon. About all I have heard from him is how bad K2 is. I know he doesn't support the Rainy Day Amendment.

What we are getting is a snow job by Saxton trying to appear Conservative and Republican, I like others, am not buying it. I guess you all have too short of memories to really see what he is up to.

I will be voting for Starrett and encourage others to do the same. She may have a couple weird notions about things, but at least she has principles and has been clear on her positions, including the Rainy Day Amendment which is very necessary for this state.

dchamil said...

Picky, picky -- we gotta vote for the lesser of two electable evils, right?

Anonymous said...

Daniel for governor!

It would make a great story: Gangbanger/Drug Dealer turned xenophobic protector of America.

AXLE said...

-Saxton was named treasurer for the extremely liberal Justice Susan Leeson. She wrote the decision to release NOT RETRY convicted murderer/child molester Scott Dean Harberts on a technicality.

This really says it all. With the Republican Party in shambles over pedophile congressmen, it is not too surprising that this doesn't matter to those in the Oregon GOP.

Gullyborg said...

If you want a laugh, click on the link to what people are saying about Kulongoski. I really cracked up at the person who said he voting for Kulongoski because he is "pro choice and pro child."

That one statement sums up the mentality of the left.

Anonymous said...

Ron Saxton will most likey do something that our current Governor, Ted Kulongoski, will not do: do something, other than sleep and dream up new "Ted Taxes."

Anonymous said...

I quite frankly find it hard to find credibility in any candidate, but with what we have to choose from it is obvious to me we at least have a chance with SAXTON and absolutely NO chance with Kulengoski for sure!!

Also we citizens who are now finally becoming engaged in the political process we have much more power than in the past to hold these candidates to accountability for what they say!!

I am voting saxton and then watching him like a hawk should he win!! In the meantime we who are becoming united through the groups being formed now, such daniels blog, OFIR, and minute men crusades we are starting to become legitmately united unlike our citizen track record of being totally removed from serious issues even to the point of allowing a mexican low life country literally take over the USA and it's people!!


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Dan.

I'm voting for Starrett. I can't vote for Saxton because he has not been forthcoming enough on positions that have no moral ambiguity.

Hopefully my vote for Starrett will let the next republican candidate know what's important to their constituency!

I hope it's not true that he gave to Blumenauer, one of the most vocal family haters in America!!

-Jake's mom