Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'll apologize in advance

Women's Center statement wasn't intended to be 'heterosexist'
In an article ("Community speaks out against abuse," ODE Oct. 6) the Women's Center made a statement explaining the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month on campus. We said, "College students are a particularly important demographic to reach out to because we are the next generation of husbands, wives, leaders and community representatives."

We realize that the statement could have been taken the wrong way. It wasn't meant to sound exclusively heterosexist in any way. We meant to include all relationship partners.

I too was offended when I first read that. I mean seriously, why didn't they include casual sex partners and carriers of HIV?

My only hope here is that one day liberals become so self-conscious about what they are saying that they shut up completely. Of course, these are the same type of people who insist that putting a crucifix in a vat of urine should be rewarded with taxpayer dollars... but heaven forbid they offend the bathhouse boys.

Maybe this on-campus celebration will be enough to appease the people who choose to be gay.


Anonymous said...

I must admit that a growing number of homosexuals (males) don't have a choice as their wiring was crossed when their mothers chose to use birth control pills which are nothing more than an over-dose of female hormones.

The hormone imbalance is to cause the woman's body to reject the pregnancy sensing the body is out of balance due to stress.

Not a good way to start a life if you are male but great if you want to become a highly emotional female

Best not mess with Mother Nature!

Anonymous said...


Bryan Saxton said...

I guess some people think they have to get involved with other people's business.

Daniel said...

I know Bryan... can't they just leave the Boy Scouts alone?

Bryan Saxton said...

Of course. Because all homosexuals are child rapists.

Bobkatt said...

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Anonymous said...

Bobkatt, the Directo a Mexico brochure doesn't recommend you to leave your money hiding under the mattress.

Anonymous said...

Apologies are good to make when correcting an error, not for giving an opinion. I tell it ike it is and screw the political correctness bullcrap.

When I do see these gay/lesbian pride parades and they're trying to raise "awareness," I don't think they have much effort to raise awareness for a massive freak show.

Anonymous said...

Alright, you have finally done it. I have been reading this blog for some time and agreed with some things and disagreed with others, but finally you have pushed me over the edge.

Your blatant characterization of homosexuals as "carriers of HIV" is both insulting and factually inaccurate. Disagree with homosexuality all you want, because, Daniel, you are entitled to your opinion and we live in a free country, but don't slander an entire group of people, for the sake of being an asshole.

Daniel said...

If HIV isn't a gay issue then why do most of the gay interest groups have it under their "issues" section?

As for being "factually innacurate" I would love to see you cite the study that shows that gay men don't make up a disproportionate share of the AIDS cases.

Kaelri said...

No one here has claimed that "HIV isn't a gay issue". Anon 11:17 has claimed that characterizing homosexuals as "carriers of HIV" is both insulting and factually inaccurate. Speak to that, don't put words in your guests' mouths.

Your second appeal is guilty of reversed logic. Homosexuals make up a disproportionate share of AIDS cases, but that doesn't mean that AIDS victims make up a disproportionate share of homosexuals. There is zero evidence to suggest that the latter is true.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a little touchy in here about gays and HIV, aren't we? Facts are facts, man. Lots of gay men in the Portland area have HIV. Don't believe me, call the state HIV program in Portland at the Oregon Health Division and ask them for stats.

All this feel good political bullshit is just that, bullshit. If you think it is safe to have sex with a gay male, then go ahead, but don't try to tell me which group tends not to have HIV or who does have HIV.

you people are so goddamned sensitive it makes me sick.

BEAR said...

hey, kaelri, thanks for continuing your leftist idiocy. It's so entertaining. Just because most hispanics in the world aren't in America, doesn't refute the fact that 56% of the illegals (and perhaps 50% of the hispanics)in this country ARE hispanics. Your "reverse logic" argument re homosexuals with aids is, as usual, more sophistry, and another attempt to change the subject and/or muddy the water. Why do you keep making yourself look so foolish? Oh, I know, you're a lefty.....sheesh.

Kaelri said...

Heh... you berate me for changing the subject 15 words after bringing up Hispanics and immigration in a post about homosexuals and AIDS?

As for my own argument, I thought the relevancy was pretty clear. Since you clearly missed the point, I'm happy to repeat it: Homosexuals make up a disproportionate share of AIDS cases, but AIDS victims do not make up a disproportionate share of homosexuals. I wrote this in response to Daniel, who seems to believe otherwise, because he used the former fact to justify the latter falsehood in his 12:25 reply to Anon's 11:17.

It's like using the fact that most prostitutes are women to slander all women as being prostitutes. It's unfair, ignorant, belligerent and childish.

BEAR said...

To make this easy for you, kid; to be homosexual is to be at high risk for carrying hiv, catching it, and/or transmitting it. Your games have no meaning in the face of this stark and dangerous reality. Denial of reality does not negate reality......sheesh....and grow up.

Kaelri said...

Well, to make this easy for you, my friend, homosexuality is psychological. It is sexual attraction towards those of the same gender, instead of the opposite gender. The point being that there is no biological difference, not counting the genes/hormones that potentially determine sexuality. But these people are just as human as you and I.

I honestly feel a sense of horror at having to point that out.

Being gay doesn't mean you can't keep your hands to yourself. Homosexuality does not correlate with a lack of morality or self-control. I can accept a lot of different opinions on a lot of issues, but this is fact. Anyone who says differently is ignorant or lying. It is reality. Denial of reality does not negate reality.

These people are human and they have the same dreams and cares and values and fears and joys that you do. Their lives are not about being gay unless someone else decides to make it that way. By saying they can't have a life with the people they love, they can't have a place in the religion to which they are loyal, they can't pick up a weapon and serve their country and defend their flag just like the rest of us. Because they're gay? Can you name a more intolerable non sequitur?

The only reason a homosexual is at higher risk of contracting AIDS is because the majority of AIDS carriers are homosexual. The risk is statistical, not inherent. Regardless of the rest of the population, any given homosexual's immune system works just like everybody else's, they've got the same logic and common sense that you do, if not more, and they have the same respect for others' lives as well as their own.

There's not very much that makes me genuinely, personally angry. I think I've made that pretty clear during my time here. But to collectively dismiss human beings who are insignificantly different from you as "the bathhouse boys?" I am sickened. I am really filled with loathing for that kind of destructive, narrow-minded laziness.

And I say again: if defending the dignity of human beings makes me a "liberal," then I am not only proud of that title, but determined to fulfill the responsibility it represents.

BEAR said...

sure, they're human, just perverted....or haven't you heard the selective outrage and hypocrisy from your fellow liberals over mark foley? BTW, I'm pleased that you admit that homosexuality is "psychological." By that you must mean that perverts are mentally disturbed, or at least deficient. NAMBLA won't agree that homosexuals can't keep their hands off minor boys, so you might do some fact-checking with that crowd......sheesh.

Kaelri said...

You misunderstand the issue with the case of Congressman Foley. First, his crime was not his homosexuality, but his pedophilia. It's not a crime to be a homosexual, it is a crime to be a sexual predator. Second, the outrage is not directed primarily at Foley. The man himself has resigned and effectively disappeared from the media's attention, which is how it should be, in my opinion. The targets here are the Republican leadership - Speaker Hastert, Congressman Doyle, and others - who seem to have known about Foley's secrets for at least a year, and either ignored it irresponsibly or, worse, actively covered it up. As such behavior contradicts your idea of patriotism and Americanism, Bear, I'd be very surprised to see you defend it. I thought we might actually be on the same side here.

"BTW, I'm pleased that you admit that homosexuality is "psychological." By that you must mean that perverts are mentally disturbed, or at least deficient."

No, I don't. For homosexuality to be a deficiency, it must have some tangible negative property or effect on one's psychological health. Please name one.

"NAMBLA won't agree that homosexuals can't keep their hands off minor boys, so you might do some fact-checking with that crowd"

If you insist:

"We condemn sexual abuse and all forms of coercion. Freely-chosen relationships differ from unwanted sex. Present laws, which focus only on the age of the participants, ignore the quality of their relationships... NAMBLA does not provide encouragement, referrals or assistance for people seeking sexual contacts. NAMBLA does not engage in any activities that violate the law, nor do we advocate that anyone else should do so."

Bryan Saxton said...


A) Rape is rape.

B) Homosexuality is psychological in the same sense that heterosexuality is psychological.

C) Actually, girls are more likely to be molested by men (1 in 3) than boys (1 in 7). It seems like heterosexuals are more likely to molest.

D) The lack of actual argument or creditable discourse you bring to any of these discussions suggests that you are a perversion of the human race.

Anonymous said...

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