Saturday, October 14, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part uno

Just got back from our very successful protest at the Portland day labor site on Burnside. I'll tease with a few pictures and captions and then do a more in depth post tonight after I get back from a Cub Scout function.

This is the typical scene when a trucks stops here. We have been able to keep the trucks from stopping, or causing them to drive away without picking anyone up, by simply taking pictures and giving information.

The illegal aliens with a "Hands across the border" show of solidarity.

The ultimate irony for people who are "looking for work" is that they are standing right next to this sign.

And we had some great signs!

More coming, including our trip to a Democrat party call center/volunteer building.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, my letter to The Oregonian was published in today's (14 Oct. 2006) paper. No sympathy for the Diaz family on their deportation and very supportive towards the government for deporting their illegal family members. I told it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I read that letter... good job!

Noah P. said...

Daniel, I Met you there at the rally. It was my first time going to any kind of rally like this. I was very happy to see how peacefull the protesters were, and I was very happy to be a part of it. Please keep me informed of any more of these type of rallys, I have many more people interested in coming. Also, if you have a minute, check out the blog I wrote on my experience at the rally.