Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pictures from the email

Why we need interior enforcement...

This is also why I cringe every time I hear a Republican acting like he is going to be tough on illegal immigration but who only wants to talk about "border enforcement" for fear of upsetting those unethical employers who happily employ the illegal aliens who make it past the guards.

No security measure is perfect (or else we would have stopped prison breaks and bank robberies a long time ago) so it's important that we have a strong disincentive for criminal aliens to not even test our border security.

Thank you Allen for the pic!


MAX Redline said...

I think that anytime you can run 3 elephants and a six-piece mariachi band around in the Rio Grande for an hour and a half and attract no attention...well, border security could be upgraded a bit.

Anonymous said...

How about next time using an Usama bin Laden impersonator and let's see if that draws the Border Patrol's attentions.

BEAR said...

hey, bj, no profiling! Just ask el gordo smith. BTW, we rec'd a recorded call from el gordo himself. He endorsed Ron Saxton. After we stopped laughing over his cheap attempt to tie himself to Saxton's coattails (vis-a-vis illegal aliens), we realized that el gordo's "endorsement" will probably cost Saxton some votes. Smith is such a rino.

Anonymous said...

I have this hunch the ladders were designed in Portland, custom made in China and sold to Raul for meth saturated cash by a Los Angeles wholesaler that is owned by a NYC investment group.

Rick Hickey said...

Interior Enforcement will only happen when OUR elected reperesentatives support the enforcement of laws or the passing of new laws (such as repealing that sanctuary law ors 181.)to make life very difficult for those that no right to be here. Please show our elected people that we want them to enforce the laws...
Jeff Kropf, 1st speaker at rally, is writing Georgia style enforcement laws, SHOW HIM WE SUPPORT HIM!

Oregonians For Immigration Reform & OR. Minuteman, Present;

Lars Larson "Live" at the Capitol (KXL Radio 750 am & All of Oregon)

Monday - Oct. 30th - 11 am - 3 pm

To include the unveiling of OFIR's 1st Billboard

Join us and meet Lars and people that want your vote.
Illegal Immigration is finally an important issue this Election.
Meet Candidates in person & hear what they plan to do for us on this issue.
Speakers invited to include:

Candidates for Governor

Candidates for Oregon House & Senate

Candidates for U.S. Congress

SHOW UP & SHOW the people in the Capitol & Radio & TV,
We want Oregon to STOP encouraging Illegal Immigration!


Limited Seating Provided. Please bring Signs, Water, Umbrella & Lots of Friends.
Rick says, "This election is a great opportunity to get the right people in office, that will make a difference."
"If Illegal Aliens can take the day off to Rally, I hope you can too."

Oregonians For Immigration
OFIR is a registered Non-Profit and a PAC. Your PAC donation can be a Tax Credit.

DANEgerus said...

Slightly OT note

So I'm reading my voter's pamphlet and noticed Measure 44:

Allows Any Oregon Resident Without Prescription Drug Coverage to Participate in Oregon Prescription Drug Program

Notice... "Any Oregon Resident"... not "Citizen"... "Resident".

So a working stiff like me has a prescription deductable of $10 but a non-citizen who broke the law to cross into America, and must commit ID fraud felonies to work in this state, undercutting the wages of Citizens and keeping our state's unemployment higher then the national average has a prescription deductable of $2.

(D)emocrats want Illegals to provide the votes Americans Won't!