Sunday, October 22, 2006

Greedy capitalist and some worthy causes

You may notice the addition of some new buttons on my sidebar. Simply click on them and put in your credit card info and happiness will follow. No, seriously, I've decided to add a tip jar to my blog for various reasons. Feel free to donate in any amount or not. (But before you decide "not" think of me driving early in the morning to a day labor protest, using my own gas, missing my family... I was born in an orphanage and government is the answer to everything... oh wait, that's a Kulongoski ad, never mind.)

Second, I put the donation button up for Oregonians for Immigration Reform. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to stand up with a unified voice (and unified dollar) to help elect politicians, get the message out (watch for a new billboard) and educate voters then please throw a few dollars their way.

I am also going to put up a button for the Oregon Minutemen. My friend Michael has been paying the expenses out of his own pocket and doing some great work. Let's help him out. (as soon as he sends me the HTML for the button)

So pay up...


Rick said...

Ya might want to set it up so that they come up when somebody clicks on a RSS Feed link. I did not see them till I went to your home page.

Daniel said...

Hadn't thought about that. Thanks for the info.

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel, Thank you for the help. The OFIR PAC has collected a bunch of money to help the right candidates get elected and will always need more to cover expenses like phones and mail.
My favorite part is that it is a Tax Credit of $50 or $100 for a couple.
Now who wouldn't want Oregon Gov't to get a little less of your money to waste? AND it goes to a better cause.
And yes we are all volunteers, no one is paid any salary.

Anonymous said...

here is my tip--you will get my money when you pry it from my cold dead hands

Kristopher said...

Hey, anon coward:

Tell us how much money you won't be giving ... some folks may want to make matching contributions on your behalf.

Bryan Saxton said...

Anon 10:27-

Nobody is asking you to.

Anon 10:39-



I think what you are doing as far as collecting donations is a great idea (even if I disagree with the ideology).

Daniel said...

Thank you Bryan, even though we may disagree on most things I've enjoyed reading your comments. You and Kaelri have distiguished yourselves as people who are actually willing to dialogue.

Daniel said...

And I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everyone that even Mike Mayhem agreed with me one time!