Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Morning Update

All the important stuff in the amount of time I have until I go to work.

Kids are fat, it must be governments problem
Because Oregon kids are growing out faster than they are growing up, public schools must get students exercising and remove the temptation of junk food, child advocates say.

No responsibility on the parents. Noooo. Can't have that. It's the job of the schools to raise the kids. As for "removing the temptation," what kind of life lesson is that teaching? How about a little something called self-control.

Socialists are convinced it's a conspiracy that keeps them from being elected in Oregon
It does so through of a welter of election laws that impose arbitrary and prohibitive signature requirements for independent and third-party candidates, deadlines for filing nominating petitions that are designed to block rather than facilitate ballot access, and a corporate-controlled media that systematically excludes critical viewpoints—especially those of socialists.”

Socialists are positive that they would be elected if it wasn't for all those rules and requirments. It has nothing to do with their views on the issues.

Note: This is very similair to the way that the media and democrats react to the successful nomination of Justice Alito. They insist that he was confirmed because people just "didn't know" he was such a conservative. Right, there is no chance that people wanted him confirmed because he was a conservative. At least not in their minds.

State loses $2.32 million in tax revenue
Oregonians donated a record $2.32 million to the Oregon Cultural Trust in 2005, 16 percent more than they donated in 2004, Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Tuesday.

Our fearless leader portrays this as a victory for art. I say it's a loss for public safety and other real government mandates. (Every donation is a tax deduction, these are dollars taken from the general fund)


Ric said...

I thought the kids are fat because we no longer allow them to participate in recess or gym class every day.

They cannot be allowed to walk to school.

They are not allowed to play outside.

And, that and the speed so many of them are forced to take. (Ritalin etc)

Anonymous said...

The people voted for Alito? Hmm, I must have missed that vote. I was under the impression that Senate were the ones who voted for Alito.

Sailor Republica said...

And the Senate is a direct representation of the people.

Please go take Civics 101 again, do not pass go, do not get $200.

Anonymous said...

Yes but, Fat Illegal Aliens are easier for the Police dogs to catch.

Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of civics anime boy, but semantics. The Senate are representatives of the people, not representative of them.