Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mannix the Mexican

Even though Mannix's campaign manager isn't quite sure what an illegal alien is, and while I still have a grudge over this incident, I was still surprised to find Mannix having his photo next to a bunch of Mexican flags!

Taken from this page. Mannix isn't reaching out to Hispanics with that picture, he is reaching out to Mexicans! Curious, because Mexicans can't vote in our elections.


BEAR said...

mannix is a panderer. he flip-flopped on immigration immediately after his loss to teddy. he wanted to lead the oregon rep. party, and within days became a big apologist for illegal aliens. ask lars.
saxton got killed in the last primary for being an obvious rino. this time he will say ANYTHING to get through the primary. he is still a rino. my money and my vote are going to Jason A.

Sailor Republica said...

Spread the news to EVERYone.

And if they don't believe you, find an Atkinson speaking engagement and take them to it. Have them hear him for themselves.

Greg said...

There was a time when I thought Kevin Mannix was the closest thing to "The Answer" that Oregon had going and he got his butt kicked mainly because of his failure to be decisive and clear in his beliefs.

Now here he comes again with a just tell 'em what they want to hear approach. Again with no action plan and no clear agenda.

I get the feeling he believes if he doesn't get the Illegal Alien vote, he can't win the election. I know 1 vote he won't get.

Mr. Atkinson, you need to get it done for us!

Sue K. said...

Daniel, Sorry but this is a little off topic here. Well, it is starting to happen here in Corvallis. The Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis has an opening for a Hispanic/Latino Outreach Coordinator! Go to their website and read the job description.....interesting. I don't know how to post it here in its entirety. Why is it that a job opening can be advertised for a certain group of people? If the job opening said a White Outreach Coordinator, do you think others would complain? I do. I feel mighty discriminated against these days.

Daniel said...

Glad to hear that everyone is on the same page here.

Sue K.: It is my firm belief that Hispanics want the same things that other Americans want. They aren't different. Hispanic Republicans want lower taxes, smaller government, no gay marriage, private property rights, etc. They don't need you to speak Spanish to them and you don't need to wave Mexican flags at them.

I believe the same to be true for the contituents of the Boys and Girls club. Hispanic kids don't have different needs that other kids. To say otherwise just seems racist. You are right on.

Bill H said...

Bill H.
Mannix's cozying up to the illegal Mexicans is not the only reason to vote against him and for Atkinson. Mannix 's principles are suspect and he has no agenda except to be elected.

gullyborg said...

some of my ancestors were Mexican. they came here to become AMERICAN. they gave up the Spanish language in favor of English and assimilated to our culture without asking anyone to adapt to theirs. I think they would be turning in their graves if they could see what is going on today.

as for Mannix--yes, I voted for him in 2002, not knowing who or what he really way, and mostly because he wasn't Kulongoski. now I realize that he is a life long democRat who only became a Republican because the democRats would never grant him a primary win with his radical pro-life views.

listen to this very carefully:

I am pretty much a pro-life kind of guy. I am in favor of pro-life candidates winning elections. But there is pro-life, and there is radical pro-life. No matter what my personal views are, I recognize that any candidate who wants a blanket ban on all abortions even to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest is NEVER going to win a statewide election in Oregon. Mannix went that far in 2002 in order to win over the far far right, which was all he needed to win a 3 way primary against a liberal and a moderate. During the general election, when he had to appeal to both conservatives and moderates in order to win, he couldn't escape the radical pro-life label he himself created--and so he lost.

Now Mannix is trying to win over the Hispanic groups--but by doing so, he will never be able to escape the label he is sticking on himself: the label of a pro-illegal alien, soft on borders and law enforcement, pandering slime. He'll talk a good talk about cracking down on illegal immigration when he has the mike on Lars, but his true nature will never escape him.

Mannix needs to come in third this primary. It's the only way to ensure that he will drop out of politics once and for all, clearing the way for a new generation of real conservatives.

Playin' Possum said...

"Curious, because Mexicans can't vote in our elections."

Are you sure? :-)

Have to disagree partly on the outreach coordinator. While the whole "outreach" concept is suspect - why do you need to drum up demand? - if you're going to do it you need to do it in Spanish.

I follow job trends here in WA. There are constantly professional positions - sciences, etc - going untaken in Eastern WA that require Spanish proficiency.

You don't have to like it, but only a fool ignores it. We will be bi-lingual or perhaps multi-lingual by 2050.

Jim in KFalls said...

Whats curious to me is why Mannix is "reaching out to the mexicans". Does he think the register as republican and will be able to secure him a victory in the primary? - Not likely.

I would start to worry when he or his staff begins helping them register to vote.

MikeTheBearChavez said...

In a radio interview I did with Mannix the last time her ran, I leaned over to him and point blank said, YOU CAN'T WIN. YOU WILL NEVER WIN. He asked why I thought that and I said, your not a Conservative. His chunky manager at the time kept on doing the throat slice thing to cut the interview.

MANNIX is nothing more than a spoiler. He panders to much on the side of the left. I am on the Southern Oregon coast, they don't like him here at all.

Allen said...

All that Kevin needs now is a good recipe for Cooked Goose!

You get to choose the stuffing.

Anonymous said...

yeah, well on Lars today, your buddy Atkinson said he was in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, so I guess I'm voting for Ron.

Gullyborg said...

Well, since I was ON THE PHONE when the topic came up, let me tell you that you are a lying slime out to smear Jason.

The question was about Bush's immigration plan, and the problem isn't Jason, but Bush's saying one thing and doing another. Bush's plan supposedly opposes amnesty. Jason said he likes Bush's plan. But some people (like me) fear Bush is using political doublespeak.

I am certain, based on everything else Jason has said, that he opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and is only supporting legal immigration. Now, as the child of immigrants, I challenge you to tell me that legal immigration is somehow a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

This blogosphere is rapidly degenerating into a big "Atkinson Propaganda" agency. It's getting to be worse than Tass.

I heard Lars today. I heard Atkinson defend "The Presiden'ts guest worker program" which, until he said it, all ot the Atkinson bloggers were of one accord against the President's plan.

Now that Atkinson said it, you can't bring yourself to condemn it, but rather want to nuance it and defend the indefensible. That goes STRAIGHT to your credibility to speak on the governor's race.

As if that wasn't enough, undercover Atkinson representative Tim Bernasek of the Farm Bureau (spoke as Jasons official representative at the Washington GOP meetup) called up to say that the program was good, that really they (he and Jason) had been working on a plan (remember Jason started to say he was working on a plan in the legislature).

Pressed as to the details, asked if the plan would require illegals to be sent back to their own country, Tim REFUSED to say that. So much for calling to defend your buddy.

Now, the Kool-Aid is a' flowin' on the blogs trying to do damage control. Why not, instead of selling your own credibility up the river, just say it - Jason Atkinson took a position that you disagree with strongly and hope he will change.

And why don't we be honest - Kevin Mannix has the STRONGEST plan to rid the state of illegal immigration. He mentioned his resolution against it, so I called my party friends and got a copy. When the GOP was going to pass a weak resolution halfheartedly against illegal immigration, Kevin Mannix asked to be heard, got special permission (he isnt a member of the committee anymore), and substituted a resolution that blows everyone else out of the water.

Also, Daniel, Kevin is on record at the last Lars roundtable saying that no STATE websites should cater to the spanish language. Atkinson said he would allow it sometimes, it depends, etc.

The website you refer to, I also found out, was part of the party's outreach committee. I will agree that I don't think a picture of Vicente Snake and the chicken and worm flag shoudl be on that website. I will be calling the Party and asking them to take it down. Nor do I think that the former party chair should be pictured on it. But I also don't think that means that you can throw out the man's ACTIONS on the matter, as they speak louder than websites.

And I hope all of you will demand that Atkinson post his bill to allow guest workers that he referenced on Lars today. I would like to see it.


Bob said...

Gee Andy, the whole blogosphere?

Saxton should run as a democrat, and you are a liar.

BEAR said...

atkinson choked big-time today. bush's plan is hard core amnesty and needs to be exposed. jason had better not go down that road or he'll go down the drain. i'm really disappointed in his comments to lars. not only do we need to insist on no services or i.d. privileges for illegals, we must insist that all agencies/entities check and verify legal status and report it for immediate action, if necessary. it's obvious from the candidates' shenanigans that none of them can be trusted unless watched very closely. sorry i spoke up for jason so quickly. also angry for being duped. lars asked just the right questions, today.

Daniel said...

yeah, well on Lars today, your buddy Atkinson said he was in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, so I guess I'm voting for Ron.

I don't blame you.

Now, the Kool-Aid is a' flowin' on the blogs trying to do damage control. Why not, instead of selling your own credibility up the river, just say it - Jason Atkinson took a position that you disagree with strongly and hope he will change.

I'm not going to say that because he is not going to "change his mind." How do you change your mind on something like this? Because you suffered backlash? That would be pretty shallow.

I won't try to do "damage control" because this should damage Atkinson and any candidate who is on board with this "amnesty by another name."

I may choose not to support this candidate now.

BEAR said...

hey, Daniel, what was J.A. thinking?? Is he just one more pandering rino?

Anonymous said...

I listened for the entire 2 hours non-stop (wish that Gov't worker wasn't cut off at the end). The issue of Illegal Aliens and the Guest Worker program came up several times. Lars is great at holding the question for an answer, Thanks Lars. Saxton didn't even pause. Mannix & Atkinson did, and made excuses.

Tony said...

Anonymous, you are full of crap. One more Saxton staffer on the blogs. I swear the mother ship must have put out a call or something.

I dont care if you blog, but be honest. None of them "paused." Atkinson made a blunder. And Mannix gave THE BEST position on illegal immigration. http://radicallyright.blogspot.comfor more details on the resolution he spoke of.

Kevin has been consistent: we should not reward illegals, but we should not also shoot ourselves in the foot by being offensive on purpose. He was very articulate in his position that we should deport those who are here, cut there benefits off completely, then allow those who go home first and apply for temporary visas to come (without their families, just them) to work and then go home when the work is done.

His resolution is great, and he got the party to make it their official statement on illegal immigration this weekend.

I moved a lot closer to supporting Mannix after today when he called your boy on the carpet for his liberal record, and was even more conservative on illegals than Atkinson. And yet he still polls better among independents and democrats.

Anonymous said...

Say, Bob, you called me a liar. What did I say that wasn't true?

And you are wrong: Saxton shouldn't run as a Democrat. He shouldn't run at all.

Daniel: You are right. I misspoke. He shouldn't change. At least not for this. But he will. If he does it because he gets more information and realizes he was wrong, fine. But if he does it because he realizes that it was unpopular, that is not acceptable.

As an aside, I have been saying for a couple of months now that you can't trust this guy, he is a chameleon and a lightweight. Hopefully now someone will, instead of jsut attacking me, put their antennas up and start really listening to what he says.

I said it, anon341 said it, others have said it. He just isn't ready for this. He has done nothing, and he blows in the wind because he wants to be liked, changing in order to fit the crowd, and giving these cutesy speeches.

What do you guys think this stuff about being a "new kind of Republican" means? What is that code for? All this talk about education and bike riding and outdoorsyness? They are all fine, but they are an indicator that he is trying to cozy up to the left. And a person who wants to cozy up to the left is not going to be a strong leader after you elect them!!!

Ok, ya can't vote for Saxton cuz he is a Democrat. You have a bone to pick about Mannix. But now you see Atkinson may not be the golden child he has been made up to be.

So what do you do?

I say, if you are a person of conviction, ask yourself how big that bone to pick is with Mannix? He is an imperfect candidate, but I've explained his foibles and why I don't think they should keep anyone who is a conservative from voting for him. He has a long record of accomplishment, not just talk, and that is why he should be supported.

Atkinson's leadership style can be summed up in his "leadership" of Jessica's law in the legislature: "Atkinson said he didn’t want to comment on Mannix’s criticism, but noted he put his name on the sex offender bill and felt strongly that it should have been passed." Mail Tribune, August 19 2005

Mannix would have goten it done.