Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yes, I said that. And I mean it!

"They are selling drugs to our kids and raping our kids," said Daniel Miglavs of Sherwood. "Our public officials, our state employees, are in there right now aiding and abetting them."

He defended his statement by waving a stack of papers that showed the high rate of incarceration for Hispanics in Oregon.

"They're disproportionately committing crimes versus the general public," Miglavs said. "It really is an underlying crime syndicate."

I did say "underground" rather than "underlying" though. And the "stack of papers" was all the current inmates in the Marion County Jail who had an immigration hold. It was quite a stack.

Peaceful protests don't stop immigrant program
Protesters peacefully carried signs and sang ballads about the blight of illegal immigration Saturday during an event put on by the Mexican government.

Among the services offered at the daylong event were matricular consular cards, Mexican birth certificates to children born in Oregon and information about paying taxes, receiving health care and getting a driver's license in the state.

Noe Nuñez, 21, shook his head.

"I've never seen anything like this," he said about the protesters. "This surprises me a lot and shows me what kind of people live in my community."
The kind of people who want legal and orderly immigration? The kind of people who frown on crime?

"We're only here to work," said Raul Aguirre, 29, who lives in Eugene. "But, wherever we go, there are people like this."
Look at form I-9. It is illegal for you to work Mr. Aguirre. All employees are required to fill out this form. You commit perjury when you sign this form and you are not eligible to work in the United States. (That's yet another crime for those of you who are paying attention)


Anonymous said...

Daniel, The TV report and this report are the most Fair reports I have read in 5 years (Nationwide). Never before has Anyone been quoted about the state workers, proving they are in there, against the law. NO report has EVER even mentioned them in the building. The Police were frustrated when told that they were participants in a HISTORIC EVENT, protecting law violations, instead of enforcing the LAW! WE ARE WINNING!
Your quotes on both TV & paper helped prove the point of why we do what we do,Thank You. R.H. ofir
The REST OF YOU, SHOW UP next time or you are proving there point of the "LAZY AMERICAN"

Gunslinger said...

"He defended his statement by waving a stack of papers that showed the high rate of incarceration for Hispanics in Oregon."

By using the term "waving" it makes you sound fanatical. Good job, and keep up the good work!

Allen said...

Daniel, You and Mrs. Daniel represented the cause very well and we all thank you for the excellent effort.

Quite surprising with our now knowing that you are one of "those kind of people" as described by Noe Nunez.

Sorry, I had to leave the event early to cash my Social Security Welfare check.

Elizabeth Hoppe said...

I am so glad to read your stories. My family lives in Mexico, uh, I mean Gresham! We live on the outskirts of this once nice community. With limited income we rent and unfortunately wound up in a complex that has 35 units and only 3 are occupied by known American residents. In the past two years we and our kids have been subjected to racial (yes, I said racial even though we are white) harrassment. We have tried in the past to have our landlord deal with it and he will not. There have been Greshams gang enforcement team here often, at one point to be sure a group of gang tenants moved out after they forced the landlord to evict them (which is unprecedented here, if he's getting the $$ he does not care what's going on) for gang activity. There have been police raids and DHS here all too often, never visiting the American households (suprise, suprise)! All I can say is we are now hunkered down for a legal fight here (we are having issues here and have sought legal representation, with our limited income we are relying on Legal Aid though) so keep your fingers crossed, I would like a good outcome, plus have media coverage if it is proven in court that we have been racially harrassed by Hispanics (because as we all know, only white people are capable of this!!). Keep up your efforts, one day this will be Oregon like we used to know, but it won't happen if we don't fight back.

Daniel said...

Anonymous #1: This is a job that I am willing to do!

Gunslinger: Oh yes, a random fanatic. After talking with Abel Garcia of OCDC he said that he knew I wasn't a racist or a kook.

Allen: Thanks for being there! I am one of "those kind of people," the kind of people who frown on criminals!

Elizabeth: I'm sorry to hear your story. Unfortunately it is becoming all too common for these invaders to take over an apartment complex. If you do find a lawyer who is anxious to take up your cause because they believe in America make sure you have him contact myself or OFIR about other legal actions we may be able to take.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, people like you are who I am fighting for. My Mother-in-law, the singer at the Rally, has a husband who is terminally ill and unable to work. So is she unable to work full time, as She has to take care of him. In Salem, Woodburn and soon, Independence, you can get sudsidized apart ments (38% of money from Govt.), FREE Daycare and Educational oppurtunities, in brand new buildings. BUT, you HAVE to be a "Migrant Worker" My sick wifes Dad or you, don't qualify. Mex. consualte says they will not STOP, well neither will I. Rick Hickey OFIR