Monday, September 19, 2005

But nothing for la clinica COUNTY JAIL

For those of you who are unfortunate enough to live in Multnomah County and you are wondering why the same meth addict is able to steal your car every night of the week without spending any time in jail, don't accept the "we don't have enough money" excuse.

The adopted budget makes the following General Fund-paid restorations to the Health Department’s budget and services for FY 2005.

$500,000 to fully restore health care services at La Clinica de la Buena Salud for FY 2005.

Health Department (page 8)

But I'm sure that the other county clinics are serving Americans, our neighbors and friends, who really need some help.

Multnomah County Health Department

Patient Population Profile:
English second language: 92%

A whopping 92% of the clients at the county clinics don't speak English or speak it as a second language.


Anonymous said...

Gracias gringos.

Allen said...

Key words "fully restores"

$500,000. only brings it up to the desired max and is in addition to what is already commited.


Daniel said...

Excellent point Allen. The total budget for that clinic is much more.

Anonymous said...


What is your solution to keep illegal immigrants out of the US. You spend a lot of ranting about this issue. How would you fix the problem?

Daniel said...

First I would deny them the incentive to come here. That means that we would no longer give them ID, no longer build them housing, no longer give them state benefits that they are not legally entitled to.

I would reqiure proof of citizenship/legal residency before giving them a drivers license then require a drivers license for everything. A job, food stamps, a library card, everything.

I would prosecute employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

I would allow state and local law enforcement to inquire about residency status and assist in enforcing our immigration laws.

I would add more border patrol agents.

I would put heavy diplomatic pressure on Mexico to stop encouraging the mass exodus of their citizens northward.

I would issue a directive to all government agencies that immigration status DOES MATTER and should be verified before any state services are given. No building permit, no DEQ, no migrant housing.