Friday, September 09, 2005

Something for liberals to celebrate

The Power of Outrage
The only bright spot in this man-made disaster has been the wave of public outrage at the Bush Administration's abject failure to provide aid to the most vulnerable. Indeed, it is hard to think of a time, other than at the height of the civil rights movement, when the plight of poor black Southerners so deeply stirred the conscience of the nation. Perhaps Hurricane Katrina will go down in history alongside Bull Connor's fire hoses in Birmingham and the Alabama State Troopers' nightsticks at Selma as a catalyst for a new national self-awareness regarding the unfinished struggle for racial justice.

This is the writing of Eric Foner, Professor of History at Columbia University who also happens to be a editor at The Nation.

Somehow Mr. Foner is unable to find a "bright-spot" in the overwhelming generosity that Americans have shown the the people affected by this disaster, nothing positive in number of volunteers who have rushed to help, and nothing heartwarming about people being willing to open their homes to those whose homes have been destroyed.

No, the only "bright-spot" to a liberal is that this event has caused outrage at Bush. Of course any event that causes so-called "outrage" at Bush is a happy event for libs, regardless of whether or not people died or are still dying.

The current discourse for Democrats and the media (one and the same) is not how we can better help those affected, not how we can make the best of the current situation, and not how we could do better next time.

The Democrats want to cry "racist." The Democrats want to blame Bush for the aftermath and say the reason is clearly racism.

They don't really care about how we could do better next time, they want a fall guy for this time. Not usually known as the party of personal responsibility it always amazes me how when a Republican is in charge their demand for accountability suddenly surfaces.

If a high school drop-out shoots drugs, engages in promiscuous sex, shares needles and gets AIDS, the Democrats proclaim him a victim and set about looking for housing, food, and treatment for him. When an uncontrollable natural disaster strikes the Democrats blame say Bush should have done some better.

While the act of not even trying is actually a badge of honor in the Democrat party, ("I'm a proud single mother") Republicans must not only try their best, they must achieve perfection. (You mean there are casualties in a war?)

But you know what, no matter if you point out that the Governor of Louisiana didn't follow the states emergency plan, didn't use the public buses to evacuate those who couldn't get themselves out, did allow the Red Cross to bring in lifesaving food, water and medicine, even after you point out all these things the liberals will simply cry racist.


Tim said...

The Democrat (Communist) Party’s behavior is not new, but a perpetuation of a tactic utilized by the Clintons. Quickly, loudly and repeatedly point fingers at your political opponents accusing them of what you’re guilty of to deflect attention away from your own guilt. Like racist.

The Mayor of New Orleans abandoned the folks by not following his city’s own evacuation plan, and the Governor wouldn’t let the Red Cross in or order an evacuation…who wanted poor black people dead? From their action or rather inaction it looks like the real racists are Mayor Nagin, and Governor Blanco.

Isn’t it the left who believe black people are so inferior that they can’t make it without their help?

The left don’t have solutions to anything. All they have to offer is HATE. Hate for Bush, hate for everything America stands for and hate for blacks who dare make it without their help.

Anonymous said...

Two thirds of America think President Bush couldn't clean up a spilled near beer... more than that say America is on the wrong track.

Can you spell BROWNIE!!!!!!!

Daniel said...

Hey anonymous, in a random sampling of white males age 21-35 who are currently writing this comment we found that 100% of them don't give a damn about media polls.

The poll that really mattered was taken on election night. The next poll that matters will be in 2006. We'll see what happens.

Scott said...

heres one bright spot.//

Dare!PDX said...

It seems obvious to me that the Bush adminstration does what it always does in a crisis. Handle it and tell the jouranalist to look elsewhere for an interview.

The journalists are then left with covering the story from the state level where the blame lies. The fact that the story is being played as a race issue proves that there is so little substance.

Any time Jesse Jackson is the story it proves the story is to thin to cover a single news cycle without in depth examination. The journalists aren't capable of that type of coverage.

As Lars Larson pointed out, every school and city bus in New Orleans was underwater by the time the hurricane hit. The city could have evacuated several hundred thousand of the poor and instead just left them inside the city to fend for themselves.