Monday, September 26, 2005

Our next governor won't let this happen

Great news! Gubernatorial candidate Jason Atkinson called in to Lars Larson's show today to let him know that the "Carousel of Information" (aka the carousel of criminal aliens) would not happen on his watch!

The fact that this guy took the initiative to respond to an issue of concern and make a public statement so quickly is a good sign for things to come. My hope is that he will join us in our protest of the state of Oregon giving taxpayer services to illegal aliens.

Make sure you check out his recently updated website:


Robin said...

very refreshing

Gullyborg said...

If he gets heard saying that on a few more radio shows, the job is his to lose. I'd like to see a democrat campaign against him on this issue!

MAX Redline said...

I heard it, and I liked it.

Let's see...Atkinson, who is clearly in touch. Mannix and Saxton, who clearly aren't. Then apparently a toss on the Dem side between sleepy Ted and fisherman John.

The choice seems obvious, so long as the ballots aren't printed in Spanish.

Daniel said...

Dammit Jay, the ballots probably will be printed in Spanish!

Allen said...

It seems the pot is boiling over the Illegal Alien problem and momentum has become our friend.

Perhaps Arturo Vargas's arrogant smirk will soon turn to a frown.

Atkinson Ho!