Sunday, September 11, 2005

If you build it... they will... ride the bus?

Oregon's own field of dreams. ODOT has a scoring matrix (this is different than the matrix the jails use to release drug addicts back into your neighborhood) to determine whether a project should move forward or not.

Some select items:

Access to Alternative Modes of Transportation and Reduced Reliance on Single-Occupant Auto goal scores can be up to 11% of project score

Does the project benefit the Public Transit System? 2 points.

Project increases alternative mode options for transportation system users. 2 points are awarded for each of the following modes that are included in the project scope, to a maximum of 7 points: bike lanes, sidewalks, park and ride facilities, bus stops Wow, 7 points! That's more than this one:

Does the project enhance a designated truck/freight route? 3 points. That's right, the method that businesses use to transport their goods to and from locations is a measly point higher than the Public Transit System which is used to trasport drug addicts from one flop house to another and 4 points less if you throw in bike lanes and sidewalks! Actually, since they are seperate line items you could combine the 2 points for the public transit with the 7 points for the the public transit and bike paths for a total of 9.

Does the project encourage mixed use, energy-efficient development designed to encourage walking, biking and transit use (where transit is available)? 1.5 points for social engineering.

And how do we rate as lowly citizens?
Property owners and affected parties have been notified, an opportunity to comment was provided, and comment was recorded. 1 point.

Good luck finding a parking spot...


Bob said...

I would not ride the bus at gun-point. Gas could go to 12 dollars a gallon, and I'd still ride the car.

Daniel said...

Sitting next to a homeless drug addict who hasn't showered in three days doesn't appeal to you?

Did I mention that you get to stand in the rain while you wait for the bus? And that the bus doesn't go to where you actually want to so you get to walk for 15 minutes after you get off?

And best of all: you're at the mercy of state workers to get where you want to go on time.

MAX Redline said...

There are shelters at bus stops in many locations. I have no idea as to how much they cost, but.

I took the bus to work, once. I boarded in Beaverton at 6:15 a.m., and arrived at my workplace just down the Sylvan hill a bit at 8:00 a.m.

I've never ridden TriMet since.

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