Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So many items

I few quickies this morning.

Here's the unofficial Tancredo for President website. For any of you who are looking for some good background info or yet another reason why this man should be in charge then check it out.

Back to school special: With many kids going back to school today to learn reading, writing and arithmetic... oh wait, let me start over. With many kids going back to school today to learn diversity, multiculturalism and why America is bad (to be taught in Spanish) I thought that I would share this tidbit from an ODE memo:

Programs that are promoted as “abstinence-only” or “abstinence-only until marriage” do
not meet the requirements of Oregon sexuality education laws (Oregon Revised Statute
336.455, Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-1440)

The Oregon Department of Education recommends that all human sexuality and
HIV/AIDS curriculums be reviewed; abstinence-only until marriage, abstinence only and
abstinence based, to ensure they contain accurate medical information, are not ethnic
and culturally biased or gender biased.

So if your wondering why so many teenage girls are pregnant, there's your answer.

Oregon Senator Vicki Walker has announced that she plans to challenge Sleepy Ted in the Governors race. She is touting herself as the "average Oregonian." Ted's response was: zzzzzzzzzz. You can also tell who the media doesn't like because of this paragraph:

The Republican primary race is likely to be a rematch of 2002 between former state Republican Party Chairman Kevin Mannix and Portland lawyer Ron Saxton. State Sen. Jason Atkinson also is running.

Atkinson gets an afterthought from the Seattle PI. How nice.

And yes, Metro, in it's unending quest to spread "multiculturalism" (read: everyone is better than America) has this item: Oregon Zoo Hosts Multicultural Festival Of Animals. No word on whether or not the gay sheep from OSU will be on display.


Necole said...

I'm so glad we homeschool!

ESABATM said...

I am fearing for our daughter at Tigard. She gets messed with, along with her other friends. The principal on down has a different agenda than teaching kids what they really need to know. They have guards on every corner just to keep the peace.

Daniel said...

The school choice movement can always use more supporters!

Robin said...

I heard Vicki Walker on Lars Larson today, and I do not think she carried herself very well.

it seemed like when Lars asked her some very simple questions like how she would feel about lowering taxes, she skirted the issue.

Daniel said...

She was horrible today! She's been open to Lars' logic before but today didn't have much of anything.

Go Atkinson!!

activist kaza said...

I'm sure plugging Atkinson's clever one-liner on your blog will win him plenty of backers. No doubt there is a bigger group of hard-core conservatives who will back him than my own nascent campaign last year.

Altho I totally disagree with Jason's politics, I wish him well in the R primary. Mannix deserves a beating (too bad Saxton and Jason will split the anti-Mannix vote).

As for Vicki Walker, her only chance (and it's slight at that) is to convince Sorenson to get out of the race and back her. Then she needs to raise a ton of money in a hurry. Neither one is likely to happen, but will she choose to run anyway? We'll see.

Finally, thanx for the link on Tancredo. I didn't think I could find someone scarier than you in Congress, of all places, but there he is (somebody please remind me never to visit the sixth CD in Colorado!)