Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ready for a true conservative?

Want to see what the state of Oregon can do under Republican leadership? Want to elect a Republican who wasn't a Democrat? (Mannix) Want to elect a Republican who doesn't act like a Democrat? (Saxton)

Then it's time for mainstream conservative Jason Atkinson. And I don't mean "mainstream" in the sense that the Fishwrapper uses to describe a "Republican" who thinks that abortion is a choice, taxes are good for the economy, and illegal aliens deserve in-state tuition.

I mean mainstream as in Atkinson believes in what you and I believe in. A fiscally responsible government, pulic safety, and a bussiness friendly environment.

Gullyborg has blogrolled an Atkinson for Governor Network of which I am a proud member. See his site if you would like to participate and support the candidate who can move our state in the right direction.


Scott said...

huh ? ( the frist two comments ) Anyway Jason Atkinson looks like rhe guy we need to support .

Robin said...

the first two are spam.

I get them seconds posting on my blog. :-(

anyway, I added Atkinson to my front page.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Mannix-Depressive couldn't win a race for local dogcatcher.

The guy's been on unemployment since early 1990's.

Quant Trader said...

I'm a little out of touch with Oregon politics now a days, and I probably won't even be an Oregon resident/voter by the time of the Republican Primary.

With that disclosure out of the way, it seems to me that I would have much prefered a quasi-republican (RHINO) over the extreme leftist governers the Oregon voters have given us over the past few years. Roberts/Khitzober/Kulongoski have slowly destroyed the Oregon Economy and driven business out of the state. It seems that ANY Republican governer would have been preferable to these jokers.

A Republican governor was often within the reach of Oregon Conservatives, but disappointingly Oregon Conservatives repeatedly screwed themselves by either splitting their votes or failing to rally behind a primary candidate that could actually win the general election.

Whoever the "conservative" candidate in Oregon ends up being, my main hope is that they actually win. I don't really care any more how truly conservative they are, because anyone would be an improvement over Kulongoski.